What I Wore This Week: Spring Break Edition

This is the first year that Eli has really had a Spring Break, and lo,  a great light bulb went off when I thought about all the parental complaining I’ve been hearing for years. I never really got it until now.  We need a plan for summer, stat.

It also made me realize that it’s almost impossible to care about what you’re wearing if you aren’t getting out of the house every day.  I have to physically walk Eli into school now that he is in Kindergarten.  Every day.  Call me vain if you will but being seen by other people? It’s my primary motivator not to wear my pj’s until 1 PM.  So if you’re currently spending all your time nursing a 3 month old and wondering how you’re supposed to motivate yourself out of your sweat pants? My advice is that as early as you can, you should find yourself a routine that gets you out of the house and in front of a jury of your peers at least a few times a week.

Or just rock the sweatpants and know that when your kids are in school it gets better.


{Loft T Shirt, Handmade Scarf, Target belt, Loft skirt, Franco Sarto wedges}

This is one of those outfits that looked SO cute in my head and it was only ok in person, although it got better after I added the scarf and the belt.  When in doubt keep piling stuff on.



{Gap Dress, J Crew Wedges}

OH THIS DRESS IT IS THE BEST DRESS. God, I looooooooove this dress.  It is so wonderfully magically wonderful.  It seriously was as if someone at the Gap designed the MOST perfect dress (for me) in the world.  Nice fun mod pattern, structured, waist in exactly the right place, I looooooooooooooove it. It’s sold out online but it is still in stores, I believe, and it runs small. I normally wear a 12P in dresses and this is a 14.


{Banana Republic sweater, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Sperry Top Siders}

Eh, I needed to garden.  This was fine. Does some part of it look oddly too big? I don’t know. The shorts fit at the beginning of the day and by the end of the day they’re stretched out, and the sweater is a Petite. I’m hoping the shorts shrink in the wash.  Might be better with a shorter t shirt or something. Or a tucked in blouse.


{Gap wrap dress, handmade scarf, J. Crew wedges}

I love this dress. I got a compliment on it from my husband! That never happens. (He’s not like, a heartless bastard, he just never notices these things.) I don’t think I would wear it with these shoes again, they turn the whole thing slightly “I wore this dress for Jesus and I teach choir to 7th graders.” Also, I bought this dress on super clearance two months ago, it is no longer available except on Ebay, I am a terrible fashion blogger, someone fire me.


{Gap Luxlight V Neck Sweater, Loft Curvy Crops, Michael Kors watch, Toms Metallic Prison Shoes (TM A’Dell)}

Favorite outfit ever in the history of time. Later on in this day one of my children got chocolate on my derriere.  Children ruin everything.

DSC_0355-001 DSC_0401-001


{Loft dress, Target cardigan, J. Crew wedges, Target necklace, San Diego Hat Company Hat, Forever 21 sunglasses}

This dress is a little bit sexypants in person? Not sure why. Is it the boobs? It’s probably the boobs. Ah well. It’s old, which is why it’s purple, but I can’t get rid of it, I don’t have nearly enough dresses for the Summer of the Dress, especially not ones that I can just throw on, you know? I need more of that type of dress. The type sans zippers.

Anyway, I de sexified it with a cardigan when I went to Target, and then I came home and you can see how I am going to wear it in my backyard this afternoon. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees! Gotta put your big hat on.


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  1. Loft, by far, has the best summer dresses that you just throw on. I worked there one summer JUST for the discount on said dresses and they still are a huge staple in my summer wardrobe. The only negative thing I can say about them is that they feel a bit short on me.

  2. My favorites are the Gap wrap dress and the Loft dress.

  3. Oh lordy your hat. I love your hat so much, and I love you for wearing it with that grin. LOVE.

  4. That Gap wrap dress looks amazing on you! I mean, you don’t look bad in any of the outfits (damn you)(ahem, sorry), but that one, wow!

    I am also so, so jealous of your 80 degrees. We’re happy to be “up” to 50! (Why do I live here?)

  5. I think the striped top and red Bermudas look awesome together. I am also gonna say that wrap dress looks amazing on you. Also, love the summer dress with the cardigan- great combination!

  6. Your outfits always look so nice and put together, but I LOOOOOOOVE the wrap dress on you! It looks like it was MADE FOR YOU!

  7. Just wanted to say I love your style and your outfits!

  8. Love the wrap dress!! Although I do think it would look better without the scarf, it seems to swallow you. Maybe some type of necklace? I also love the purple dress, doesn’t seem to sexy to me! Actually I love everything this week except the orange shorts. Sorry, but I just don’t like them. Great choices this week!

  9. “I wore this dress for Jesus” is maybe my favorite phrase ever. (Also, my husband is the same way–he is not a heartless bastard but gives zero f*cks about clothing.)

  10. Ha ha haaaaa PRISON SHOES. Awesome. (they look great!)

  11. Sometimes I buy a dress I love so much that I just want to HUG it. Because to find something that fits all parts of my body and my personality in a flattering way is no small feat–hence the hugs.

  12. I love following your outfits! And I love loved your advice a few posts ago about wearing something nice for “no reason.” I have a question though: You said you went to Target and I assume you do things like make dinner and pick up toys, etc. Do you wear the skirts and scarves and wedge sandals when you do all of that? Or are you barefoot in the house, etc. (I’m sorry I sound really dense asking this. But I wash a lot of dishes and do things all day that just make me dirtier. So, I hardly ever wear “nice” things unless I’m leaving the house without children)

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