What I Wore This Week: Keen Free

I have returned from Vermont, where at one point I found myself clambering over a boulder and thinking “Maybe I should get a pair of Keens.” I can only assume the constant fetid odor of cow  manure had me in some sort of temporary delusional haze.  (Spoiler alert: I did not buy Keens.)


I was wearing my new star t shirt from the Gap with this, but then I noticed that it had a giant glob of toothpaste on the front of it.  Super fun, since I’d been wearing it all day.

Note to self: I think this would look nice with the addition of a delicate gold chain necklace type thing.

This is a Target tank instead with my thrifted Ann Taylor loft skirt. You’ll have to wait till next week for the Gap T Shirt. I know, the anticipation is killing you.


I was going to wear this to therapy until one of my evil children got pen on my pants.  Children ruin everything.

I should get more cowl necks, I think.

Target shorts, Gap cowl neck shirt (last year), J Crew wedges.


Instead I wore this. I’ve barely worn this dress this year but I still love it just as much as ever, despite the fact that it discolors when you come in contact with anything and everything and it’s a teeny bit too short.  It always makes me feel good whenever I wear it though. What a great dress.

I rediscovered these shoes in the depths of my closet. Remind me to try to wear some more of my ridiculous amount of shoes, because when I do it makes me so happy but I always forget.

American Eagle dress (last year), Hive and Honey heels.


I wore this to another doctor’s appointment.  Three this week! What a delightful social calendar. I had a very awkward moment when the nurse asked me if I had just come from work. I managed to escape without mentioning my blawg, but just barely.

Kohls blazer, Target necklace, Target tee, Old Navy skirt of pilly doom, Hive and Honey heels.


5 Responses

  1. I am all about the cowl neck!

    So this year I bought ALL the Fit and Flare dresses Lands End had to offer (you know I have a uniform)–how did you get it in turquoise? Is i it a previous year offering?

  2. Too bad people don’t understand looking fabulous just for the sake of it vs. having come straight from work. Love these looks!

  3. Hi ,
    my favourite is the navy dress you think is too short – I think it looks fantastic – shame about it discoloring. Have you tried washing it ion a salt wash to retain the color ?
    Kind Regards

  4. I’m a new reader (thanks to Sarah of Five Camels) and have a question about the Land’s End Fit and Flare Dress. I am *almost* three months postpartum and pump exclusively. Do you think the top of the dress would allow for pump access? Also, I read the dress runs big; if I’m currently between an 8-10, would you recommend a small? Did you order a petite or regular? Thanks so much for you help!

  5. I like them all, but the one with the white shorts and the hot-pink, cowl-neck shirt is my favorite. It’s classy but not stuffy, and it’s crisp. Very cute!

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