What I Wore This Week: I Have Had a Headache For Six Weeks

Seriously, I am tired of having a headache.

Anyway.  The nicest thing about the clothing purge that I did in the spring is that now I really really like all my clothes. I might not be in the mood to wear everything all the time, but everything fits, everything goes together, everything can be worn at least one way. Nothing makes me feel bad when I put it on, and if it does, I get rid of it.  It’s the best feeling.  Yes, it might mean that I own four navy blue sweaters (one crew neck, one v neck, one cardigan, and one striped one) but I wear all of them and they go with all my other clothes.  There are still a few holes left in my wardrobe (my kingdom for a knee length white skirt) and I still want more summer dresses, but for the most part, I am good.  I do own A LOT of clothes, but it’s not INSANE, and I love everything I have.  Makes me happy.

DSC_0003-001 DSC_0054-001

I love these jeans. (AE Artist Crops). I love this sweater. (Gap Luxlight).  I love everything about this except after I got dressed I got worried the scarf looked stupid and I took it off.

DSC_0094-001 DSC_0155-001

The lovely Lisa sent me these shorts, I really like them (they are last year’s from Target, I believe.) I felt like the sweater (J. Crew Tippi, best sweater EVER) and the shoes (Kork Ease wedges which I really like but just started hurting my feet? what’s that about?) helped the whole thing veer away from fuddy mom territory.

DSC_0182-001 DSC_0219-001

This entire outfit (Loft Tee, Anthro skirt, Target cardigan) was because I wanted to wear these Target earrings. I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve worn in ages.  So comfy and cute.


If you are in the market for a petite maxi dress, I can’t recommend Macy’s enough. I am 5’2″ and I looked for maxi dresses for years, the only two I have that have ever worked I got from typing “petite maxi dresses” into the search box at Macys.com. I could not love this dress more and it’s the perfect length.


I have been desperately trying to recreate this picture for months, but every skirt I found was too shiny or had a weird elastic waist or wasn’t pink enough or was tiered or had SOMETHING wrong with it.  I finally ordered one on Ebay I am sort of dubious about but in the meantime I also bought this one from the Gap and even though it’s not pink and I was VERY nervous about the fold over waist, I am head over heels in love with it. I kind of think I am even glad it’s this color instead of pink? I also thought I needed a more high necked thicker tank, but in pictures, I feel like the Gap ribbed tank works fine. I still might order one I found at J. C. Penney, but I feel like a sweatery knit material tank (like the bottom half of a twin set) would be too much with this flowy fabric and would look weird. Opinions?


And then I went to the pool and wore it as a dress/cover up. It’s a magical skirt, I tell you. Magical.



6 Responses

  1. You are gorgeous =)!

  2. I am glad the shorts fit 🙂 And I lurve the blue skirt/dress thing.

  3. I love the scarf with the striped shirt in the first photo! I looooove how they’re complimentary but not matching. Super cute!

  4. I love how put together you look without looking fussy. I…. need help with this. I am a fuddy duddy mom much of the time and excuse myself by saying I don’t really care. But then I notice when other people (such as yourself) look niiiiiccccce and I appreciate the beauty it adds to the world AND I have noticed that the few times I bother to put on something half-way decent, I’m a HAPPIER PERSON.

    I’m sure I’m the first person ever to have this realization.

  5. I am so sorry about your head. I get migraines and have particular empathy for head afflictions. Fingers crossed that yours go away.

    Anyway, thank you for giving me such good lessons on how certain changes can change a look so much. It’s really fascinating!

  6. Amelia read over my shoulder and asked “what is this website where you pose in front of a door in stylish clothes?!” She is a big fan of the orange skirt.

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