What I Wore This Week: Four Days Till School Starts!

Oh my god, I think we might make it.


This is my “It’s nine am on Saturday morning, why do I have to help you return your work rental car, again, exactly?” face.

These are my beloved AE Artist Crops. And my red Hush Puppies which I goodwilled as soon as this picture taking session was over because the combination of a fabric upper and my wide feet was not a good one.  Now I really need a good red summer wedge if anyone sees one.


I am slightly ashamed to tell you that I bought this hoodie in the women’s pajama section of Target. Not that ashamed, though. It called to me, loudly, and said “Wear me on the airplane, you must.” So I did.  Also, I had to depill it after I washed it the first time. So it’s badly made pajamas, is what I am telling you.  Also, I love it.


I had to return a dress I had ordered from Old Navy because it was an unattractive sack, but while I was there this shirt and I fell in love.  I paid full price at Old Navy, that’s how much I loved it.  I do have a deep and unwavering love of the t shirt but I am trying to gradually work some non t shirt tops into the rotation and there’s just something really perfect about this shirt.



It took me way too long to figure out how to wear a long t shirt, but I think I’ve got it.  (As A Tunic, is the answer.)








Ann Taylor Loft Dress, but via Ebay. I had to belt it or it’s very “first trimester?”



Ann Taylor Loft has been having 60% off their clearance summer stuff, which means if you live somewhere where it’s still going to be summer for another two months, there’s some great stuff to be had for super cheap.  Let’s ignore the fact that they sent me a box of ENTIRELY THE WRONG CLOTHING the first go round and then weren’t very helpful about getting me the correct things instead of someone else’s random crap, and concentrate on the fact that this skirt was $11 and is basically pajamas in skirt form.  The skirt is a Large Petite, I think I could have gone with a regular Large, but it’s fine.  The shirt is a medium. I would also own a red one except for the aforementioned lameness of Ann Taylor Loft.

By this time next week Kidlet Number Uno will be in First Grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hallelujah Sisters.



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  1. I am looking at that darling striped skirt because, basically, I just want to be like you, and it is showing as on sale for 34.99! You got a great deal!

    Also, I love your combo of red sweater and pink shirt. Cuuuuute!

  2. I love that striped skirt. It looks like something I could wear during seattle’s freaky weather we have during winter, sometimes it can be warm. sometimes!

  3. One of the funniest What I Wore posts I have read. Well done you. (LOVE THAT LAST SKIRT.)

  4. I’m also a fan of the striped skirt with the pink shirt. So cute!

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