What I Wore This Week


I highly recommend you buy this shirt from Target, although I’d size down.  They still have it in the store. This is a Medium. Possible it runs large or I don’t understand my shirt size. Also, why can I not just own twenty five jersey skirts and rotate between them? This was the most flattering outfit and it felt like pajamas. (The skirt is from Anthropologie but I thrifted it.)


This skirt is also from Target. It’s oddly bunchy on the sides, it might be too big.  But if I’d gotten a smaller one I’d just be shorter and I don’t know about that. Gap ribbed tank, Large Petite. Seriously. Go get six of these in all different colors. Trust me.


This is the day I went to my first therapy appointment. I was going for “not THAT crazy!” with this outfit. I think it adequately conveys that I am only SORT of a nutbar.  A nutbar with cute shoes, if you will.


I have no idea why this skirt (from Garnet Hill but sold out, unfortunately) confounded me for so long, but look how cute it is with a fitted tee and a belt. And the famously uncomfortable Toms.


And then I threw a Gap tank on it and went to the pool because I like to live on the edge like that.


My new hot pink maxi skirt makes another appearance! I love it more than words can say.

Also, there will never be a ruffly gathered ripped off from Anthropologie but on sale t-shirt/tank that I will not snatch up as fast as my little fingers can click “buy”.  This one (from Garnet Hill) also came in fuchsia, and I dithered mightily over that choice, but in the end I pictured this with my navy sateen skirt and a belt and some wedges in the fall and went with white. I would LOVE to find a perfect summer navy skirt but for some reason this item has eluded me so far.

Thus concludes our week in fashion. Someone bring me a doughnut.

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  1. My favorites are the pink and white combo and that fantastic black-and-white striped dress.

  2. That black and white dress is great. I also need to find that first top from Target. Does it come in other colors? I need to find a nice green top for a chevron navy and white maxi skirt I got and am dying to wear.

  3. The black shirt with the grey skirt is very slimming and flattering on you. Great look!

  4. I love your Friday posts! For some reason I like the look when there is a belt, Not for every day, but fun!

  5. Love the GH skirt/fitted tee/belt combo. Very flattering. Really wish I bought one of those skirts while they were still in stock.

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