What I Wore This Week: Spring Break Edition

This is the first year that Eli has really had a Spring Break, and lo,  a great light bulb went off when I thought about all the parental complaining I’ve been hearing for years. I never really got it until now.  We need a plan for summer, stat.

It also made me realize that it’s almost impossible to care about what you’re wearing if you aren’t getting out of the house every day.  I have to physically walk Eli into school now that he is in Kindergarten.  Every day.  Call me vain if you will but being seen by other people? It’s my primary motivator not to wear my pj’s until 1 PM.  So if you’re currently spending all your time nursing a 3 month old and wondering how you’re supposed to motivate yourself out of your sweat pants? My advice is that as early as you can, you should find yourself a routine that gets you out of the house and in front of a jury of your peers at least a few times a week.

Or just rock the sweatpants and know that when your kids are in school it gets better.


{Loft T Shirt, Handmade Scarf, Target belt, Loft skirt, Franco Sarto wedges}

This is one of those outfits that looked SO cute in my head and it was only ok in person, although it got better after I added the scarf and the belt.  When in doubt keep piling stuff on.



{Gap Dress, J Crew Wedges}

OH THIS DRESS IT IS THE BEST DRESS. God, I looooooooove this dress.  It is so wonderfully magically wonderful.  It seriously was as if someone at the Gap designed the MOST perfect dress (for me) in the world.  Nice fun mod pattern, structured, waist in exactly the right place, I looooooooooooooove it. It’s sold out online but it is still in stores, I believe, and it runs small. I normally wear a 12P in dresses and this is a 14.


{Banana Republic sweater, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Sperry Top Siders}

Eh, I needed to garden.  This was fine. Does some part of it look oddly too big? I don’t know. The shorts fit at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day they’re stretched out, and the sweater is a Petite. I’m hoping the shorts shrink in the wash.  Might be better with a shorter t shirt or something. Or a tucked in blouse.


{Gap wrap dress, handmade scarf, J. Crew wedges}

I love this dress. I got a compliment on it from my husband! That never happens. (He’s not like, a heartless bastard, he just never notices these things.) I don’t think I would wear it with these shoes again, they turn the whole thing slightly “I wore this dress for Jesus and I teach choir to 7th graders.” Also, I bought this dress on super clearance two months ago, it is no longer available except on Ebay, I am a terrible fashion blogger, someone fire me.


{Gap Luxlight V Neck Sweater, Loft Curvy Crops, Michael Kors watch, Toms Metallic Prison Shoes (TM A’Dell)}

Favorite outfit ever in the history of time. Later on in this day one of my children got chocolate on my derriere.  Children ruin everything.

DSC_0355-001 DSC_0401-001


{Loft dress, Target cardigan, J. Crew wedges, Target necklace, San Diego Hat Company Hat, Forever 21 sunglasses}

This dress is a little bit sexypants in person? Not sure why. Is it the boobs? It’s probably the boobs. Ah well. It’s old, which is why it’s purple, but I can’t get rid of it, I don’t have nearly enough dresses for the Summer of the Dress, especially not ones that I can just throw on, you know? I need more of that type of dress. The type sans zippers.

Anyway, I de sexified it with a cardigan when I went to Target, and then I came home and you can see how I am going to wear it in my backyard this afternoon. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees! Gotta put your big hat on.

Books I Read This Month: March

The most exciting thing that happened this month is that I finally got an Iphone and it scans books right into Goodreads using the bar code! It’s seriously my favorite thing. Anyway, I’ve been listing my books over there again.

I am totally out of books to read, it’s rather depressing. I do have some weighty tomes I actually purchased that I should be reading, but booooooooring. Blech.

Anyway. This is what I read this month. It was  A LOT. This is what happens when I get sick – I plow through books at top speed.

(P.S. Every month when I write this list out someone emails me to ask how I manage to read so many books – here’s an explanation.)

28. After Visiting Friends

I liked this book a lot, it was a little slow moving for me but non fiction always is, and it was well written and interesting and smart. It reminded me of Rick Bragg, a little bit. Recommend.

