What I Wore This Week: Getting Rid of Stuff

So here’s what I did.

I took everything out of my closet and my drawers and my storage bins and I only put back the stuff I LOVED, that I wear all the time, that fits perfectly and that goes with everything else.  All the stuff I couldn’t quite figure out, I piled in three giant stacks on my dresser.  I’m slowly making myself go through those piles to see if I can make any of those things work, and if I can’t, out they go.

It’s actually kind of frustrating because 1. It seems so wasteful.  It’s so much stuff and 2. I’d rather just be wearing the cute stuff I like that’s hanging in my closet.  But hopefully I’m learning a lesson about what I like to wear and what stuff I’ve moved on from.  It took me awhile to learn that I need to buy Medium or Petite Shirts or the proportions are off, so that’s some of the problem.  And my style has changed so that it’s no longer my mission to own every poofy skirt ever made.  I have all these damn poofy skirts so I’m still trying to make the poofy skirts work, but this next week will be my last effort, because no matter what I do they just feel…juvenile and odd.  So we’ll see.


{Old Navy sweater, some random Cami, Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Kork Ease Wedges}

See? This sweater – I love the color but something about it just didn’t work. I wore it for a few hours and felt unhappy and ended up changing out of it. I don’t know if it’s where it hits me or the giant chevrons over my boobs or the neckline or what but it’s just unflattering and weird. I wanted it to work, but it just doesn’t. I got rid of it. The old me would have thought “This is fine! This outfit is cute on paper and it’s reasonably attractive! Just keep it!” But the new me knows what great looks like and I want THAT.


{Gap Sweater, Tank, Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Kork Ease Wedges}

This is what I changed into, and I was much happier with it. I still think there’s scope for even better because these jeans and these shoes were made for each other and are very flattering together, but the navy sweater is a little boring, but it was already way more flattering and felt more like me.


{Target sweatshirt, Gap tee, AE Artist Crops, Havaianas}

This shirt was on the chopping block because I was worried it was a little too “mom sweatshirt” but look how cute it looks with these crops! It’s really comfortable and I got a lot of compliments on it.  Keep.


{Gap ribbed tanks (in petite), Old Navy skirt, Kork Ease wedges}

See, I loved this.  What’s the difference between this and the slightly too large t-shirts and poofy skirts of last year? I’m still figuring that out.


{Gap skirt, Target tee, Target cardigan, Kork Ease Wedges, Target necklace}

And then there’s this. I can see it my head and it’s so cute but in person I look….churchy? I don’t know. Is it just me? I can’t tell if it’s the length of the skirt or the style or if it’s too big or if those are the wrong shoes but I am not at all convinced that this skirt can be saved, I think it might have to go.

As annoying as this process is, I am really hopeful that when I’m done that I will have less clothing but I will like what I do  have more, and that I will have a better idea of the kinds of things that I like to wear and that look good on me, and how to buy clothes that fit correctly.  We shall see.

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  1. You are a braver woman than I will ever be. I still have clothes in my closet for JUNIOR HIGH that I just can’t get rid of because, ugh, wasteful. You are my hero.

    I agree about the churchiness of the last outfit and wonder if it’s because the tee and cardigan look like an old lady’s twinset? Maybe? I don’t know. You are cute anyway.

  2. I think the last outfit looks really cute on you. The proportions seem appropriate and the necklace adds just enough to finish it off. I like the idea of the nude shoe but maybe something less chunky would make you feel better? I’m trying to think of a place this outfit would be perfect…I would wear it to work or to brunch or a shower. Maybe that’s too boring? Actually, who am I kidding, I would also wear this to church, but I am much more casual than most there. For perspective’s sake, I’m in DC.

    I wonder if the first sweater would make you feel better if you could find a tank/camisole in the same color blue to wear under it? Something to think about if you want to try and save it.

    Also, hello! I’ve been reading for awhile but never comment. Today seemed like the day to change that.

  3. You have reached the point where everything you actually put on is cute and flattering. But if it doesn’t feel right/like YOU (like the first sweater) donate it so that whoever it DOES suit can find it cheap.

    And I’d try the “churchy” outfit again with bright, contrast, non-staid jewelry. Worth a shot.

  4. The last outfit is my favorite of these! I think it really flatters you. The tank/cardigan/skirt or dress/cardigan is my default style though, so maybe it’s just that I want that outfit for ME.

  5. I agree that the last outfit is a bit churchy, but it’s still cute! You could try dressing down the skirt? Maybe a couple bright layering tanks?

  6. I was going to write a comment asking if you had a picture that showed your Kork-Eases, and then I scrolled down to see a picture of you wearing them with that cute skirt with the diagonal stripes. 🙂

    I swear, reading your blog is dangerous for me, because I clicked over to the Old Navy site to check out the T-shirt dress that you linked to a little while back, and sure enough, I ordered two. Now I’m craving a pair of those wedges, and I suspect that I will try to hold out but will end up ordering them. (“They’re summery! They’re classic! It’s getting warmer, so I should have more open-toed shoes.”)

    Love your What I Wore This Week posts!

  7. Of all your outfits here, the last one is actually my favorite! I don’t think it looks churchy. I think it looks classic and perfect for spring/summer. Just my two cents. 🙂

    Last week I took everything out of my closet, tried every single thing on, and got rid of two black trash bags of clothes that didn’t fit right or weren’t flattering. It feels good to know that everything in my closet fits!

  8. I so need to do this myself! I really admire you for your commitment to this project. And how *you* feel about an article or outfit is so important; I think you look really nice in the last outfit, but if you don’t like it, that’s what you should listen to (catch me, telling me to listen to yourself, i.e., listen to me telling you not to listen to me!).

  9. That last outfit (the “churchy” one) is my favorite! But maybe a colorful shoe would make you love it?

  10. I do like the “churchy” outfit although I agree it’s a little dressy for every day, but everyone needs something dressy just in case.

    I did something similar two years ago; I swore off shopping for a year and vowed to wear everything in my closet at least once before repeating anything. (I turned the hangers around so I knew I’d worn it already.) It was SO hard the first three months; after that it got easier and I ended up taking a huge stack of stuff to the consignment shop at the end of the year. I know now what kind of clothes I like and what’s flattering, and it makes it much easier to shop because I have a better idea of what to look for. Plus, I’m happier with fewer options, so I don’t shop as much as I used to, which leaves more money in the budget for shoes. 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I love your posts- here are my comments for what they are worth on your outfits this week
    1. Glad you got rid of the chevron teal jumper – everything you mentioned in your post was wrong and also the colour didn’t flatter you – you did the right thing , I’m glad it’s gone
    2 I love the navy sweater you replaced it with – it made you like and thinner and the colour is right on you – I think it would look better with a different bottom though – maybe a mid/ light denim ? I guess you will need to try this out to see what works best
    3 love the striped sweatshirt and casual pants – this looks like fun
    4 favourite outfit is the pink singlet and chevron skirt – you can see how happy this makes you in the photo – it also makes you look slimmer – not sure about the shoes with it
    5 I think the problem with the last outfit is that it is another puffy skirt can you try it with the old navy skirt to see if it makes you happier

  12. I love the stripey sweatshirt A LOT.

    Here’s a question: do you feel hot in layered tanks? I’d like to try it but am worried I’ll be a sweatball.

  13. I love that sweatshirt like whoa. So much that I have two: the navy striped one (which I wear with orange skinnies) and the purple one. I’ll cry and cry if Target doesn’t sell it again next fall.

  14. I too am just getting rid of practically everything in my closet. And it’s great.

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