What I Wore This Week: The Week Where It Never Went Below 100 Degrees

In some places, they call that Texas.  To all of you with this geographic affliction, my heartiest sympathies. Anyway, it sucked, but whatever. Right now it’s only 85! I am delirious with joy! Or Xanax! One of the two, certainly.

DSC_0056-001 - Copy

I really love this (Old Navy) dress. It’s just so elegant and easy. And my “shazam shoes with boring dress” plan worked out really well.

This dress is one of those dresses where finding the right bra to wear with it can be a tidge tricky, I finally bought new bras though (hallelujah! And also it turns out that all those years of buying 34C’s? Ha, yeah no. I mean, maybe in some bras I do wear that? But in the new bras I bought which fit and are not uncomfortable and do not give me boob dent and which support the lady bazzers quite well, I wear a 38D.  So yeah. Whatever. PS You can buy two of these bras at Costco or Target for the price of one on Amazon, the Costco ones are my favorite out of the three, all of which I have tried). Anyway, with this dress I wear a beige bra with the straps crossed in back and then you mostly can’t really see them. It works.


DSC_0114-001 - Copy

I really wanted a long pink skirt but I couldn’t find one anywhere and so I took a chance and bought this one on Ebay. I really like it, despite the dreaded hi-low phenomena, in this case I think I actually approve of the hi-low because it means the front doesn’t drag on the ground.  I still need to have it hemmed (it’s rolled once in this picture) or it drags in the back, but I really really like it. I have no idea why it’s oddly slanted in this picture, I blame the photographer.

It’s Apt 9 (which is Kohls brand, I believe) if you want to look for your own on Ebay. This is a Large. And Gap Petite Ribbed tanks. The best.

DSC_0194-001 - Copy

This is one of my first successful summer dress purchases. Right after I decided that this would be the Summer of the Dress, every major clothing manufacturer in America decided that this would be the Summer of Polyester. Dudes, I’m not wearing ponte knit in 105 degree weather to the pool. Just calm down over there with the ponte. Anyway, this is the Pintucked Tie Waist Dress from Ann Taylor Loft, I love it, it’s perfect, I do sort of wish it had a tiny bit more sleeve  but the pattern is perfect, it fits perfectly (this is a Petite Large), you can just throw it on over your head but the sash thing  makes it look like a dress and not an elastic waisted swimsuit cover up, it cost me $24 dollars, the whole thing is excellent.

DSC_0210-001 - Copy

You  may have noticed that this is the exact same dress as the dress above it, just in plain navy. Way to go, smartypants.

DSC_0318-001 - Copy

This skirt has been sitting on the “stay or go” pile for six weeks. I am still undecided. On one hand, the length seems incorrectly proportionate to my super duper short body and it also seems kind of too big. On the other hand, it’s gauzy, it’s the only casual navy skirt I own, and if I didn’t have dog poop from the World’s Worst Dog on my flip flops, I could have thrown on a white tank and some flip flops and there you go.  That seems excellent.  On the other hand I have cuter outfits.  On the third hand which I suspect is not a real saying, go new bras! Look at that boob liftage! Excellent.

Why am I making that face?  I have no idea. It’s either my “I Just Done Took A Xanax Face”, my “I Am Not So Sure About this Skirt Face”, or my “I Have On My Sexy Gold Shoes” face, or my “The Heat Has Entered my Brain and Cooked It” face.  You can be the judge of that.


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  1. Love Old Navy but you look amazing in that Ann Taylor dress!! I have gone shopping lately & I have you in the back of my mind when picking stuff (in a non creepy way!!). Thanks for being such an insperation, I’m not wearing O.N. pj bottoms 24/7 now!!!

  2. I am loving all the feminine looks this week and happy you got a pink skirt. Normally hate the high low phenomenon but the skirt is acceptable. Great wager!
    The gauzy navy skirt is a meh to me and if you’re on the fence, get rid if it. My two cents 🙂

  3. 1. Xanax is fab.
    2. Everyone starts out with a 34C and hardly anyone really is one. Congrats on your liberation.

  4. You always look so great. Okay, this is going to be the week when I brush my hair.

  5. have you seen this Anthro guazy midi skirt? It comes in navy and pink: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/search/27217926.jsp?cm_vc=SEARCH_RESULTS

  6. I got fitted at Nordstrom and now I know my correct bra size but I’ll be buying my bras at costco now!

    I also love that Old Navy dress and will have to get one.

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