What I Wore This Week Which Seemed Like It Went On Forever

Seriously, what a long week.  So glad it’s almost over! Pizza for dinner!


target dot skirt


{J Crew Ruffled Tee, Gap LuxLight V Neck Sweater, Target Merona Polka Dotted Skirt, Havaianas}

I saw someone last week at school drop off wearing a really cute pencil skirt, a cardigan, and flip flops, and the combination of dressy plus the flip flops just made my heart go pitter patter. And I love this skirt. The clothes at Target have been SO DUBIOUS for me lately but I LOVE this skirt.

I was worried these flip flops would be uncomfortable.  And the first time I wore them, they were! They were SUPER uncomfortable. Then I realized I was wearing them on the wrong feet. After that, you’ll be stunned to learn, they were fine.

I could not be happier about this outfit. I love everything about it.  Perfection.



{Random ribbed tanks, AE Artist Crops, Havainas}

Despite that weird face I am making (seriously they were all like this), I love my new crops. I am teeny bit worried that the knee is going to rip a lot more, but I will iron on some reinforcing stuff in the back and hope for the best.  They were cheapish ($25 dollars) so it’s not like a lifetime investment here.  I was a little worried about the low rise, but they don’t give me muffin top, and they’re not mom jeans, so basically, I love them.  I was also worried that I should have bought a bigger size, but any bigger and I think they’d fall down.  (These are a 12 Regular but they’re rolled up an extra time.)


{Gap Flutter Sleeve dress, Target necklace, Target belt, Toms Prison Wedges} 

I LOOOOOVE this outfit.  Big thumbs up. If I can’t find any more dresses to just throw over my head I might buy this dress in black as well.


{Gap Perfect Trouser Pants, Gap Cowl Neck Tee, Old Navy V Neck Cami, Charles David Mary Janes}

You know, this is the first time I’ve ever worn these pants, and I thought for a long time I shouldn’t have bought them, but I think there’s something to be said for owning one nice pair of well fitting black pants.  These fit me very nicely and are very flattering, so even though I don’t think they’re the kind of thing I will wear constantly, I am glad I have them.  And if I did work in an office, I think I’d wear them once a week, for what it’s worth.

This is a little boring but you know, it looks nice.  Not everything can be straight out the pages of Vogue, sometimes it’s ok to just look nice and wear some boring but flattering pants.

stripe Gap

{Gap dress, Handmade scarf, Anne Klein Boots}

After lovely weather for weeks, it rained all day, which you know, happens.  But please note, I hate rain. I did get to wear this dress one more time, though, before summer, since it was also pretty cold. I cleaned out my closet and took out all my winter clothes, but some things I couldn’t really tell if I’d wear them in the summer or not. It’s hard to remember what weeks of 97 degrees feels like when it’s 55.  I don’t think this is a summer dress though, the material is just too heavy.

gap skirt

{Gap skirt, J. Crew Factory Cardigan, Target tee, J. Crew Wedges}

This outfit is a little boring but I have to tell you that I find the combination of an a-line denim skirt, cork wedges, and navy v neck tees infinitely satisfying. It seems SO “Mom in the Seventies/Eighties” and for some reason that’s a look that just really butters my popcorn.

For the longest time I never bought t shirts at Target because I was buying random t shirts and I am not allowed to do that.  Then even when I needed a navy blue v neck t shirt, all the t shirts at Target were either crappy and super long (anything Mossimo) or super frumpy (the Merona stuff).  Seriously, I tried on t shirts over and over and over again, everywhere, and they were always terrible on me.  Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Target, everywhere.  THEN I tried on a medium instead of a Large at Target. OH.

So anyway. Sometimes if something looks frumpy, try on a smaller size.

gap navy eyelet dress

{Gap Eyelet dress, Gap Factory Cardigan, Franco Sarto Wedges}

I loooooooove this dress.  This is the final thing in the list of things I bought with my Large Gift From the Internet.  And I love it. It’s not showing up anymore online at the Gap, probably because it’s awesome and therefore sold out, so I can’t link to it, but if you see it in the store, try it on. In a size bigger than you normally wear, it ran small on me.

Now if I could just find one more navy “throw it on over your head” type dress and one nice black sleeveless dress, I’d be all set. If you see any, holler!


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  1. You look great in every outfit! And you look so pretty & so happy & so Spring-y in the last two! Love!

    I totally had black pants that I wore 1-2 times per week when I worked in Corporate America. That uniform accounted for so much rolling out of bed and heading straight into my the office. 🙂

  2. I had pizza for dinner last night–that’s how ready I was for tonight.

    You look good in all those outfits! I am so, so ready to put my winter clothes away, but we aren’t there yet. Still, at least it’s been a few weeks since it snowed (knocking wood vigorously).

  3. I love every single outfit. You look fantastic. Fanfreakingtastic.

  4. I love every single outfit, perfection!

  5. You look positivey stunning in that first picture, and all of your outfits came together so well this week!!

  6. Oh, and I had pizza for 3 meals today, so go for it!

  7. You look absolutely fabulous in that first picture!! I would never have thought a polka dot skirt could be that flattering, but it looks great on you! Maybe I’ll put it on my list of someday purchases!!

  8. This might be my favorite week yet – you look amazing!

  9. I love them all, but that first outfit? WANT.

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