What I Wore This Week: I Have Had a Headache For Six Weeks

Seriously, I am tired of having a headache.

Anyway.  The nicest thing about the clothing purge that I did in the spring is that now I really really like all my clothes. I might not be in the mood to wear everything all the time, but everything fits, everything goes together, everything can be worn at least one way. Nothing makes me feel bad when I put it on, and if it does, I get rid of it.  It’s the best feeling.  Yes, it might mean that I own four navy blue sweaters (one crew neck, one v neck, one cardigan, and one striped one) but I wear all of them and they go with all my other clothes.  There are still a few holes left in my wardrobe (my kingdom for a knee length white skirt) and I still want more summer dresses, but for the most part, I am good.  I do own A LOT of clothes, but it’s not INSANE, and I love everything I have.  Makes me happy.

DSC_0003-001 DSC_0054-001

I love these jeans. (AE Artist Crops). I love this sweater. (Gap Luxlight).  I love everything about this except after I got dressed I got worried the scarf looked stupid and I took it off.

DSC_0094-001 DSC_0155-001

The lovely Lisa sent me these shorts, I really like them (they are last year’s from Target, I believe.) I felt like the sweater (J. Crew Tippi, best sweater EVER) and the shoes (Kork Ease wedges which I really like but just started hurting my feet? what’s that about?) helped the whole thing veer away from fuddy mom territory.

DSC_0182-001 DSC_0219-001

This entire outfit (Loft Tee, Anthro skirt, Target cardigan) was because I wanted to wear these Target earrings. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve worn in ages.  So comfy and cute.


If you are in the market for a petite maxi dress, I can’t recommend Macy’s enough. I am 5’2″ and I looked for maxi dresses for years, the only two I have that have ever worked I got from typing “petite maxi dresses” into the search box at Macys.com. I could not love this dress more and it’s the perfect length.


I have been desperately trying to recreate this picture for months, but every skirt I found was too shiny or had a weird elastic waist or wasn’t pink enough or was tiered or had SOMETHING wrong with it.  I finally ordered one on Ebay I am sort of dubious about but in the meantime I also bought this one from the Gap and even though it’s not pink and I was VERY nervous about the fold over waist, I am head over heels in love with it. I kind of think I am even glad it’s this color instead of pink? I also thought I needed a more high necked thicker tank, but in pictures, I feel like the Gap ribbed tank works fine. I still might order one I found at J. C. Penney, but I feel like a sweatery knit material tank (like the bottom half of a twin set) would be too much with this flowy fabric and would look weird. Opinions?


And then I went to the pool and wore it as a dress/cover up. It’s a magical skirt, I tell you. Magical.


What I Read This Month: June

Oh, June, you sucked so hard in so many ways. However, now that I am done having a minor emotional breakdown, mostly, here’s what I read.

66.  Winger.  I liked this. It had a lot of bad words in it and at times it felt like I’d rather just be reading The Wednesday Wars (it’s not as good as that so if you haven’t read that just read that) or Youth In Revolt, which it also isn’t as good as, but in retrospect, you know, it was totally readable, if not 100 pages too long.

67. The Mothers. I have literally no memory of this book.  Oh, yes, this was about infertility and adoption. It was merely ok. I read it, but I didn’t love it.

68. Connecting Boys With Books 2: Closing the Reading Gap.  This was on display at my library and I just absentmindedly grabbed it and checked it out, but it was so FASCINATING. Technically it was written for librarians but if you are the parent of a boy who is just starting to read I highly recommend it.  I think it’s priced ridiculously on Amazon (probably it’s academic pricing) but your library might have a copy and they have cheap used copies on Amazon. I learned so much from this book about how to encourage Eli to read.  I will say the book recommendations were not the most current/my favorite, but otherwise, so fascinating and full of great information.

69.  Americanah.  I liked this, but it was 200 pages too long and then because the resolution took place in about two minutes, it felt false.

70. The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls.  Remember my “I love books I am going to buy more books buying books is so great!” declaration of last month? Well, then I bought two books I hated, and I remembered why I don’t buy books.

I was SO excited to read this book, it sounded SO right up my alley, and I disliked it immensely.  I don’t want to spoil it in case you want to read it (and after that stunning review why wouldn’t you) but dude, I can just only read about a main characters reviling and idiotic and gross life choices for so long. No thank you. I am so so annoyed that now I OWN this book I hated. What do I even do with it? GOD.

71.  The Best of Youth. I wanted to love this but it was too in love with its own cleverness for me. It felt…like a joke book.

72.  Wild Girls.  This book was just so weird. There’s a way to write fantasy/thriller/weird sisters you find floating on the ceiling and this didn’t do it for me.