29. How To Lead a Life of Crime

You know, I liked this, but it was LONG AS HELL.  Still, as far as cheesy YAF adventure stories go? I found it perfectly acceptable.

30. Ask the Passengers 

A lot of people over on Amazon really liked this book, and Please Ignore Vera Dietz is one of my very favorites, but this was just not for me.

31. Little Known Facts

The problem with this book is that the main character just completely sucked, and I don’t know about you but I just don’t want to read about surly dickheads, especially when everyone is trying to be nice to them while they just act like turds. No thanks.

32. The Still Point of the Turning World

Unbearably sad.  Really lovely but just absolutely heartbreakingly achingly sad.

33. The Orchardist

I don’t know if I would say that I loved this book, but I admired it as a thing of great achievement.  I bet it makes it onto my “Not Top Ten But Very Close” List at the end of the year.  It reminded me a lot of Kent Haruf, for what that’s worth.  Basically, it’s hard for me to LOVE books that aren’t about teen girls kissing teen boys, but I thought this book was pretty great. A strong like. Not quite a love.

34. The Tragedy Paper

I thought this was abysmal.

35. Schroder 

Super not a fan.

36. Paper Valentine

I don’t know if I’m going to become a Brenna Yovanoff rally girl or what have you, but I liked it.  It had a nice mix of creepy and romantical.  If you’re not into people being killed though, this isn’t for you. Oh, and the murderer was SUPER duper obvs from about page eight, so it’s not exactly a brain teaser, if you get what I’m saying.

37. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I read this when it was first published one million years ago, when I was a young lady of leisure. I can remember it seeming very much the first of its kind.  I also remember liking it which is interesting because this time around I didn’t care for it. I found the main character super duper annoying.  Opinions? Anyone think he was kind of a whiny pants?

38. Drown

Junot Diaz is my literary boyfriend.

39. True Believers

Do you ever start to read a book and immediately see one of the main characters as someone in your mind? Usually for me it’s an actor. Anyway, the second I started reading this, I pictured the main character as Sally Draper, and I kept thinking I’d just rather be watching Sally Draper do her thing.  Anyway, this book flashed back and forth between now ish and the past and they kept selling this big TERRIBLE THING that the main characters had once done and by the time they finally shut up about it and told us what it was I no longer cared at all about any of it. Not one bit.

40. Autobiography of Us

Yeah, no.

41. Wave

Man, this book was weird for me. I don’t know.  It was just very weird.

42. In Darkness 

I wanted to like this, it won the Printz Award, but I kind of knew I wouldn’t like it and I kind of didn’t.

43. Just One Day

I have no idea why anyone would like this. I thought it was super boring.  To me it read like “The Tale of a Boring 16 Year Old Who Acts Like a 12 Year Old And How She Went to Europe and Was Boring”. I think at one point there was a joke about cheese sandwiches. So fresh! Except yeah, no.

44. Blind Sight

So the other day on Twitter we were talking about The Cranes Dance and how good it was, and someone, I think Kristin, asked about her other books and it occurred to me that maybe I should…read Meg Howry’s other books.  Anyway, she’s only written one, and it was this one, and I looooooooooooooooooooved it. I LOVED IT.  I loved it so much.

This is one of those books that you just want to keep reading. You want to know these people. You want to find these people and make them your friends.  You want to raise your kids in this family.  You have felt these feelings. You know what it’s like to be in this life, to be torn between your parents, to laugh at your sisters, to come home after leaving and have it feel right and wrong at the same time, it just made me laugh and it made me cry and I just…it was great. I mean, I just loved this book.  I want her to write eighty five more books so I can read them all. Well done, Meg Howry.  There was a teeny thing at the end that wasn’t great for me, but in retrospect I forgive it, but it was sort of unnecessary and without it I would give his book 10 out of 10, but because of that I am going to go with 9.5. Also I am pretty convinced no one else will like this book after I have raved about it, so please don’t hate me if you hate it ack.

45. Wise Men

Oh, I thought this was terrible. I am sure it’s very smart and great and a bunch of people put it on a bunch of lists but I thought it was one of those mean spirited books that is trying to seem very smart and great but is just nasty.

