What I Wore This Week


This is the ubiquitous Lands’ End Fit and Flare dress.  I always feel like this dress is one wrong shoe away from mom frumpy, but I really liked it with these shoes and this necklace, which I just got from Forever 21 and which I really love. This is when my hair was still orange, btw.  I have been having a really hard time getting it to the right color brown.


New dress from Banana Republic! LOOOOOOOVE.  Don’t pay full price for this though, that’s an outrageous price. Also, this is a Large Petite, so it seems short for a maxi dress, since I’m 5’2″.  It’s pretty sexy pants in person. And it’s navy and white, not black, which tones down the “prison uniform” vibe. I’m wondering if it needs heels though after seeing these pictures. For some reason it’s not online anymore, but you can always check the store.

This is before most of the new brown hair color washed out and I still looked like Ludmilla the Russian Prison Guard.


This Old Navy dress has seriously been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. You can jazz it up with a belt and gold shoes, or just throw it on with flip flops and go to the pool.  It has (very slightly) restored my faith in Old Navy.  Better hair color too! Finally brown and not orange.


This picture is called “Fun With Sea Salt Spray”.


I had juuuuuuuuust sworn off thrifting forever when Baby Girl needed pants and NO ONE HAD ANY PANTS TO SELL ME.  Seriously.  All the pants everywhere sucked (they had ONE pair at Target and they GLITTERED. FUDGE NO.) or were $45.  I’m looking at you, Mini Boden.  Anyway, I got her 6 six pairs of thrifted Gap jeans for about $10 and also this skirt which I was sort of one the fence about but now I loooooooove.  It’s so pretty! Originally Ann Taylor loft, mine for $7.99, so pretty and comfy and perfect. And the best color. I love it.


Also thrifted this white skirt which I probably should have ironed. It’s very similar to the white skirt that I got at JC Penney that is too short and too small and that I should have returned, so I almost didn’t buy this one, but it was super cheap and the too small too short skirt was just making me sad. Yes, I paid $19 for it. Yes, I should have returned it. Yes, that was stupid, but it still doesn’t change the fact that every time I went to wear it, it made me sad.  Elizabeth’s First Rule of Fixing Your Wardrobe is to get rid of any clothes that make you sad when you wear them.  Regardless of how much you paid for them or that they ALMOST work or that they might someday fit you. No.  Sadness is not worth it. Give them away. The end.


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  1. That Sea Salt Spray picture is very va-va-voom!!

  2. That BR dress is amazing. I love a maxi dress with short sleeves.

  3. Please to tell me about the sea salt spray. I have been looking for some, but they don’t have any at Target, which is the only place I shop. So.

    Also necklace with the green skirt: LIKE. SHOW ME MORE.

  4. If I wear something to work and hate it before I even get out of the driveway, I instantly (once home, that is…) throw it in the Donate pile. It is dead to me. I sometimes give pants a second go because, well, maybe I just need to lay off the donuts for a hot second for them to fit a tidgy bit better–but everything else gets zero mercy.

    I have a really small closet so I just can’t dick around with clothes that don’t fit they way I want them to fit.

  5. I have that Ann Taylor Loft skirt in navy and brown. Love, love, love!! I’ve always wished for it in black but that green is pretty freakin awesome too.

  6. What are you wearing under your fit-n-flare dress? A tank top? Because I wore mine to church the other day and it was all TITTAYS. I kept yanking at the neckline to cover up. (It’d be a good nursing dress, methinks.)

  7. Okay. I’ll get rid of my pants that depress me every time I wear them (baggy crotch? Yes. A great look).

  8. Even before I read the sea salt caption I was like “WHOA SEX HAIR!!!” – love it!

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