What I Wore This Week: Some Shorts and Things






You know, I’m just going to admit that I’m not going to get as dressed up this summer as I did last summer, and it’s going to be fine.  I thought this was going to be the summer of the dress (and it still might be) but it actually turning out to be the summer of the ribbed tank top. I think we’re all going to survive that just fine though.

Last summer Eli went to preschool all through the summer and just having to stand in a hallway with twenty two other moms three times a week made me more inclined to pile on necklaces.  This summer I’m just working on feeling better and there’s not going to be any school or standing in hallways with other moms and there will be more tank tops, fewer necklaces.


{Target Merona cardigan, Target t shirt, J. Crew Factory Bermudas (now on super sale!), Kork Ease Ava Wedges}

I had some kind of weird block against v neck cardigans, but I needed a navy cardigan and this one was on sale for $16! And now I wear it constantly. It’s perfect. Also, I love these shoes.  When I was deciding between the yellow Boden wedges and the red Toms and these, I tried to picture which ones I’d wear with outfits as I had them on, and it was always these, and they are indeed perfect.  Just high enough to be sassy and make your legs look good but not so high I feel like I’m one sidewalk crack away from a broken ankle.


{Gap Ribbed tanks, Garnet Hill Flamenco Skirt (no longer available but this is similar), Havainas}

This looked cuter in person than it does in this picture. I want to try it with a white tucked in tee, heels, and a necklace, but again, I never feel like getting that dressed up these days. Maybe next week.

These Gap tanks are so sucky inny! They are the bees knees. Also, people keep asking me if two tanks makes me hot, but not that I’ve noticed, particularly. I run cold though.


{Target Merona shirt, Target Merona skirt, J. Crew wedges}

There’s finally some good stuff at Target. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this button down.  I had to hunt it down during three separate trips, but I have been looking for a button down for SO LONG and this is perfection. It fits in the arms and the shoulders and it buttons over my boobs!  I love the color, I love the pattern, it goes with so many things, love.

I sort of wish that this skirt didn’t have a paper bag waist, but at the same time it does keep it really casual. I can see throwing this on with tanks all summer long. It’s part linen so I hope it’s not a wrinkled disaster out of the washing machine.  I kind of want to go back for the navy one since I’ve been looking for a navy skirt for a year now.


{Target Merona V Neck Cardigan, Old Navy Tank, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Havaianas}

This tank, in petite? It’s PERFECTION for under things. Get five.  But make sure to get the petite size if you’re short.


{Banana Republic tank, AE Artist Crops, Havaianas}

This tank was on the chopping block because I always thought it was slightly too big and unflattering BUT it turns out that if I’m not at my exact lowest weight possible these jeans give me the tiniest bit of muffin top, which  makes this tank perfect because it just sort of floats right over everything.  I actually have always loved it and paid way too much $$$ for it, and now I think it looks really cute with big sunglasses and my gold watch and these jeans, so keep. Yeah!


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  1. I have a thing against v-neck cardigans in general too! I have one that I like, but…eh. It never looks as ‘put together’ as I want it to. The navy though – that looks so good! Especially with the white tank underneath!!

    As always – love the artist crops. They are my standby for sure. (I was so excited when I saw you mention the hi-rise super skinnies. I bought them in store two years ago, and haven’t found them in store since! I didn’t even think to check online!! No muffin top!

  2. Looking cute as always. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

  3. I LOVE the third outfit.

  4. I love #3 too; that shirt is super cute!

  5. yeah you have the cork ava wedges!!! I remember your post with the shoes and I am so glad about your choice. The wedges look exactly great and cool on you like I thought they would. the flamenco skirt is my favorite, is so cute on you.

  6. I love the way your hair is growing out! It looks fantastic. Also the shoes are SUPER cute.

  7. I have the yellow bird version of that Target button down but am loving the pattern you have. And a sucky-in tank top (that is also currently on sale)? Sign me up.

    I hope this is not only the Summer of the Dress, but also the Summer of You Feeling Fabulous.

  8. Seriously considering those wedges. I haven’t worn heels in *years* — my feet hurt like crazy when I was pregnant and it’s like they haven’t been right since. But I miss having a little extra height, especially with some skirts. Maybe I can handle some wedges! So glad you mentioned them. (I also have to pick up a pair of those crops. I’m pretty much building a wardrobe based on your recommendations.)

  9. I’m so sad that flamenco skirt is gone! I LURVVVE it. Also, the bright pink skirt is AWESOME. I would never pick those two to go together but I love that outfit.

  10. I just wanted to say I don’t like fashion blogs, but I love your fashion posts because WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME WARDROBE. Like, I wear those AE capris twice a week and just bought 2 pairs of those Bermudas and I own 10 ribbed tank tops. Where are all the ribbed tank tops and Havaianas in the fashion-blog world? Where are they!?

    Anyway, keep on keepin’ on. 🙂

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