46. The Privileges

I liked this, but I didn’t love it.  It was really interesting to see what happens when you go from “eh, we have money” to “Woah, what the heck do we do with all this money?” but then it kind of started to stress me out and all I could think about was the piles of money. BURN IT IN A FIELD! God. But I loved the central relationship and those two characters and that went a long way with me.



What I Wore: Denim Round Up

I get more questions about jeans than anything else so I thought it might be helpful if I listed all the ones I have and wear and like in one post.

(I know some people like fancy jeans and some people don’t ever wear cropped jeans or skinny jeans or whatever but this is what works for me. )

I just went through a giant denim purge and I resolved to only keep ones around that are GREAT and that I feel happy putting on every morning. You’d think I would have figured this out by now but somehow I ended up with a whole drawer full of jeans that were making me sad and stressed. No one wants that.

So right now I have two pairs of everyday ish skinny jeans, a pair of white crops, a pair of trouser jeans, and I am in search of a pair of looser, light colored beat up crops. I think I might want to add a pair of boot cut jeans in the fall. Since I just found skinny jeans I like and I bought a bunch of riding boots, I am expecting “skinny jeans plus riding boots” to become SUPER DUPER UNCOOL at any moment.

Skinny Jeans:

hi rise super skinny

The skinny jeans I have are the AE Hi Rise Skinny Jeans. I have them in both washes – the lighter wash does have those annoying fade lines, but I am not super bothered by that, they’re not terrible.  The dark wash comes off on my hands but that’s all dark jeans. I buy them in “Short” and they’re still a little long. I think they run pretty true to size though.  The smaller pair I have is a 12 Short and doesn’t fall down, but they are not impervious to stretching out and bagging.  I only order them when they’re on sale, AE runs 40% off and free shipping all the time so I try never to pay more than about $30 for these jeans.  (They are running this promotion right now, so very timely.)


White Crops:


The White Crops I have are the Curvy Fit White Denim Crops from Loft.  I do see people complaining about quality from Loft but I’ve never had an issue with their pants.  I ordered every pair of white jeans that Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic had online and I returned all of them.  These aren’t see through and they fit me really well, so, sold. Navy + white + gold is one of my favorite summer combos.

Trouser Jeans:

old navy

I had to unload my Old Navy Diva Trouser Jeans because they fit so badly they were just unpleasant to wear, even though they looked good.  They were so low rise that they were essentially always falling off. If I got them small enough to stay on, they gave me terrible muffin top and wouldn’t fit in the thigh.  During the Great Denim Try On of 2013, I tried on all the pairs from the Gap and Banana and Old Navy and they were all…about the same, so I kept the cheapest pair, which was these Old Navy Trouser Jeans. I like them, I don’t know if I love them (and I haven’t worn them yet) because they’re a little long and wide and heavy at the bottom. I think I need a dressy jean situation of exactly the right temperature to wear them to.  I am glad I didn’t pay more than $25 ish dollars for them because although I like having them just in case I don’t think t hey’re something I am going to wear a ton.

Non Mom Crops:

artist crops

Lastly, I am looking for a pair of regular cropped jeans.  I can always roll my skinny jeans, and I do like that look, but in the summer I really want a pair of go to crops that I can throw on with a tee and that can be really casual.  I do find that this particular look goes “mom” really fast — it has to be exact correct cut and wash or you’re a Saturday Night Live parody. I have high hopes for the AE Artist Crops – hopefully they won’t be too low rise. I saw them in the store and they are very cute and not mom at all – I am looking for something a little wide legged with a wide cuff at the bottom and in a lighter wash.  And maybe a little roughed up? I can totally see these with a flat fun sandal and a loose cardigan and tank. Maybe some fun earrings? Maybe a scarf?

I shall report back.

So I Don’t Forget When I am Old and Infirm and No One Calls Home Even On My Birthday, But Probably Not of General Interest To Anyone Else

We are driving to Kindergarten, someone cuts me off, as happens MANY times a day along this particular stretch of road.

I say “Eli, the next time I buy a car, instead of one with a horn, I want one that has a button that I can push that makes a giant sign that says “WAIT YOUR TURN” come popping up out of the roof!”

A long pause.

