What I Wore: Denim Round Up

I get more questions about jeans than anything else so I thought it might be helpful if I listed all the ones I have and wear and like in one post.

(I know some people like fancy jeans and some people don’t ever wear cropped jeans or skinny jeans or whatever but this is what works for me. )

I just went through a giant denim purge and I resolved to only keep ones around that are GREAT and that I feel happy putting on every morning. You’d think I would have figured this out by now but somehow I ended up with a whole drawer full of jeans that were making me sad and stressed. No one wants that.

So right now I have two pairs of everyday ish skinny jeans, a pair of white crops, a pair of trouser jeans, and I am in search of a pair of looser, light colored beat up crops. I think I might want to add a pair of boot cut jeans in the fall. Since I just found skinny jeans I like and I bought a bunch of riding boots, I am expecting “skinny jeans plus riding boots” to become SUPER DUPER UNCOOL at any moment.

Skinny Jeans:

hi rise super skinny

The skinny jeans I have are the AE Hi Rise Skinny Jeans. I have them in both washes – the lighter wash does have those annoying fade lines, but I am not super bothered by that, they’re not terrible.  The dark wash comes off on my hands but that’s all dark jeans. I buy them in “Short” and they’re still a little long. I think they run pretty true to size though.  The smaller pair I have is a 12 Short and doesn’t fall down, but they are not impervious to stretching out and bagging.  I only order them when they’re on sale, AE runs 40% off and free shipping all the time so I try never to pay more than about $30 for these jeans.  (They are running this promotion right now, so very timely.)


White Crops:


The White Crops I have are the Curvy Fit White Denim Crops from Loft.  I do see people complaining about quality from Loft but I’ve never had an issue with their pants.  I ordered every pair of white jeans that Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic had online and I returned all of them.  These aren’t see through and they fit me really well, so, sold. Navy + white + gold is one of my favorite summer combos.

Trouser Jeans:

old navy

I had to unload my Old Navy Diva Trouser Jeans because they fit so badly they were just unpleasant to wear, even though they looked good.  They were so low rise that they were essentially always falling off. If I got them small enough to stay on, they gave me terrible muffin top and wouldn’t fit in the thigh.  During the Great Denim Try On of 2013, I tried on all the pairs from the Gap and Banana and Old Navy and they were all…about the same, so I kept the cheapest pair, which was these Old Navy Trouser Jeans. I like them, I don’t know if I love them (and I haven’t worn them yet) because they’re a little long and wide and heavy at the bottom. I think I need a dressy jean situation of exactly the right temperature to wear them to.  I am glad I didn’t pay more than $25 ish dollars for them because although I like having them just in case I don’t think t hey’re something I am going to wear a ton.

Non Mom Crops:

artist crops

Lastly, I am looking for a pair of regular cropped jeans.  I can always roll my skinny jeans, and I do like that look, but in the summer I really want a pair of go to crops that I can throw on with a tee and that can be really casual.  I do find that this particular look goes “mom” really fast — it has to be exact correct cut and wash or you’re a Saturday Night Live parody. I have high hopes for the AE Artist Crops – hopefully they won’t be too low rise. I saw them in the store and they are very cute and not mom at all – I am looking for something a little wide legged with a wide cuff at the bottom and in a lighter wash.  And maybe a little roughed up? I can totally see these with a flat fun sandal and a loose cardigan and tank. Maybe some fun earrings? Maybe a scarf?

I shall report back.


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  1. My absolute favorite part of your What I Wore posts isn’t the clothes themselves, but your thought process. I love reading about what you’re thinking when you pick clothes. You’ve really helped me make better decisions about my wardrobe, as opposed to “It’s cheap, I’ll get it.” Thank you!

  2. OMG, YES to the Old Navy Trouser jeans. I had a pair that I got on clearance, really wanted to love them (perfect for work). The last time I wore them they fit so terribly I was actually in a bad mood all day and literally fantasized about coming home and throwing them in the Goodwill bag!

    I am so intrigued by the AE High Rise Skinny Jeans. Every time I’ve tried to buy them they’ve been out of stock of my size, but I will persevere!

  3. The Curvy line at Loft is the best. As a girl with some hips and a can, they just fit really really well.

    (Actually, I’m wearing their Curvy Skinny Corduroy right now as I type this and I recommend them.)

  4. I actually tried the Artist crops at AE based on one of your pins, because I do love their jeans now. I even bought them, but ultimately brought them back because they were just WAY too low rise for me. Crack is wack. Still on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend-ish cropped jean.

    On the other hand, I also tried the white denim crops at Loft this past weekend, and I loved them! So thanks!

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