What I Wore This Week: Giving Old Navy One More Chance

Last week was lost in a blur of Zofran and dead camera remote batteries, so let’s just move on, shall we?


{Loft tee, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Havaianas}

This outfit is nothing special, and I could have piled a bunch of stuff on it just because, but it was the weekend, and you know, this is real life.  I do not wear fourteen necklaces while I clean out my garage. I put this picture  in here anyway, though, because in some ways, it’s a victory.  It’s almost the same as something you would have found me wearing two years ago, except – it all fits me correctly, it’s deliberate (and fun) colors that I chose because I liked them and not because I was randomly buying shorts at Old Navy and they only had my size in army green, and it’s just a better version of the clothes I used to thoughtlessly throw on.  And I feel a hundred times better wearing it.


{Gap Floral Sateen Dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}

This dress is SO cute and flattering in person.  It’s nothing special on the rack or in the picture online, and I don’t know that it photographs particularly well, but I wore it to brunch and got about a thousand compliments on it.  It’s cut very nicely. It runs small, btw.


{Target Xhilaration Short Sleeved Knit dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}

This dress is a tidge bit “what a 12 year old wear as a swim suit cover up” but it was cheap and it’s flattering.  I plan to wear a lot of black dresses and flip flops and big hats and big sunglasses this summer, so this fit the bill.

DSC_0127-001 DSC_0167-001

{Old Navy V Neck Jersey Dress, Target belt, Havaianas}

I am giving Old Navy one more chance because I need casual summer dresses.  Desperately.  They are the staple of my summer wardrobe, and no one else makes a dress that’s basically a t shirt but is actually a dress like Old Navy.  I took a chance on this one because I LOVE the color even though elastic waists can be dubious on me, and I really like it.  We’ll see if it falls apart/fades upon first washing/pills tremendously and if it does I swear to god, for serious, no more Old Navy. But look how cute and comfy it is! Sigh.


{Target cardigan, Loft tee, J. Crew bermudas, Havaianas}

This was shockingly flattering.  Cardigan + fitted tee + bermuda shorts.  Who knew.


{Gap Blazer, Banana Republic shirt, J. Crew bermuda shorts, J. Crew wedges}

One of my wardrobe goals is to be able to wear everything in my closet at least three ways. I am REALLY bad at wearing blouse type shirts, but this is Way To Wear This Shirt Number Two. Gold star, me. Also, jackets.  They are the secret to life.

DSC_0001-001 DSC_0055-001

{Old Navy Scoop Neck Tie Waist Dress, Target necklace, Ebay Necklace, Anthro jacket, Target belt, Hive & Honey heels}

This dress felt a little boring when I took an Instagram pic of it this morning, so I piled on a bunch of stuff.  I think you could easily just take off all that hoo ha and wear a big hat and big sunglasses, but some really fabulous flip flops would help.  Sounds like a mission.


What I Wore This Week: My Summer Uniform Goals

I feel a little…conflicted about all the summer clothes I just unpacked.  I’m starting to have to serious doubts about the whole puffy skirt situation.  So I’ve been thinking about “the Summer Uniform” and I have a few goals to work on this season.

1. I’d like to try to wear everything at least once to decide if I like it or not before I put it back in the dresser drawer on hang it in my closet.

2. I think I’d like to try to get a little bit less dressy, but I’d also like to buy more dresses.  This sounds counter intuitive  but I can just thrown a t shirt dress over my head and be good to go.  Although I can add heels and a belt and earrings and a necklace, I don’t have to.  A dress can be casual or pretty dressed up.  But most of the skirts I have need a tucked in shirt and heels and a belt and a necklace and a jacket before they look anything but sloppy, and all that…stuff just doesn’t say “relax in your backyard” to me.