Eli says “Um, Mom? I’m not sure you understand how…cars work.”


We are taking a bath. Eli is telling me about all the ponies from My Little Pony and what their powers are.  I ask him what his powers are, and he says “Awesomeness, the sun, and super fastness.”

“Cool!” I say.  “What are my powers?”

Eli replies, without skipping a beat. “Oldness. Your power is oldness.”


Eli says to me “This weekend dad and I are going to do something VERY COOL.”

“Oh, really”, I say. “What’s that?”

“We…are going. to get….:A CORD FOR THE VCR…” and then he pauses, takes a breath, nods his head, and just adds, all drawn out and slow. “Radio Shack”.


I also need to remember that Katie, despite her father’s best attempts, has the worst taste in music of anyone I’ve ever known besides myself.  The only songs she will listen to are Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire”, which she calls “FIYAH!”, Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven” which I believe is super appropriate for a two year old and which she calls “Oooo Song”, and Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and the Beat”, which she calls “Body Rock”.  We have these three songs on a playlist that just repeats ad nauseam  If she hears any other song, she huffily states “This song is TERRIBLE” and demands “Body Rock”.  She told the man at toddler story hour that “You Are My Sunshine” was a terrible song. If she does hear something she deigns to listen to, she’ll scream “TURN IT UP” at you immediately, and you’re not allowed to turn it down even one click of the radio until the song is over.

Also, she can’t pronounce her “l”s, which means she says “yegs” instead of “legs”.  Every time I get her out of her car seat, she tells me that when she’s sitting in it, she can’t put her “yegs” up in the air. I will never tire of this.

Yegs. It gets me every time.

What I Wore This Week: It’s Cold Again Plus My New Very Special Present

It was 75 degrees last week! We had a couple warm afternoons earlier in this week, but mostly it was cold again. I think we have about 2 or 3 weeks left of weather where I can wear actual winter clothes, so I am in a rush to wear all the outfit ideas I thought up this year and haven’t gotten around to executing yet. If I can try them out and take pictures, then I have a much better chance of being able to recreate them next year. (I put my favorite outfits in a Pinterest board and then if I can’t think of anything to wear or if I’m packing for something, I have a really fast visual reference of things that work together.)


{Loft Curvy Crops, Gap Favorite Tee, Ebay Necklace, J. Crew wedges}

I tried A LOT of white crops, these were the clear winners.  They aren’t see through and they’re the perfect length. (These are petites.) I’ve heard people complain about quality at Loft, but I am literally wearing red underwear underneath these in this picture and you can’t see anything, and this was the only pair that I tried that you could say that about. And I just love the way the curvy fit from Loft fits me.  Anyway, I feel like white pants aren’t for everyone but I couldn’t live without white bottoms in the summer. They go with EVERYTHING. I loved this outfit.



{Gap Dress, Target belt, Marshalls Scarf, Old Navy Leggings, Frye Campus Boots}

This is the first dress I bought during Gap Friends & Family with my giant gift from the internet.  It’s not necessarily the MOST flattering dress I’ve ever owned, but I loved how comfy it was and the unexpected pattern. And I finally found a wide tan belt! I really love it.

(P.S. I still think this is an outrageous price for a pleather belt, but I guess this is just what belts cost? I don’t know, but I could finally wear a bunch of stuff again once I bought it so I figured it was worth the ridiculous price.)


{Anthro jacket, random street pashmina, Banana Republic Outlet dress, Loft Leggings, Bandolino Cabeza Boots (if you have tiiiiiiny feet but wide calves they are on super sale at that link)}

Sometimes if something isn’t working for me I just keep throwing more pieces on until it feels right.  This was one of those days, and I really liked the end result. I think looking back on it I’d wear black boots, but whatever.


{Gap Tee, Gap scarf, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}

I needed a play date outfit.  This worked.  Also, I love these boots, and this scarf is my favorite thing ever. I know that’s not super helpful since you can’t get it now, but still. Love.



{Kohls dress, Nordstrom scarf, Loft Leggings, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}

This dress is so cute and flattering, and also so poorly made. It’s a conundrum. I don’t think I’d buy anything at Kohl’s again unless I was REALLY desperate.  Every time I wear it I have to repair it afterwards.