73. The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. Unfortunately I hate books where each chapter is from the point of view of a new character.

74.  The Sea of Tranquility.  This was a perfectly serviceable young adult novel that was 150 pages too long. Dude, it was so so so long, and nothing happened for these vast swaths of time besides running and hanging out and lots of it didn’t make sense.  However, it was an entertaining easy read when I was SO NOT in the mood for books about six years olds living through Chechnyan wars, so I will give it a slight pass in that area.

75.  The Other Child.  This felt oddly translated.  Also, I didn’t care at all about the mystery by the time I got to the end. I just wanted to be done reading it.

76.  The Execution of Noa P. Singleton.  Ok, so here’s the deal. I read Gone Girl, I’ve read Tana French, I get that the literary mystery is the thing right now and all of that but I am WELL AND TRULY SICK of the unreliable narrator and surprise twist endings and novels that are actually mysteries and surprise at the end of the book none of it actually happened and the whole thing was written by a psychopath named Dave or WHATEVER.  No more teenage fairies/witches/vampwolves, no more futuristic worlds where _____ is illegal,  no more cloning, no more unreliable narrators where the WHOLE BOOK IS FAKE and there’s a big surprise twist at the end. I AM DONE WITH ALL THAT BUSINESS FOREVER.

77.  The Silver Star.  This was ok but it couldn’t hold a candle to the Glass Castle and the dialogue felt very odd. I also considered buying this and I am glad I did not, so you see, the system has some flaws to be worked out.

78.  The Other Typist.  See Number 76.

79.  The Last Summer of the Camperdowns.  SEE NUMBER 76 NOW DO YOU GET WHY I AM TIRED OF THIS? I should probably just stop reading books recommended by Entertainment Weekly.

80.  The Moon and More.  This was the other book I bought, in a fit of “I feel sorry for myself and my slight mental breakdown” Target shopping.  I believe I also bought nail polish. I preferred the nail polish.

Seriously, this was just not good. And I consider myself a BIG Sarah Dessen fan, I read her very first book in galley form before anyone had ever heard of her and so I will always feel a little bit like I discovered her, and I loved her first seven books like they were best friends.  This Lullaby is one of those books I’ve read over and over again, and I love it every time I read it. And in person she is the NICEST person but her last four books have just not been great, and she churns one out every summer and I keep  hoping that each one will redeem the whole situation but this is by far the weakest one I’ve read. It was just plain boring. I mean, seriously seriously boring.  I’m not sure what has happened but it feels like these are just diluted formula books being churned out on a schedule and she’s out of ideas or something. I don’t know, man, I just don’t know.  Hope springs eternal.


What I Wore This Week


{Gap Outlet Tee, Kork Ease Wedges, Mossimo Shorts}

There was a mix up involving these shorts, they’re too big so I bought the smaller size down but then I put the too big pair back in the drawer and wore them instead of the new smaller pair and that’s my why my shirt looks too short. Whatever. This was fine, there are other things I like better with these shorts and this shirt. I desperately need a new white skirt, I had to retire all three of mine.


{Thrifted shirt, J. Crew Factory Bermudas, Havaianas}

This shirt was in the “Should it stay or should it go?” pile. I wore it all morning before realizing that the decoration on the chest perfectly aligns with my nipples, and then I discarded it in horror. It has gone. I think it made me look kind of boxy anyway.


{Target tank, J. Crew Factory Bermuda shorts, Havaianas}

I probably didn’t need another navy tank, but this was $10 at Target and reminded me of something that they’d try to charge $60 for at Anthropologie.  Plus it was really flattering and comfy and covered my bra straps. Win. But really, don’t let me buy any more navy tanks.


{Kohls jacket, Target dress, Kate Spade necklace, J. Crew wedges}

I bought this jacket for something like $14 after seeing Jenny wear it on Style All Over because it seemed like the perfect thing to throw over boring black dresses.  I really really like it. It’s very light and comfy, the color is lovely, and it really does fix a boring black dress right up.  Plus, $14, so you know, win.


{Gap Flutter Sleeve Dress, Target necklace, Toms Wedges} 

I just love this dress. It’s comfy, it’s light and summery, but it doesn’t look like a swimsuit cover up, and it’s a little different.  The sleeves are perfect and I don’t feel like it’s all “look at this flattering draping for the older woman in your life” or whatever.

Everyone always asks  me if these wedges are comfortable. No, they are not comfortable. They don’t fit on my feet right and they fall off  my ankles and they are hard to walk in and they squeeze my toes. Maybe it’s just me.

