What I Wore This Week: On the Upswing


Seriously, I am so happy to feel better. It’s THE BEST. I can’t stop smiling!

And it was sunny every day and we had pie and I bought myself some delicious feeling sorry for myself salads from Trader Joe’s and I am feeling very lucky. I feel so lucky to be living my life.

I “think” I have successfully used my very large gift from the Internet (a gift card to Banana Republic) BUT I am not sure because I ordered everything online during Friends and Family and I might have to return some things, but I shall report back, never fear.

(Did you get something from the Gap during F&F? If yes I want to know aaaaaaaalll about it, please.)

Also, I have decided that this is The Summer of the Dress. If you find cute dresses in the normal price range that a normal human being spends on a dress, come sit by me and tell me all about them.

Oh, hey, this is what I wore this week.

We shall go in order from “not sure how I feel right now” to “life is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful”

Oh, we’re back to giant pictures which then resize in all kinds of weird sizes! Funsies! So it’s gonna be like that, huh WordPress? Sigh.

DSC_0019-001 DSC_0033-002

{Gap T shirt, Handmade scarf, Garnet Hill skirt, Loft Leggings, Dr. Martin Diza boots, Katherine}

That’s not the greatest picture of me and I have a pencil in my hair but I think we can all agree that I had to use the shot where Katie is trying to wear purses as shoes.

DSC_0053-001 DSC_0060-003

{Old Navy sweater, Target scarf, Gap Slim Crop Pants, Sole Society wedges}

Sometimes Old Navy has really good cardigans, much as it pains me to admit this. I bought this years ago and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. These pants are SUPER DUPER comfy and I love that little kick out at the bottom.  They do run a little bit small, though, I think. These are a 14P and they didn’t fit me right until after round two of the Paxil Flu.

DSC_0125-001 DSC_0180-002

{Eddie Bauer cardigan, AE cami, Anthro skirt (via Ebay), Marc Jacobs Nylon Preppy Hobo (via Ebay), Hive and Honey heels}

Seriously, no one makes a peppy a-line skirt like Anthropologie, those bastards, and they are my FAVORITE thing.

Also, this bag is nylon so it runs a tidge diaper bag, but the color! I had to have it when I saw the color.


{Gap dress, $5 New York street pashmina, Frye boots}

Back in the day when I was cooler and did fun things like take trips to New York, street vendors used to walk around with these giant piles of fake cashmere pashminas for $5 in every color you could think of. Do they still do that? Well, they’re totally the best $5 purchases, especially because you can wear them as a scarf when you travel and then they turn into the perfect airplane blanket, particularly if you’re flying United and they refuse to give you the time of day, much less a blanket. Anyway, this outfit felt boring so I threw this on it, but I think now looking at it, I also needed a belt? I don’t know. All my belts are too big and I can’t find any I like – I am looking for wide/non elasticized/and cheap. Tips?

DSC_0248-002  DSC_0278-002

{Anthro skirt, Loft tee, J. Crew wedges/Anthro skirt, Gap outlet sweater, Marshall’s scarf, Frye Campus boots}

I had to include that first picture because I feel like that’s a quintessential Elizabeth look. It means “WTF?!” and I give it about seven thousand times a day.

I once paid $50 for this skirt at a time when $50 for a skirt HURT. Physically.  And yet I have owned it for a million  years and it is still one of my very favorite pieces of clothing. I need to iron it, but all my summer clothes are super wrinkled and meh. Whatever. Anyway. I never wear it without feeling supremely happy and thinking about how much I love it. It is the perfect Elizabeth piece of clothing. Plus I was wearing it the first time I met Jennie so it has sentimental value, too. Erik hates it and tried to talk me out of it, but I think sometimes when clothing makes us GASP, it’s a sign that it’s something we’re going to love forever. Sometimes I wonder if I should only buy things that SCREAM at me “OWN ME NOW OR ELSE” but then I wouldn’t have very many clothes,  because it’s basically this skirt. Anyway, mod patterned a line skirts? They’re the ones for me.


17 Responses

  1. You look great in every photo. The greatest of the great, though, is your HAIR in that last photo! SO lovely! 🙂

  2. Pairing that stripey scarf with the orange-flowered skirt? Brilliant. Also, I love that striped Anthro skirt, and you look super in those Gap cropped pants.

  3. I pretty much love every single outfit here. Also, can we make scarves on Tuesday?

  4. Oh, wow, I looooove your outfits this week! I ADORE the blue bag, orange cardi and striped skirt. Adore!

    And the stripey scarf with the flowered skirt is AMAZING. I am so glad you are feeling better! You look fabulous and Katie’s pures-shoes are cute! She looks so happy!

  5. Love all the outfits! Have to say though that my favorite is the little girl wearing purses as boots…. adorable!!!!

  6. You make those Gap crop pants look fabulous.

  7. You look so happy this week and all the outfits reflect it! Love the bright colors.

  8. You look GOOD and happy and like you’re feeling better. And very stylish.

  9. Oh, I love how happy you look. HOORAY FOR DOCTORS WHO LISTEN! I think those Gap crops are my favorite. You look hot.

  10. And then YOU come sit by ME and tell me about all you learned about the dresses. Deal?

  11. Also, I’m supremely impressed/jealous of all the scarves you’ve made! So awesome!

  12. If you have any “good” leather belts that you love but are too big, a shoemaker can shorten them from the buckle end. But check the prices; it may or may not pay to do it that way, versus buying new.

  13. i think you are getting better and better at dressing yourself (this sounds like I think you were terrible before, which is not what I mean). It’s just that every week, I think, WHOA these outfits are even better than last weeks.

  14. glad you’re feeling better! I love your WIW posts :)) have you seen Whoorls recent post on Asos dresses? I’m contemplating the short sleeve one, it comes in navy… http://whoorl.com/archives/15602

  15. That first skirt is simply amazing on you! Keep rockin’ it, chicky!!

  16. Oh, I love the skirt too then!

  17. I am SO GLAD you are feeling better. That’s wonderful news. And you look fantastic. The orange and white skirt is my favorite. And the scarves. You sure know how to rock a scarf. And the black cropped pants are AWESOME. You have lovely ankles. (I apologize if that sounds weird, but really – it’s hard to pull off a cropped pant and you DO, and I think it’s in part because of the lovely ankles.)

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