What I Wore This Week: Giving Old Navy One More Chance

Last week was lost in a blur of Zofran and dead camera remote batteries, so let’s just move on, shall we?


{Loft tee, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Havaianas}

This outfit is nothing special, and I could have piled a bunch of stuff on it just because, but it was the weekend, and you know, this is real life.  I do not wear fourteen necklaces while I clean out my garage. I put this picture  in here anyway, though, because in some ways, it’s a victory.  It’s almost the same as something you would have found me wearing two years ago, except – it all fits me correctly, it’s deliberate (and fun) colors that I chose because I liked them and not because I was randomly buying shorts at Old Navy and they only had my size in army green, and it’s just a better version of the clothes I used to thoughtlessly throw on.  And I feel a hundred times better wearing it.


{Gap Floral Sateen Dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}

This dress is SO cute and flattering in person.  It’s nothing special on the rack or in the picture online, and I don’t know that it photographs particularly well, but I wore it to brunch and got about a thousand compliments on it.  It’s cut very nicely. It runs small, btw.


{Target Xhilaration Short Sleeved Knit dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}

This dress is a tidge bit “what a 12 year old wear as a swim suit cover up” but it was cheap and it’s flattering.  I plan to wear a lot of black dresses and flip flops and big hats and big sunglasses this summer, so this fit the bill.

DSC_0127-001 DSC_0167-001

{Old Navy V Neck Jersey Dress, Target belt, Havaianas}

I am giving Old Navy one more chance because I need casual summer dresses.  Desperately.  They are the staple of my summer wardrobe, and no one else makes a dress that’s basically a t shirt but is actually a dress like Old Navy.  I took a chance on this one because I LOVE the color even though elastic waists can be dubious on me, and I really like it.  We’ll see if it falls apart/fades upon first washing/pills tremendously and if it does I swear to god, for serious, no more Old Navy. But look how cute and comfy it is! Sigh.


{Target cardigan, Loft tee, J. Crew bermudas, Havaianas}

This was shockingly flattering.  Cardigan + fitted tee + bermuda shorts.  Who knew.


{Gap Blazer, Banana Republic shirt, J. Crew bermuda shorts, J. Crew wedges}

One of my wardrobe goals is to be able to wear everything in my closet at least three ways. I am REALLY bad at wearing blouse type shirts, but this is Way To Wear This Shirt Number Two. Gold star, me. Also, jackets.  They are the secret to life.

DSC_0001-001 DSC_0055-001

{Old Navy Scoop Neck Tie Waist Dress, Target necklace, Ebay Necklace, Anthro jacket, Target belt, Hive & Honey heels}

This dress felt a little boring when I took an Instagram pic of it this morning, so I piled on a bunch of stuff.  I think you could easily just take off all that hoo ha and wear a big hat and big sunglasses, but some really fabulous flip flops would help.  Sounds like a mission.



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  1. I look forward to this post every week! I saw a dress at J.Crew and thought it looked like something you would like. It’s a little spendy, but super cute!


    You may have already featured this, but I didn’t want you to miss out!

  2. LOVE, LOVE the shoes in the last picture.

  3. Love love love all the dresses. The brunch one looks amazing- I can see why you got all the compliments. I am also pleasantly surprised by the easy cardigan/tee/Bermuda shorts combo. May have to give that a try!

  4. Really cute outfits! You’re inspiring me…

  5. Very nice, as usual. I love, love, love the last two photos of the boring dress with piled stuff. Second favorite is the one right above with the red blazer and blouse top. Of course, I like everything else, too. I feel so happy for you, that you’re getting all this together for yourself.

  6. I love your “What I Wore This Week” posts…they always give me ideas! I can see why you got so many compliments on the brunch dress, and your black dress with the accessories is very cute too!

  7. You can’t really go wrong with black dresses and big sunglasses.I have three black t-shirty sundresses and I love them all (and two of them fit right now, which is lovely) and i would totally buy more. But I’m on a clothes-buying frieze until I stop ballooning at the stomach area.

  8. You look teeeeny in that last dress!

  9. I am loving your sense of style! I really need to work on developing more in this area. I am a jeans-and-sneakers-every-day with a thousand different T-shirts kind of person, and I’m not sure what it is that makes me not work harder at it- just feeling like I’m not capable of pulling together a sassy look, or not feeling worth it, or maybe just too cheap or too lazy? Either way, I really like your outfits, and I LOVE that brunch dress too! It’s adorable.

    Taking notes!

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