Shoe Shopping Cures All

I am feeling better! Not 100%, I wouldn’t say, but last night I ate dinner and I only had to take one Zofran yesterday, so things are on the upswing. I have no idea how this is still going on 4 months after my last dose of Paxil, but I am coping by not really thinking about it too much. One step at a time.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, emails, tweets, and phone calls. I burst into tears after every single one, that’s how much they meant to me. Also I may have been cycling through all the feelings. But whatever. I appreciate so much all of the good thoughts and prayers. So very much. It gave me hope, which I badly needed.

Anyway, instead of obsessing over getting better as fast as I can, because there’s nothing I can really do about it anyway, I am distracting myself by thinking about shoes. Pretty pretty pretty shoes.

So those of you who have been carefully pasting pages into the Elizabeth Scrapbook that you keep on your bedside table know that I have recently adopted a personal life policy where I buy myself one Overpriced Pair of Shoes (for me, anyway) every summer and One Overpriced Pair of Shoes every winter. I believe we now have reached the glorious time known as Window Shopping for the This Summer’s Overpriced Pair Of Shoes.

I feel like I need one more pair of Go To Summer Wedges that I can wear with everything.

Here’s what I am eyeing so far. Opinions?

I love these Boden Seventies Wedges, but they might be the kind of thing where all of them together look super cute but none of the colors individually seem that special. I don’t have any idea what color I’d get, which makes me think these aren’t quite right.  The navy blue ones are awfully nice though…

boden wedges

These Red Toms Wedges are pretty awesome. For some reason I’m hesitant, though. I wish the bottoms were cork, but I think they could be super cute in person, and they do have that seventies mom vibe that I love love love.  Plus I feel like you can wear red with everything.

toms wedge

I also love these Kork-Ease Wedges, I feel like these are the Frye boots of summer wedges – been around forever, will be around forever, they are as classic as classics gets.  And I’ve always wanted a pair, but I think they just feel a little…boring? They’re a little boring.  But maybe they would be this great work horse shoe and I should just buy them. Hmmmm.

kork ease

Anyway, I am leaning toward the red Toms, but I also just talked myself into both other pairs while I was writing this. I remain undecided. I would love other suggestions!


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  1. Love the red Toms. I have yet to take the Toms plunge, though. I just today ordered these Lucky wedges in black ( after falling in love with them on’s blog. (

  2. I just bought the kork-ease — right before a cold snap, so I haven’t been able to wear them yet, but I love them. I feel like they’re versatile enough to go with nearly all of my summer stuff so I’ll get quite a bit of use out of them.

    Of course, now I want the Boden ones, too. If I get them, I will blame you.

  3. I would choose the last ones, myself, but if you imagine buying them and it doesn’t feel right, go for something else, because what is the point of not being excited?

    Also, I totally do that thing with products (usually shirts) that come in a great range of colors: I want to wear all the colors, not just one! It’s kind of frustrating, actually.

  4. So glad you’re feeling better. I vote red Toms, but I love the Boden ones in yellow.

  5. Um, all of them. I just bought these (not even remotely similar, but I really like them) sandals from Talbots in black, navy and nude (why why why don’t they come in brown, dammit):

    Because I need more elephants in my life.

  6. oh! I just clicked over the Boden wedges and you should buy ALL THE COLORS.

  7. Oh my dear, I am so happy to hear you’re doing better, if even a little. We, your loyal readers, worry.

    Btw, I agree you can wear red with everything. Especially if the red is shoes.

  8. the korkies are great! They look so comfortable and well made. Fit really with everything. I am so glad you feel better.

  9. I am very glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    For me, I love the Boden shoes the best. They are really, really cute. However, I had such a dreadful shopping experience with Boden that I’m scared to order from them again.

    I think the red ones look the most like you, to me.

    Oh, this post makes me sad that my back is ruined and I can’t wear wedges. I love a cork wedge! Will you tell us what you settle on?

  10. I vote for the Kork-ease – also I just saw a bunch of these for almost 50% off on 6pm, including a red pair. If they are on sale, you can totally justify multiple pairs.

  11. This is the first pair of Toms I’ve seen that I actually like.
    And I agree about red shoes – they make any boring outfit suddenly a little bit more awesome.

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