What I Wore This Week: I Finally Ironed!

Do you ever have those things that you just don’t buy? You just make do or you forget EVERY time you’re in Target and you just never have one? Well, we went without an ironing board cover for five years, for some ridiculous reason, until I FINALLY just coughed up $15.99 and bought one.  You know what makes ironing suck a lot less? Using an ironing board with a cover on it. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty much a genius. A total genius. Anyway.  I started ironing things! Everything looks so much better! I feel reinspired. My “Get Rid of It Or Make It Work” pile is growing smaller! And I am very happy with how many things I have been able to keep.

I find myself sticking very closely to the uniform colors lately. I had been doing some branching out, but seeing what I am choosing to keep and what things I’ve gotten rid of, I really think sticking to my original color palette is something I should focus on. Those are the things that I like to wear most and that I have the easiest time mixing and matching. I just feel most like me in these colors.


{Merona tee, Anthropologie Skirt, Kork Ease Wedges}

This skirt is so comfortable and flattering and EASY. Every time I wear it I remember how much I love it. It’s the sweatpants of skirts.


{Loft Tee, Ebay necklace, Gap khakis, Target Sam and Libby Sandals}

I looked EVERYWHERE for a pair of “SHAZAM” sandals that did not go in BETWEEN my toes. I am not a fan of vast swaths of naked footage on display.  The only pair I found were these, and as lovely as they are, I think we can all agree that $415 dollars for sandals seems a bit…excessive.  Then I walked into Target and they had a whole new Sam and Libby section of sandals and for 1/15th the price I thought these were a pretty close match to the $415 sandals. I really really like they now that I’ve worn them in a bit. Very SHAZAM.


{Target cardigan, Banana Republic Factory Store Blouse, Old Navy Trouser Jeans, J. Crew wedges}

This made me feel very tall and skinny. This week has been really hard to dress for because the mornings started out COLD and then by the end of the day it would be hot as blazes.  Enter the cardigan, man’s natural solution to this problem since time began.

This outfit was ok, but it was kind of uncomfortable.  I’m pretty sure by the end of the day I was wearing shorts and a tank top.


{Gap Luxlight V Neck Sweater, Gap Ribbed Tank, Mossimo Shorts, Kork Ease Wedges}

I love the cut of these shorts. They don’t do that wide leg thing that makes your entire downstairs look wide and bunchy and terrible.  They are a tidge bit see through (like you can see the pockets in the front, but not your underwear if you wear white or tan underwear) but they’re white shorts, it kind of goes with the territory. Anyway, I loved this outfit. It just felt so classic and me and easy but still…like I had made an effort and looked nice and…purposeful.  I dug it.


{Gap LS Tee, Gap SS Tee, Target scarf, Loft cropped jeans, Target sandals}

All I remember about this day is how effing pissed I was that it was only 55 degrees.


{Merona skirt via Ebay, Gap tanks, Target necklace, J. Crew wedges}

I ironed this skirt! It made all the difference! Also, I LOVE these tanks.  This whole outfit was my favorite. It wasn’t too dressy, but it was cute, but it was casual, but the skirt pattern made it fun and sort of young, but it wasn’t too young, and the length which I was worried about actually looked ok with the tanks, and you can sort of scrunch up the tanks and it’s just one of my favorites.

DSC_0361-001 DSC_0464-001


{Loft Tee, J. Crew Necklace via Ebay, Anthropologie Skirt, Target cardigan, J. Crew wedges}

Inspired by this, loved it.  Favorite outfit of the week. And I ironed it! Go me!



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  1. I love outfit #1. It’s simple but very flattering.

  2. I am loving your skirts.

  3. I love that last skirt so much! (Isn’t it the one Eric hates?)

  4. You look so great. Always. I love the white shorts look… and the red khakis – gorgeous. I am distressed about the ironing though. You make it sound so DOABLE to look put together and great… and then you go and throw IRONING in there? Bleh. (Okay, okay, not everyone is as resigned to wrinkles as I am. I suppose that is understandable. And you look GREAT so… that IS a recommendation in ironing’s favor.)

  5. I wish I could just “like” this whole post 🙂 And I agree with you, that last outfit is SUPER cute! I would never think to pair strips with a pattern but it’s totally working.

  6. I love those flaming…whatever khakis so much. Are they red? Orange? I can’t tell. I love them.

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