What I Wore This Week


This is my new Ann Taylor Loft dress with a belt instead of the sash that came with the dress. I actually really prefer it with the belt, but it’s less comfortable, so when I’m feeling grossish I don’t belt it.


I looked everywhere for a white skirt.   This one is from J.C. Penney and it’s a little short and kind of see through and a little too small, and it already needs to be mended, so I’m hesitant to recommend it, but it is a white skirt and it was really cheap.  And I like that I can wear it with flip flops, at least it’s not that awkward length where you have to wear heels or look amish. The J. Crew ruffled tee is one of my favorite things.


We had this terrible heat wave and maxi skirts started to seem like SUCH a good idea.  This one is from Old Navy and I really like it.  It’s a Medium, because the reviews said it was oddly huge, and it fits perfectly.  It also shrank more than this after I washed it and it’s even shorter now, which is good for me, because I’m only 5″2′, but I’m thinking it’s going to be short on anyone much taller than that.


Favorite outfit of the week.  I’ve been looking for wide navy stripes FOREVER.  This sweater was on sale at Ann Taylor Loft and I LOVE it.  It’s that perfect meshy style summer sweater.  Best $20 bucks I’ve spent in a long time. And of course my AE Artist Capris, which I adore, even though I do have to hitch them up a bit.  They’re cute so it’s worth it.


I bought this J. Crew dress on Ebay because what’s not to love about a navy sack with ruffles? I probably could have gone with a Medium, but instead I had the shoulders taken up on the large.  It was supposed to be taken up far enough so that I didn’t have to wear it with a cami, but I have convinced myself that this is better because otherwise there would barely be any ruffle left.


This is a super hot dress. Banana Republic hand me down, via Kate Welsh. I thought it might a little va va voom for Target, but then I thought, what the hell.  You only live once.


Yes, my hair is still wet in this picture.  Yes, I am going to take off that necklace and those shoes as soon as I am done writing this.  Yes, it’s going to be 100 degrees today.

Also, I know own approximately 10 trillion white tank tops. I am looking for this one: white, that comes up high on the chest and is not a scoop neck, with wide edging on the neckline and the edge of the shoulders/sleeves, but not ribbed, and not see through, and a little boxy in the waist/stomach, but fitted, and not too long, with a nice finished edge at the bottom so I can wear it untucked.  Like a sort of muscle tee crossed with the sleeveless part of a sweater set?  It doesn’t exist, but if you see it, holler at your girl.


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  1. I put that loft sweater in my online shopping bag immediately, but I might need to go to the store for it. I’ve had an awful lot of pkgs delivered lately and I’m scaring the new husband.

    I think I have a white tank like you are looking for. It is an Espirit. There used to be a store in Philly. I have it in white and blue and it is my favorite.

  2. I’ve keeping going back to those Loft dresses and talking myself out of buying one. Now, I really want one again. Love it with the belt. And that BR dress is fabulous.

  3. I am very jealous that you can pile on the necklaces and leave your (long! omg!) hair down. I can’t do either of those things because of tiny paws that are very grabby but one day I’ll be able to! And then I will just straight up copy you! (You look fab, as always)

  4. You go with your bad self at target. I love the navy stripe sweater.

  5. Just HAVE to say that you look fabulous in the BR dress! I hope I can build a wardrobe as nice as yours someday.

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