3. I’d like to reduce the amount of clothes I have but I’d like to increase the percentage of winners in my closet.  I’d rather have five great skirts than 20 that are only ok, so hopefully by wearing EVERYTHING and taking a picture of it, I can really figure out what looks GREAT and just keep that stuff.  I have no idea what to do with the old stuff though – I feel awkward asking people if they want my old clothes that are too big for me and I don’t really have the energy to sell it on Ebay, especially because it doesn’t really seem that profitable.  I was thinking about selling it at a used online consignment but they usually only take higher end stuff and even when it is good stuff, you only make about $3-5 dollars an item. I’d rather just give it to someone if I’m only going to get $3 for it.

4. I’d like to get more green in my closet and less orange. I have A LOT of orange clothes, which is cool, but all of a sudden I am really feeling the kelly green/white/navy/gold combination.  I’m in the market for straight green cotton skirt, if anyone sees one. I know just what I want, which means no one will have it until next year, when everyone will have it.

5. I’d like to figure out how to make the ironing situation work.  Our house is so small that we keep our ironing board in the garage, which means we never iron anything, but unfortunately a lot of this summery stuff is also wrinkly. It just doesn’t make sense not to be able to work out some solution so I can quickly iron a skirt in the morning – it makes such a difference in how things look and I need to find a workable solution to this.

Anyway.  This is what I wore this week.

Home Depot OUtfit

{J. Crew Factory Bermuda shorts (on super sale!), Gap tee, Gap Outlet sweater, Havaianas}

Erik and I are working through the world’s longest list of boring house tasks.  It’s not fun, like “shop for stuff”, it’s the truly terrible stuff we’ve put off for five years like “fix loose outlet cover”. It involves a lot of trips to Home Depot, and like I said, I just can’t see doing this stuff in a skirt and a belt and heels and a necklace.  I think these shorts still look nice though! I feel good about this, it just doesn’t photograph “fancy”.

kate spade necklace target skirt

{Allegedly Kate Spade Necklace via Ebay, Gap tanks, Mossimo Skirt, Havaianas}

Now here’s what I mean about the poofy skirts. I would NEVER have picked out this skirt for myself – it’s so short and tight and fitted! My sister in law Emily found it on super clearance at Target and sent it to me because she is awesome, and I LOVE it, and it looked SO much better than any of the poofy skirts I tried on and rejected this week.  Yes, it was a little sexy pants, but it just seemed like it fit better and looked more put together and less juvenile than a billowy cotton skirt.  But it was also simple and totally suited to sitting around doing nothing in the sunshine.

This skirt plus my polka dotted pencil skirt has me really rethinking the skirts I wore so much last summer. I still think there’s a place for a very well fitting well ironed poofy skirt, especially worn higher, maybe belted and with a tucked in shirt? But I am definitely thinking I need to break out of my “this is the silhouette that works for me” ideas I have had ingrained for so long.


{Green Target cardigan, AE Artist Crops, Havaianas, Gap tanks}

I have gotten so many compliments on this cardigan! I really love it.  It makes my preppy soul very happy with the navy and the green. Also, I finally found a ribbed tank available in navy AND petite sizing! Yeah! Now I need a kelly green one, if anyone sees one out there, please let me know. J. Crew does have a green one but they don’t sell petites, annoyingly.

These crops do not give me muffin top but they DO slide down.  Lame. I am seriously wondering where I can get some grippy underwear.  Doesn’t that sound like a good invention? I think so.  That and a Lego Sweeper and a Flushable Toilet Paper Tube. Get on it, peeps.


{J. Crew Tippis Sweater, Gap Scarf, Gap Perfect Trouser Pants, Franco Sarto Wedges}

And then it was freezing cold. But I got to wear these pants again, and after I wore them last week and washed them (apparently for the first time?) they shrank a bit, and now they fit PERFECTLY and are the absolute correct length.  So happy about that.


{Loft tee, Garnet Hill skirt, Havaianas}
See what I mean? This outfit is not the greatest, and it’s because it needs about four more things to be great. A belt, a jacket, etc.  But I don’t want to wear ALL THE THINGS when it’s 87 degrees out and I am sitting by a kiddie pool all afternoon.  So that’s why I think – dresses.  Dresses have to be the answer. I am still sure I can do better by this skirt, and this t shirt needs…something else, but the skirts…eh. Whatever.


