Books I Read in February

Good news, Shalini! Things were downright dismal in the book department this month. I am back to hating everything. I know you’ll be pleased.

11. The Dawn Patrol. More Don Winslow.

12. The Fallback Plan. I bit hard for some article tweeted by Penguin about books you should read if you like Girls. I believe this was one of those titles. I did not care for it.

13. Diary of a Mad Housewife. You know, I get that everyone has problems, but I can’t really feel that bad for your housewifely travails when you have someone who comes in just to do your laundry.  Seriously. If the giant pile of laundry from your vacation is that oppressive? THROW IN THE MOTHER GRABBING WASHING MACHINE YOURSELF. Geez.

14. How Literature Saved my Life. I am sure this book is a stunning intellectual achievement, but I am just too old and too tired to read things that I find this dull.

15. The Dud Avocado.  See number 14.

16. The Raven Boys. Ok, now, here’s the thing. I liked the first book in this author’s Wolves series ok, and then I kept reading the series because I have this problem where I can’t stop reading books in a series if I ever liked one, and then I thought The Scorpio Races was uneven.  Some parts of it I really liked but some parts were just SO SUPER WEIRD. So this explains why I haven’t gotten around to reading The Raven Boys until now but OH MY GOD I LOVED IT SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much. It’s totally cheesy fantasy YAF and it has ghosts and these fake made up fantasy things and I JUST FREAKING LOVED IT SO MUCH. It is everything I love most about YAF. I stayed up till 1:00 AM reading it, I could not stop.  It’s my favorite thing I’ve read in a very long time.  And there’s a sequel coming out in September!  Man, did I love this book. I might buy it just so I can read it again.  I honestly don’t know why I haven’t heard one million raving comments coming out of the internet about this book, so maybe it’s just that my taste is just SO BAD or something, but this book just scratched that itch, man, it really did.

17. Saturday Night Widows. I just didn’t care.

18. The Gentleman’s Hour. This is when I finally tired of Don Winslow.

19. Love and Other Perishable Items.  You know, this was fine. It wasn’t terrible, it entertained me for the two days I read it.

20. The Love Song of Jonny Valentine.  It turns out that what 11 year olds have going on isn’t terribly interesting, even if they are pop stars.

21. Detroit.  At some point I just didn’t see the point.  Things in Detroit are awful. AND? I need something more there.

22. The Next Best Thing.  This was one of those books I wanted to like but the description of the supposed object of affection so turned me off that I couldn’t handle it.  I get that he has a lot of money, but once you describe someone’s hobbit toes to me, I can’t go back from that.

23. The Song of Achilles.  If Petroclus and Achilles liked boys, and those boys were each other. Yawn.

24. Three Times Lucky.  So I still don’t really like middle grade fiction, but this was the best version of it that I’ve read in a long long time.  This was just wonderful. If I have to read middle grade fiction I want it to be this.  Fantastic.

25. How should a person be. Not super boring, for a start.

26. Out of the Easy. You know, I actually liked Between Shades of Gray, but I got halfway through this book and I just did not care. The best thing about this book was the slightly melted green skittle I found stuck to the front of it. Thank you, whichever one of my children left me that delightful gift.

27. Love Is A Canoe. You know, maybe I am lame and a super dud or whatever, but I just can’t with these books that want to tell me all about how great someone’s marriage was and how sad so and so was when his wife died and oh by the way we cheated on each other every four minutes.  Yeah, no.  Yes, Marriage IS just like a canoe. The more you climb in and out of it, the more likely it is that it’s going to sink.


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  1. I have The Dud Avocado in my To Read pile after a colleague raved about it. Not moving it upwards anytime soon.

    That being said, I loved Song of Achilles, not necessarily for the love story, but for the look into ancient Greek history that wasn’t quite as boring as a textbook and has a different point of view than Homer.


  2. ha, I went to the library a few weeks ago and discovered that oh, hey, Jennifer Weiner has apparently written a million books in the six years since I last read one of her books, so I have been binge reading Jennifer Weiner. And I felt much the same way about The Next Best Thing, because my mental image of the love interest was Steve Jobs in a turtleneck.

  3. Thank you for warning me about all these books, especially Love is a Canoe. I am STILL ANGRY ABOUT HEMINGWAY AND THE PARIS WIFE.

  4. All right, now I have to read that middle grade book.

  5. Love and Other Perishable Items did about nothing for me.

  6. Hello, stumbled on your blog from stumbling on Shalini’s blog….

    I just counted and wait, you read 17 books a month and Feb’s not done yet? So I thought I read a lot but how do you read 17 books a month – seriously?

  7. I read about 50 pages of the Achilles book and just couldn’t. It was so DULL.

  8. I secretly like posts where almost every book annoyed you. Is that wrong? It’s like you’re in Mood, and I get that Mood, or something. *fistbump*

    (I still added a couple from here to my library list. Naturally.)

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