DSC_0372-001 DSC_0384-001

{J. Crew skirt c/o Kate, Gap tanks, Target cardigan, J. Crew wedges}

This skirt is PERFECTION. I got more compliments on this skirt than I have on almost anything I wore all year.  This has cemented my “A line skirts good, poofy skirts with tons of fabric not so good” skirt philosophy.  It was so flattering and cute and I LOOOOOVE it. You should all dream of a hand me downer as awesome as Kate.


{Lands’ End Fit and Flare Dress (last year’s color), Target necklace, Franco Sarto wedges}

You know how in some areas of Target, it seems like they’ve really figured it out? Like a few years ago they were sort of behind the times but now they have washi tape! and striped straws! and little girls dresses with zebras on them!

Well, at least at my Target, I feel like they need help in the jewelry department.  They get in an order of a tiny amount of stuff, it’s snatched up in three days, and then it’s not restocked for MONTHS. It’s really weird. Get with the program, Target.

Anyway, I have been looking for a long green necklace for months so when I saw that they had FINALLY restocked the jewelry at Target and this necklace was there I grabbed it.  It’s really cute as long as you don’t wear the clasp directly at the back of your neck, imho.  I want to wear it with a navy cardigan and some madras bermuda shorts, but I can’t find madras bermuda shorts ANYWHERE. But I love that it gives me another way to wear this dress (in the past I’ve always worn it with a red necklace and red shoes.)

So. Looking for: aline white skirt, madras bermuda shorts, hot pink flowy high waisted maxi skirt. Also a crew necked t shirt with VERY wide white and pink stripes or white and navy stripes. Anyone?

I Ordered Instagram Prints From Walgreens, Here’s What I Thought

So at the end of the year, along with a gift card and a flowery note extolling our gratitude for the fact that she taught 27 Kindergarteners for an entire year while pregnant and wearing four inch heels and without losing her mind, I really wanted to give Eli’s teacher a picture of him reading.  I harbor no illusions that she will keep this picture clutched to her breast for the next 30 years of her teaching career, but you know, she taught the kid to read. I thought it might be nice for her to have a picture demonstrating that fact.

The picture I had was in Instagram and I really thought it would be cute to have it printed out all Instagrammy – square with that white border.  It seemed more “fun inclusion in a card” than a random 4×6. However, school ends next week and I didn’t have time to have the picture printed anywhere online, so I had it printed at Walgreens, because right now I am pretty sure they are the only game in town if you want to print and pick up an Instagram pic in store.

So how does it work?  First, you download the Walgreens photo app onto your phone from the App store.  That was really easy.  Then you open the app, choose “Photo” and then you can either choose photos from your regular Camera Roll on your phone, or you can link to your instagram account and choose photos from your Instagram account. On Twitter, people said that the resolution is higher if you don’t use the Instagram account picture, but that was the only way I could get it to print in the 4×4 size. If I just chose the picture from my camera roll, the app didn’t give me the 4×4 option.

I printed three versions of the same picture to see what I thought.

The first annoying thing is that I had to place two orders.  You can’t order an instagram pic and then order regular 4×6 pics at the same time. Why? I have no idea.

The second annoying thing is that you never get asked anything about the paper, the finish, or borders. I wanted the Instagram pic to have a white border, but there were no border options.  So it’s easy to put in the order, but you get zero choices.

Thirdly, I placed my order at about 3:30.  I was told that the aproximate pick up time for the picture was 4:11, but that I’d get an email letting me know when they were actually ready.  The regular 4×6 prints were ready at about 4:45, but the Instagram pic (remember, I had to place it as a separate order) wasn’t ready until 7:40.  Which, ok, fine, but then don’t give me an estimated time of 4:11, maybe.

So this is, left to right: The regular 4×6 print off my camera roll, the 4×6 of the picture that had been instagrammed but was still in my camera roll, and then the picture that the Walgreens app used straight from my Instagram feed.  Each of the 4×6 pictures was .29 cents, the Instagram pic was .39 cents.

Eli reading2

I am perfectly fine with the quality of these pictures, but I am super annoyed that the Instragram 4×4 doesn’t have the white border. I think to get a white border on the Instagram shot I have to re-Instagram the picture, add a border in Instagram, and then print it again, which 1. I don’t know how to do and 2. would require an additional trip to Walgreens, which is just the dirtiest store and I am not a fan, so in general, I don’t know.   I pretty much am hoping that Target gets on the ball and offers this service soon, and that when they do, they let you add borders when you place your order.

Questions? Holler.

Edited to Add: I figured out how to re instagram the picture, so I am going to add a border and order the picture one more time, just to see if it comes out printed with the border. Will report back.