{Canvas Dress, Handmade scarf, Target cardigan, Toms Prison Wedges}

Finding a cardigan that worked with this was a feat of epic proportions, but then I found this combo and it really worked.  There’s something about the length of this dress plus the heels that is very flattering to the old yegs. Also, as the day went on, I just took of all the extra layers (it was super hot this day) and it worked really well but still looked nice because it was a dress.  So there you go.


{Banana Republic Striped T-Shirt Dress, Handmade scarf, J. Crew wedges}

Dear Banana Republic: Please make five more versions of this dress so I can buy them all. Thank you, Elizabeth



[J. Crew sweater, Some random polo from Marshall’s because finding a white polo shirt is like trying to find ice cream in the desert, J. Crew Factory shorts, Havaianas}

Today I will be dragging all the crap I have hoarding for years out of my garage and listing it on Craigslist, so this is my “Seriously? Thanks for telling me you’d be here at 10 AM and then not showing up and not emailing me, you asshole.” outfit.


I’m Sorry, I Couldn’t Stop Myself: Fifty Shades of Gray

So you may have noticed I am growing my hair out. See? This is me:


It could probably use some general haircuttiness, but it’s not getting any anytime soon, so instead it just looks a little bedraggled in the back and I continue to grow it out.  Some of my best friends are a little bedraggled in the back so it’s ok.

I am also working on a combination of products for maximum hair boofiness, as we discussed before, but because everyone wants to charge lots and lots of money for hair boofing products, I have not assembled all of them yet.  It’s a work in progress.  Anyway, it does seem to be increasing in volume the more I grow it out.  For awhile contrary to common sense the longer it got, the flatter it got, so I am very impressed with myself that I finally made it past that weird “it’s so flat now I need to cut it I hate this short hair I need to grow it out” cycle I was in for ten years. Every rose has its thorn.  Or so they say.


The thing is my stupid hair has turned gray. Well, gray ish.  Some of it is gray. And while I always thought I would be the kind of person who would embrace gray hair! I’d be a silver fox! I’d be the next Geraldine Ferraro! Somone buy  me a tie neck blouse! it turns out that I only felt that way until my hair actually started going grey, a few years ago, and what it looked like was less “silver fox” and more “the hair of Tired Sadness.” I do not want the Hair of Tired Sadness, so I dyed it.

HOWEVER.  The first thing I used was that Natural Instincts stuff? I love that stuff.  It isn’t super duper harsh on my hair, I like the colors, and I like how shiny it makes my  hair.  Short of the hair of Bridget Bardot, I really just want nice shiny dark brown hair with a sort of cool blackish undertone (as opposed to a warm reddish undertone.) Unfortunately, though, it did not cover the gray in my hair worth a damn, and when it washed out, whatever gray it did cover came uncovered in about three minutes.

So then I used this permanent Garnier Hair Business.  It covered gray like nobody’s business, but in the process, because life is full of pain, it destroyed my hair.  The day after I used it, I essentially had bangs because so much of my hair broke off.  Did not like. Do not want wispy broken off hair all over my face.

So….my question for you – internet hair ladies – is what do I use on my hair to grayify it? Will it help immensely if I have someone else do it for me, even though it costs a shocking amount of money I don’t want to spend? Should I use the Natural Stuff but leave it on twice as long? Should I use a different kind of permanent hair stuff?

Help please! And thank you.  And I apologize again for the title. (Whatever. You loved it.)

What I Wore This Week Which Seemed Like It Went On Forever

Seriously, what a long week.  So glad it’s almost over! Pizza for dinner!


target dot skirt


{J Crew Ruffled Tee, Gap LuxLight V Neck Sweater, Target Merona Polka Dotted Skirt, Havaianas}

I saw someone last week at school drop off wearing a really cute pencil skirt, a cardigan, and flip flops, and the combination of dressy plus the flip flops just made my heart go pitter patter. And I love this skirt. The clothes at Target have been SO DUBIOUS for me lately but I LOVE this skirt.