{Banana Republic sweater, Nordstrom scarf, Anthropologie skirt, Target tights, some random brand of wedges I can’t remember}

I am so proud of myself for figuring out another way to wear this skirt! I had to give myself the “be brave” talk to wear tights this red out in public, but I LOVED this outfit. I felt so cute all day. And I felt like the scarf somehow made all the other bright red less weird. AND I got a compliment on the shoes, so there you go.

Also, I normally hate these tights (the $5 Target tights that come rolled up), but these were the only TRUE RED tights I could find, and they had to match the shoes exactly, and these were actually not as awful as the $5 tights normally are. So cautious endorsement there.


{Eddie Bauer blazer (thrifted), Banana Republic Blouse (c/o Kate Welsh), AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino boots, Michael Kors Runway Watch}

I looked FOREVER for a navy blue blazer, and then this one was just sitting there, at my local thrift store. It’s a 12 Petite! Do you know how unusual it is to find your exact size in something so well made that you are actively look for? Also, it was $2.49. It was a MAJOR score, is what I am saying.  Then I never wore it because I felt like it would look weirdly matchy with jeans, but then I saw someone wearing almost this exact combination two days ago and it clicked. I really loved this look. I am also wearing this blouse Kate sent me that I LOVE  but could never figure out how to wear exactly, and my new watch that I have the special feelings for.  The very special feelings.  (The watch is another thing that I bought with my large gift from the internet.) I LOOOOOOVE IT. I would NEVER have bought anything like this for myself (or at least no time soon) because it’s a lot of money for a watch and a Fossil watch would be perfectly good, but that  makes it SO special to me, it really does. As as I got the gift I knew I wanted to use it on something more than a skirt I will clean out of my closet in a year and a half and I thought a watch was perfect. And I will have it always and it will be a tangible reminder of one of the nicest things that has ever been done for me. I am going to have “stronger” engraved on it and every time I see it I will think of you all and I will remember that I CAN DO ANYTHING and that people are wonderful.



One of my very favorite things about having two kids is that the second time around, I have so much more perspective on the low times. When Eli was two, I guess I knew intellectually that he wouldn’t always be awful, but in the moment, in the never ending moments of whining and “mommmmmmy hold me” and the just general terribleness of those days, I couldn’t really feel it. I can’t bear to look back but I’m pretty sure I wrote a lot of desperate raggedly unhappy blog posts about how much parenting was wearing me down.  And now I don’t write those posts because I know I can angst and rage and write write write or…I can wait two months. And then Katie will be back to  her sunny, magical, marvelous sunshiney self and we’ll move on to the next phase, and we’ll forget all about “HOLD ME HOLD ME HOLD ME” and the screeching and the whining and the tantrums over everything.

So much of Eli has followed this ebb and flow but he is also the extreme one, and he’s the one who will do things for so much longer than you’d think a rational human being would do these things, and so even though I know that some phases pass, I am also the parent of someone who has fought getting dressed EVERY SINGLE MORNING of his life since he was one and a half.  Katie is two and she dresses herself, and Eli still has to be yelled at and coerced and given points and shut in his room and reprimanded and timed and I am just…it wears me down. It wears me down how little progress we make and how long he can draw things out and how stubborn he is.

I very much feel like with Eli we go through ups and down, hills and valleys.  Things were at a VERY LOW POINT before he hit five, and then they improved, and now we seem to be in a dip again, which unfortunately has coincided with this unpleasant screaming phase of his sisters and its making me want to print out the Starbucks application again, honestly. This is one of those weeks you feel DAMN CERTAIN about never having any more children ever again, let me put it that way, in fact it is one of those weeks you don’t know why anyone has any children, ever.

One thing I realized a long time ago is that for me, children, and Eli in particular, are difficult on a basic, fundamental, sensory level.  I like silence, peace, calm, and stillness. I do not do well with noise, chaos, mess, and disorder. One of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES EVER is that ridiculous poem about the cobwebs and rocking babies. Seriously, don’t quote that shit at me. I feel VIOLENTLY AND URGENTLY unsetttled by a messy house. I cannot sit peacefully rocking a baby while ignoring dishes and vaccuming. It’s simply not how I’m wired, and you either get this or you don’t, but trust me, a violently and urgently unsettled Elizabeth is not a good parent, despite what you’ve decided with your little poem, so just don’t.

