Books I Read This Month: April

So the worst thing about this whole “I wish I was dead” thing was that I couldn’t read. Also, I had no appetite and I didn’t want to shop for anything. When you take away my three great loves in life, WHAT IS LEFT? Sad Elizabeth, that’s what. Anyway, here’s what I read before words on a page made no sense to me.

47. Rapture Practice.  I liked this. I wish it had been more in depth, but I thought it was a very fair look at this situation (super duper strict christian parents who won’t even let their kids go to the movies and their gay son who…wants to go to the movies and also you know, kiss boys.) and I think that fairness is really hard to achieve.  You honestly felt for everyone in the situation.  The parents were just doing what they thought was right and necessary, and their son just wanted to be himself and didn’t agree.  It was sad, actually. Very sad. I would have liked more follow up, though. He doesn’t get very far in the telling of the story and we’re left wondering what happens after he comes out and where things ended up with his parents.

48. Drinking and Tweeting, And Other Brandi Blunders. You know, I have to say, I enjoyed this book, if only because this woman will say ANYTHING, and normally these books are kind of a waste of time where everyone is obviously under a gag order and just gives you boring hints you can’t figure out.  I had no idea this lady was a Real Housewife of anything, and this was certainly not the most erudite thing I’ve ever read, and woah does Leeann Rimes not come across well, but it was entertaining and I thought…for the most part quite humble and honest. The main problem I had with this book is that every time I picture Eddie Cibrian (her ex husband who cheated on her a billion times and married Leeann Rimes) I think of Mario Lopez.  I seriously had to google the man a hundred times just so I could get the correct image in my head.  Whatever.  That’s not her fault.

49. Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3). I loved this book except I hated the ending.  I don’t want to spoil it, but I am not a fan of the way that played out. (P.S. TEAM WILL).

50. Black Butler.  You all are going to laugh at me.  So have you ever heard of ASMR? I hadn’t either until Sarah at Semi Desperate Housewife (best tag line on the internet!) mentioned it.  And now I am OBSESSED with it. But basically you get this weird…tingly relaxed feeling from certain sounds plus certain visual stimulation.  There are about ten thousand You Tube videos of it, the most famous example is Bob Ross, that painter guy.  Anyway. If you have it, you’ll know. If you don’t, you’ll think it’s super weird.  My point is that this girl does my FAVORITE ASMR videos of all time and she is obsessed with Black Butler, so I had to read it, especially because she also loves Buffy, etc. I liked it, it was fine, but I think I just don’t like reading things in comic book format. Something about it is too choppy for how I read.

51. The Interestings.  Normally I am not a huge Meg Wolitzer fan, but this wasn’t terrible! I did make me hate myself because seriously, the word I have used to describe it over and over again is “interesting.” It was a very interesting read.  Whatever. I liked it.

52.  The Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, Number Two). Ok, obviously I read this one before I read Number Three.  I liked it. Cassandra Clare delivers what she says she’s going to deliver and it’s entertaining and nice and romantic.  This was a little bit of a stall job but I think the middle book in a series almost always is.

53. The Clockwork Angel.  (The Infernal Devices Number One.) This was the first one I read.  I just want to make sure you’re on your toes.  I have to say I didn’t want to read this series because my heart belong to Clary and Jace BUT I liked it ALMOST as much as the Mortal Instruments.  I really really enjoyed it.

54.  Eleanor & Park.  Ok, so.  This was my favorite thing I read all month.  This is a book I would buy, just so I can have a copy around.  This is a book I send to people who I think NEED to read it. It is just really really good.

It is not an EASY read. I had to take emotional breaks.  But it is just so…it’s just really great.  I was dubious when I read the description and it’s just really almost perfect. It took my heart and bashed it into a million pieces and I loved it while it was doing it.  This is how YAF was meant to be done. I’d put this on any Top Ten List of Anything in a heartbeat.  This is the entire reason why I read YAF.  And I can’t wait to read Rainbow Rowell’s next book.  If you read it and you hate it, I will understand, but I don’t think you will.  There’s just too much heart in it to hate it.

55. Benediction.  Holy crap what a sad wonderful beautiful amazing extraordinary quiet lovely book. I’d read Kent Haruf write the phone book.

I also read half of Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography, and all I can say is that I am surprised there are any drugs left in the world for other people to take.  Damn. The man has done a lot of drugs. Also, you may not know this, but Anthony Kiedis is on my list. I find the man super duper other worldly hot. It’s true. Drugs and all. And I am not even lying when I tell you I once considered getting that arm tattoo  he has, but on my ankle.  Aw, college Elizabeth.  You were so very hilarious.


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  1. I love your book reviews. And I totally LOVED Eleanor and Park, right down to the cover

  2. I hesitantly put E&P on my library list. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!!
    P.S. I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit better. I hope you’re 100% better soon!!

  3. Never ever thought I’d see black butler on your reading list! I loved that manga until I got a certain number of volumes into it and realized it was likely to never end and I am so done with seemingly never ending manga series. I followed one series for 8 years. 8! and still there was no real advancement in the plot! black butler seemed like it was going that way too, so I dropped it. :/

  4. It makes me feel enormously comforted that at least one other person I know gets the ASMR thing! I too am now obsessed with the videos. Maria (Gentle Whispering) is my favorite. I love accents! Unfortunately if you watch the videos daily, you start to get desensitized to it, so I have to only allow myself one a couple times a week now. I get all twitchy, jonesing for my tingle-fix.
    Adelay loves the videos too now, and it’s hilarious how much it creeps out Jim. We love to turn them on when he’s around just to watch him squirm.

  5. I read this.

    I was also trying to tell someone about the ASMR thing and I couldn’t remember the name so YES, now I know. It’s still freaky though. Sorry.

  6. Okay, my heart also belongs to Clary and Jace, but I *think* I like Tessa better than I like Clary. Also, I loved the ending of Clockwork Princess! (But also, totally team Will.)

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