Books I Read This Month: May

56.  This is What Happy Looks Like

This was utterly unoffensive.  I liked it. It was a quick read, but it was nothing earth shattering. It sort of felt like Sarah Dessen lite, to be honest.  But it was not BAD, by any means. It just felt a little…bland.

57. Me Before You.  Jennie sent me an Amazon gift card and told me to buy a good book, and I debated and debated and then I bought this.  An actual book.  First of all, I LOOOOOOOVED this book. I can see all the things that people will say are wrong with it, and I understand those things, but I LOVED it. I read it in two days and I just loved it.  It reminded of Bridget Jones Diary – how that book wasn’t going to win any intellectual awards but it was just so funny in a smart quick way and so easy and fun to read.  This was like…smart good chick lit before chick lit took a terrible dive for the stupid and badly written.  Anyway, after I finally finished it I came out into the living room sobbing and clutching the book and with tears dripping down my face.  It just scratched THAT itch, and it did it perfectly.

And it made me realize how much I miss buying BOOKS.  I loved having a copy of this book that was MINE to hold in my hands, I loved seeing what the cover looked like, and putting it on my bookshelf after I was done.  I love that can I loan it to people and have it forever.  It made me realize how much I missed that.  At 150 books (ish) a year I certainly do not have the funds (or space) to buy everything I read, but I have decided I will buy myself one ACTUAL book once a month.  Poring over reviews, deciding what to buy, waiting for it to come in my the mail, holding that actual book? I have really missed that.

58. If You Find Me.  I thought this was really well written and very badly plotted.  Just…none of this would ever happen. Also, full of sexual assault, so if you avoid that kind of thing, avoid this.

59. The Death of Bees.  Weird as HELL.  And GROSS.  But you know, I kind of liked it.  It was not the kind of thing you read every day, that is for certain.  But if you are not into reading about grossness as relates to dead bodies, I would not recommend you read this.

60. The Humanity Project.  I tried to like this but it was just SO boring.

61. Prophet of Bones.  The central premise of this book was just so stupid that I couldn’t take any of it seriously.

62. The Lucy Variations.  I felt like this book was written as if I was an idiot, and I felt actually insulted reading it. Also, older married dude really into a sixteen  year old will never not be a gross and inappropriate plot point, sorry. Not hot. Gross. This could have been easily solved by making the teacher character in the book a 17 year old.   There! I just fixed this book.

63. Maya’s Notebook.  This was like two different books mashed awkwardly into one.  One was really boring and the other one was violent and full of sexual assault, so I don’t know man, this wasn’t really for me.

64. The View From Penthouse B.  You know, this was a tidge boring, but once I got into it? It was way more fun reading about old ladies living together than I thought it would be. I think it was saved because it was actually kind of funny.  It wasn’t quite there – it was a star down from great, for sure, but it was…I liked it.  It had that nice thing that happens sometimes in books when you can tell that the author really likes her characters, and writes about them with much love.

65. Quintana of Charyn.  Half of me loved this book.  The other half thought it was just SO FREAKING LONG and had no idea what was going on 80% of the time.  I liked it more than Froi of the Exiles, but it did not begin to approach my love of Finnikin of the Rock.  And it was SO CONFUSING.  AND SO LONG.  I loved  the last 100 pages but it was a ROUGH SLOG to get to those last 100 pages.  It has the best reviews on Goodreads of any book I’ve read in a LONG time, so maybe it really was just me or else it’s just a very certain person who reads these books or something, but this was not five stars for me.  If I hadn’t completely run out of books, I don’t think I would have made it through.


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  1. I loved Me Before You. So much sobbing is a good thing sometimes. I loved Will.

  2. You epiphany about how much you love a tangible book is why I don’t want a kindle or any type of eReader. I love books. The weight, the smell, the art of the covers. I love that I can pass on a book to friends and we can circulate a really good book. Its like books are a socially and legally acceptable drug to share with friends!

  3. It’s a shame about the Sara Zarr book. It looked good.

  4. So agree about Lucy. I wanted to like it so much. But I couldn’t make myself enjoy it.

  5. Man, I have the exact OPPOSITE feeling about owning books. Elizabeth, I got rid of all my books except for about ten and it was THE BEST FEELING EVER. I didn’t feel burdened by these heavy things taking up so much space that I never even touched except once every year or so.

    And when I buy an ebook I feel so happy because I can share it WITH MYSELF on all my devices and I can read it ANYWHERE! and I never, ever have to share it.

    (I don’t like sharing. I’m a really mean person that way.)

    But I am glad you liked having a new book again. It’s nice to discover new things about ourselves sometimes, isn’t it?

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