What I Wore This Week

I had a tough time getting dressed this week, no idea why.  One thing I have noticed is that the summer, when I show in front of no one besides your kids, your neighbor, and the other people at Target, I am a lot less inspired to try. I just want to wear shorts and tank tops and that’s not very photographable. It does make me excited for fall though, which I have never been before in my entire life, so that’s something I guess.

I’ve been having a hard time with skirts. I can make the skirts i have work, but I have a hard time not making them look too dressed up and twee.  The full skirt used to be a staple of my wardrobe and now it feels too casual and juvenile too me.  However, as much as I love pencil skirts, a lot of them feel too dressed up and officey.  I think the solution is dresses, and more aline and jersey skirts, but I am  having a harder time finding those than I thought. I guess it’s just ever evolving.

I’ve also fallen into that rut where I have certain clothes I love and I’d rather just wear the same three things in rotation. That’s fine, but not very exciting for you guys.  When I try to mix it up and make new outfit combinations, I often feel very overdressed for summer bumming around.

Don’t worry, in the fall, I’ll start piling on jewelry and blazers and we’ll all feel better again.


This skirt (Target last year) was on the chopping block (so short, so poofy) but I think with just the right shoes and shirt it works. It always looks cuter in pictures than I think it does in person.  It can stay for now.



This was another I don’t know about this skirt (Gap from AGES ago) but I really loved it with this tank and these shoes.  I don’t normally wear purple but the combination of all these colors was really pretty.  Again, though, it’s too dressed up for most of what I do in the summer, but this looks less great with flip flops and tanks tops, so it’s a conundrum.


This was nothing special but I put it in here because it proves to me how far my casual “throw something on to run to Home Depot” clothing has come.  Two years ago this would have been fake uggs, rolled up too big maternity jeans, and an ill fitting gray Old Navy t shirt.  This is not THAT different but it makes me feel like I’ve come really far.  This is a Gap tee from last year, my beloved AE artist crops, and Target sandals (which people swoon over every time I wear them.)


This is my “I’m not that crazy” outfit of the week.  I was very proud of myself for finally wearing that necklace, nine months after I bought it because I had decided I’d die if I didn’t own a blue necklace.

In conclusion. I can still make the poofy skirts work if I have to, but they’re not something I go out of my way to buy anymore.  Lesson learned.

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  1. I wear the same five dresses every day during the summer and just pile on bracelets. It is the only way I know how to deal with the I Don’t Careness of June, July, and August.

  2. I totally wear the same 3 outfits over and over. And over. It would be very boring if I took photos. I like your cropped jeans, I may try that once I am no longer carrying a watermelon in my belly.

  3. I like the poofy skirts for summer. They look great on you. I also really like the white shorts. I have been hunting for a longer pair all summer.

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