Anyway. All this other stuff, it passes, you know? You get through the teething and the bad sleeping and you look back on it and laugh, if not sort of grimly.

But then there’s the talking. Oh my god, the talking.

It took until last year for me to realize that the talking was starting to literally make me crazy, that for me all this talking is like a dirty floor or a messy art cupboard.  It literally makes me crazy, on a basic fundamental core processor sensory level, and it’s really unfortunate that this is how it is for me because the thing is?  Eli never ever ever ever stops talking.

When Eli was a toddler were those new parents who were sort of desperate to know what this kid had on his mind. People used to say “Oh, just wait, he’ll start and then you wish he would be quiet!” and I’d know it was probably true but couldn’t imagine it, and then he started to talk, and yes. I wish he would just be quiet.

I have no idea if all children talk this much (I don’t think so?) but essentially my child has talked non stop for four years, and it’s almost all directed at me, because I am with him all day long, and it’s almost always in the form of a question.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in a game show where you have to try to do three things at once, all at the same time, and I’m getting more and more flustered because at every moment of every day, I have to do whatever I want to get done while also having my attention diverted by someone saying “Mom? Mom? Mom? MOM? MOM??!!!!”, over and over again, and screaming a question at me that doesn’t go away until it gets answered, so my attention is always divided and that feeling? Of trying to do things while someone else is screaming a question at me over and over again? IT MAKES ME CRAZY. Like, literally, mentally unwell.

I haven’t had an uninterrupted conversation with my husband in four years. I can’t talk on the phone. I pay for groceries and balance the budget spreadsheet and cook dinner and go to the bathroom and talk to other adults and shop at Target all while someone fires questions at me, rapid fire, questions that don’t end until they are answered.  And it wears me down. It has worn me the heck down.

It’s never interesting conversation, either, is the thing. I would LOVE to hear about his day at school. I’d love to know what he did on his field trip, what his favorite color is, his favorite super hero, what he wants for dinner, if he likes his teacher, who his best friends are, any of those things, but he will not talk about himself. Instead I have to answer fourteen questions about why the library gives out two library cards and why one is smaller than the other and what will happen to the small one and can he put the small one in his wallet and what did I do with the large library card and why is printed in green ink and on and on and on.

By the end of the day, I feel…poked.  Aggressively and un-endingly poked, and I feel like I can smile through the first several hundred pokes.  I can explain them away, I can understand them, I can joke about them! I can patiently and earnestly deal with them, but after a thousand of them? I AM DONE. And at the end of every day, I don’t want to be talked to, I don’t want to be asked any more questions, I don’t even want to be touched, I want to be in a dark room by myself.

And these are people I love. I adore my son, but I just want him to STOP.

I thought I would ask, actually…does anyone have any ideas about the talking?

I have two strategies, both terrible. One is to hold up my finger and say “DO NOT INTERRUPT ME, YOU WILL GET YOUR TURN.” over and over again, increasing in loudness, which works…essentially not at all, and usually ends up with Eli in time out when he continues to argue with me and then throws a fit.  I can only assume that like “DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO PICK UP” that if I repeat this seven million times, eventually enough time will pass that he will leave home and go to college, where he can leave his clothes all over the floor and continue to interrupt others with questions while they try to pay for groceries but then it will be some hapless freshmans problem.

The other strategy is to say “I am not answering any more questions about library cards, Eli”, which actually sort of works, but is useful only in very specific contexts.

I thought the talking had sort of ceased, a bit? We were not at Defcon Level 5 of Poking there, for a bit, but now it’s back, and it’s making me crazy, literally. I feel TALKED INTO A STATE OF RAGE, and then you add in the whining and the tantrums and the HOLD ME HOLD ME HOLD ME and the asking for food as soon as I come out the kitchen and sit down at the table and then you get Starbucks Application Time, is what I am saying.