I was worried these flip flops would be uncomfortable.  And the first time I wore them, they were! They were SUPER uncomfortable. Then I realized I was wearing them on the wrong feet. After that, you’ll be stunned to learn, they were fine.

I could not be happier about this outfit. I love everything about it.  Perfection.



{Random ribbed tanks, AE Artist Crops, Havainas}

Despite that weird face I am making (seriously they were all like this), I love my new crops. I am teeny bit worried that the knee is going to rip a lot more, but I will iron on some reinforcing stuff in the back and hope for the best.  They were cheapish ($25 dollars) so it’s not like a lifetime investment here.  I was a little worried about the low rise, but they don’t give me muffin top, and they’re not mom jeans, so basically, I love them.  I was also worried that I should have bought a bigger size, but any bigger and I think they’d fall down.  (These are a 12 Regular but they’re rolled up an extra time.)


{Gap Flutter Sleeve dress, Target necklace, Target belt, Toms Prison Wedges} 

I LOOOOOVE this outfit.  Big thumbs up. If I can’t find any more dresses to just throw over my head I might buy this dress in black as well.


{Gap Perfect Trouser Pants, Gap Cowl Neck Tee, Old Navy V Neck Cami, Charles David Mary Janes}

You know, this is the first time I’ve ever worn these pants, and I thought for a long time I shouldn’t have bought them, but I think there’s something to be said for owning one nice pair of well fitting black pants.  These fit me very nicely and are very flattering, so even though I don’t think they’re the kind of thing I will wear constantly, I am glad I have them.  And if I did work in an office, I think I’d wear them once a week, for what it’s worth.

This is a little boring but you know, it looks nice.  Not everything can be straight out the pages of Vogue, sometimes it’s ok to just look nice and wear some boring but flattering pants.

stripe Gap

{Gap dress, Handmade scarf, Anne Klein Boots}

After lovely weather for weeks, it rained all day, which you know, happens.  But please note, I hate rain. I did get to wear this dress one more time, though, before summer, since it was also pretty cold. I cleaned out my closet and took out all my winter clothes, but some things I couldn’t really tell if I’d wear them in the summer or not. It’s hard to remember what weeks of 97 degrees feels like when it’s 55.  I don’t think this is a summer dress though, the material is just too heavy.

gap skirt

{Gap skirt, J. Crew Factory Cardigan, Target tee, J. Crew Wedges}

This outfit is a little boring but I have to tell you that I find the combination of an a-line denim skirt, cork wedges, and navy v neck tees infinitely satisfying. It seems SO “Mom in the Seventies/Eighties” and for some reason that’s a look that just really butters my popcorn.

For the longest time I never bought t shirts at Target because I was buying random t shirts and I am not allowed to do that.  Then even when I needed a navy blue v neck t shirt, all the t shirts at Target were either crappy and super long (anything Mossimo) or super frumpy (the Merona stuff).  Seriously, I tried on t shirts over and over and over again, everywhere, and they were always terrible on me.  Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Target, everywhere.  THEN I tried on a medium instead of a Large at Target. OH.

So anyway. Sometimes if something looks frumpy, try on a smaller size.

gap navy eyelet dress

{Gap Eyelet dress, Gap Factory Cardigan, Franco Sarto Wedges}

I loooooooove this dress.  This is the final thing in the list of things I bought with my Large Gift From the Internet.  And I love it. It’s not showing up anymore online at the Gap, probably because it’s awesome and therefore sold out, so I can’t link to it, but if you see it in the store, try it on. In a size bigger than you normally wear, it ran small on me.

Now if I could just find one more navy “throw it on over your head” type dress and one nice black sleeveless dress, I’d be all set. If you see any, holler!