What I Wore This Week: My Party Pants


{Target Cardigan, Gap Tee, Old Navy Scarf, AE Hi Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Bandolino Boots}

I wore this specifically because I had to go to Eli’s birthday party and we held it at a little kid gym type place, and I didn’t think skirt + foam pit was an experiment I wanted to conduct.

In other news, let me just tell you having a party that wasn’t at my house? WORTH EVERY PENNY. Seriously. Last year I ordered invitations from Etsy and drew dinosaur feet on the sidewalk and cooked for two days and cleaned my house till it squeaked and bought a custom ice cream cake and before during and after, I WAS SO VERY TIRED. This year I bought fill in invitations from Target, made a phone call, picked up a cake from Costco, and plunked down my credit card. BEST IDEA EVER.

In other other news, Eli turned six.  I didn’t write about it. I am sort of ashamed to admit it actually has nothing to do with the fact that I am worried he won’t like this blog some day or because I don’t want his classmates to google him or because I am respecting his privacy as he gets older or whatever, but it’s actually because I um, think talking about my children is super duper mega boring. WAAAAAY less interesting than talking about myself, obviously.

In other other other news, is there a better deal than the Target patterned cardigans? They go on sale for $15 all the time, and they always have cute patterns and they’re comfy and I love them.


{Gap Tee (in Petite), Old Navy Tee, Old Navy Crops, Sperry Top Siders, Scarf was made by MOI}

I am so excited that I can finally wear these pants! I love them. They’re so comfy and they go in a bit at the ankle, I don’t know, in person they are very flattering.

I bought the striped tee I am wearing underneath from Old Navy pre Old Navy Ban. It’s full of holes and all pilly, so now I can only wear it under things. BOO. (Although I do love their tees if you are JUST going to wear them under things because they are so thin that they work perfectly for that.)

My mother in law was visiting, we made scarves!  Fun fun fun. I loved that I could make this exactly how I wanted it. The ones I buy never seem long enough.


{Jones New York Tee (from Marshalls), Ebay necklace, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino Boots}

In person, this tee felt a little short (it’s a petite) but in pictures it looks perfect and really flattering (that darker band hits at the perfect spot) so I just need to get over it. I might try wearing it with a skirt and see if I feel better about it.  I should have looked at Marshalls for dressy long sleeved tees all along, apparently. They had quite the boat load.

I never really felt like I got this necklace, and then I saw someone else wearing it long, and I realized that it has to be worn at the longest setting.


{Gap Ponte Knit dress, Target scarf, Target striped sweater tights, Frye boots}

I loved these tights on Shalini and they were on sale! Too bad they are THE TIGHTS OF EVIL.  They are so non stretchy and they are TINY, so I don’t know. I kept having to yank them up, I only made it half way through the day wearing them, and they don’t come in a bigger size. Boo.


{Banana Republic Sweater Thing, Target tee, Handmade Scarf, Loft skirt, Old Navy Leggings, Anne Klein boots}

This is the same short cropped sweater thing that BFF bought at the thrift store, I bought mine on Ebay. It’s super cozy.  I have always scorned short-sleeved sweaters, thinking that if it’s hot enough to wear short sleeves, you aren’t going to want to wear a sweater, and if it’s cold enough for a sweater you’re going to want to wear long sleeves. However, this was before I realized that a short sleeved cardigan is really just a jacket.  A comfy jacket that isn’t going to make it hard to move your arms.  SOLD.

This outfit was one of those ones that is cuter in person than in pictures. I am  not so sure that aqua is my color. Might try again with red and a different skirt. The skirt is really flattering though.  The 12P at the Loft fits me PERFECTLY, especially if it’s from the “super curvy” line. Recommend.

I don’t want to tell you how long I had to look to find a pleated black skirt.  I can only assume this means that they are tremendously unfashionable.


{Gap sweater, Handmade Scarf, Old Navy Tee, Anthropologie skirt (thrifted), Old Navy leggings, Frye boots}

Nothing says “professional fashion blogger you should send free purses to” like posing next to a giant trash bag.

I had just about given up on thrifting because it felt like all the clothes I was getting rid of that weren’t quite right were things I had thrifted, but my MIL loves thrifting so we went, and I slightly revised my stance. Although I think in general, it’s probably better to take your $40 and buy yourself something PERFECT, thrifting can work if you 1. try everything on (which I never used to do) and 2. are really really picky and only buy things that are great.  Regardless I got this Deletta skirt (sold at Anthro) for $2.99, and it feels just like I’m wearing pajamas, so I really can’t argue with that.  I think it’s a bit limited for winter, but I can see it with about 12 different t shirts in the summer. Love!

I also really really like this Gap sweater so much. I want to buy the v  neck too.


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  1. I love the first outfit and the pattern top with yellow necklace (I may have gasped when I saw them).

    Also, I’m a big, big fan of Target’s patterned cardigans. I’m wearing the houndstooth one now. And now I feel like looking to see if there are any on sale.

    Good for on the party. I think we are heading that way too. It just becomes too much. Em will be 5 this year and it’s time to do a kids party at a bounce play or a park. Not at my house with 35 people.

  2. So…instructions for the homemade scarf are coming soon??

  3. I tell you what, there is no better feeling than exiting the scene at a birthday party and knowing there is no cleaning up on your end. BEST FEELING EVER.

  4. You know I find clothes somewhat boring (slash am in a horrid rut and can’t even keep my house together, much less my wardrobe) but I have to say I oohed enviously over that last skirt. Love the fabric, the cut, the color, everything. And as someone in possession of chubby, rubbing-together thighs who looks horrid in shorts once they start riding up on one leg (please tell me this happens to other people too) I LOVE skirts for the summertime. Breezy, slightly prettier feeling than shorts or capris, and if you get the right fabric they’re totally casual enough to wear to the park or whatever without looking odd.

  5. Okay, I totally want that turquoise Target cardigan. Also? That shirt from Marshalls looks SO GREAT on you!

  6. Loving the patterned shirt with the yellow necklace.

  7. We outsourced the birthday party this year and it was pretty nice, I’m not going to lie.

    I was going to say that this is my favorite week ever, but I think I said that last week. So instead I am just going to point out that clearly you are getting even better at this outfit thing and that you look fantastic.

  8. Everything looked great but I am really loving the Jones of New York shirt and yellow necklace. It looks great on you. Now I know where to head to look for some great long sleeve dressier shirts.
    By the way, I’m with you on the “out of the home” birthday parties. Never thought I would be, but it is so worth every penny!

  9. I am sorry about the tights. They do that to me too, but I usually wear another set of tights underneath and don’t notice as much. SORRY.

  10. So I may have gone through a mad Target cardigan-buying streak for the past year and own every cardigan ever? I am wearing a pink and white one right this minute. I have the turquoise one. And I will pay any amount of money not to have a birthday party at my house.

  11. Thanks for all the outfit inspiration! Your posts have motivated me to make a bit of an investment in my wardrobe for the first time in… Far too long.

    And you look great!

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