I am sure this is normal, I am sure it will pass (although like I said it’s been four years) but is there anything to be done? Because you know what they say.

Summer is coming.

What I Wore This Week: On the Upswing


Seriously, I am so happy to feel better. It’s THE BEST. I can’t stop smiling!

And it was sunny every day and we had pie and I bought myself some delicious feeling sorry for myself salads from Trader Joe’s and I am feeling very lucky. I feel so lucky to be living my life.

I “think” I have successfully used my very large gift from the Internet (a gift card to Banana Republic) BUT I am not sure because I ordered everything online during Friends and Family and I might have to return some things, but I shall report back, never fear.

(Did you get something from the Gap during F&F? If yes I want to know aaaaaaaalll about it, please.)

Also, I have decided that this is The Summer of the Dress. If you find cute dresses in the normal price range that a normal human being spends on a dress, come sit by me and tell me all about them.

Oh, hey, this is what I wore this week.

We shall go in order from “not sure how I feel right now” to “life is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful”

Oh, we’re back to giant pictures which then resize in all kinds of weird sizes! Funsies! So it’s gonna be like that, huh WordPress? Sigh.

DSC_0019-001 DSC_0033-002

{Gap T shirt, Handmade scarf, Garnet Hill skirt, Loft Leggings, Dr. Martin Diza boots, Katherine}

That’s not the greatest picture of me and I have a pencil in my hair but I think we can all agree that I had to use the shot where Katie is trying to wear purses as shoes.

DSC_0053-001 DSC_0060-003

{Old Navy sweater, Target scarf, Gap Slim Crop Pants, Sole Society wedges}

Sometimes Old Navy has really good cardigans, much as it pains me to admit this. I bought this years ago and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. These pants are SUPER DUPER comfy and I love that little kick out at the bottom.  They do run a little bit small, though, I think. These are a 14P and they didn’t fit me right until after round two of the Paxil Flu.

DSC_0125-001 DSC_0180-002

{Eddie Bauer cardigan, AE cami, Anthro skirt (via Ebay), Marc Jacobs Nylon Preppy Hobo (via Ebay), Hive and Honey heels}

Seriously, no one makes a peppy a-line skirt like Anthropologie, those bastards, and they are my FAVORITE thing.

Also, this bag is nylon so it runs a tidge diaper bag, but the color! I had to have it when I saw the color.


{Gap dress, $5 New York street pashmina, Frye boots}

Back in the day when I was cooler and did fun things like take trips to New York, street vendors used to walk around with these giant piles of fake cashmere pashminas for $5 in every color you could think of. Do they still do that? Well, they’re totally the best $5 purchases, especially because you can wear them as a scarf when you travel and then they turn into the perfect airplane blanket, particularly if you’re flying United and they refuse to give you the time of day, much less a blanket. Anyway, this outfit felt boring so I threw this on it, but I think now looking at it, I also needed a belt? I don’t know. All my belts are too big and I can’t find any I like – I am looking for wide/non elasticized/and cheap. Tips?

DSC_0248-002  DSC_0278-002

{Anthro skirt, Loft tee, J. Crew wedges/Anthro skirt, Gap outlet sweater, Marshall’s scarf, Frye Campus boots}

I had to include that first picture because I feel like that’s a quintessential Elizabeth look. It means “WTF?!” and I give it about seven thousand times a day.

I once paid $50 for this skirt at a time when $50 for a skirt HURT. Physically.  And yet I have owned it for a million  years and it is still one of my very favorite pieces of clothing. I need to iron it, but all my summer clothes are super wrinkled and meh. Whatever. Anyway. I never wear it without feeling supremely happy and thinking about how much I love it. It is the perfect Elizabeth piece of clothing. Plus I was wearing it the first time I met Jennie so it has sentimental value, too. Erik hates it and tried to talk me out of it, but I think sometimes when clothing makes us GASP, it’s a sign that it’s something we’re going to love forever. Sometimes I wonder if I should only buy things that SCREAM at me “OWN ME NOW OR ELSE” but then I wouldn’t have very many clothes,  because it’s basically this skirt. Anyway, mod patterned a line skirts? They’re the ones for me.