What I Wore This Week: Really, Pink Eye? It’s Gonna Be Like That?

The pink eye came back. I really can’t talk about it.


After MANY years of fabled legends, I FINALLY got myself to that Jeremy’s store in Berkeley where they send all the leftover Anthropologie clothes.  They do indeed have many many many Anthropologie t shirts, but it was a little overwhelming and full of Berkeley dipshits and you sort of had to be in a digging mood. I did buy this t shirt though, for $19, and I really love it.

Oh, someone asked about booties. Ok, so, I also was trying to figure out that situation and I entered “booties and jeans” into Pinterest and here is what I have concluded – you can either wear them with cropped skinnies, which I don’t own, or you can wear a pair of jeans with not too much width/length at the bottom and tight roll them.   Yes, I just recommended you tight roll your jeans.  The apocalypse is nigh.

Target blazer (in stores right now, you should buy it!), AE artist crops, Etsy pin, Hive & Honey booties.


This was one of those outfits I stole from the clothing layouts on Pinterest…you know the ones where the clothes aren’t on a person, they’re just a bunch of different outfit pieces stuck together in a layout? I love those because it’s so easy to how you can create the same look with stuff you  have, but I also sort of hate them because sometimes those clothes don’t end up looking on a real person (me) the way they do flat on the computer screen layout.  But they are really good for ideas.  Anyway,

Ann Taylor loft swingy skirt, Joe Fresh tank, Anthro jacket via Kate, Target belt (old), Kork Ease wedges, Target necklace (old)

DSC_0131-001 DSC_0172-001

The Banana Republic Outlet had a fire sale last weekend, let me tell you. Also, I think someone who wore my exact size returned a bunch of stuff late in the game and it was marked down to essentially free.  These pants are AMAZING, were the perfect length for me, and were $15.  I am sure that wide legged linen pants are hopelessly uncool this season or whatever, but that’s not really how I decide what I like to wear.  For me, these perfectly embody one of my very favorite fashion aesthetics, which is what I like to think of as “What Meg Ryan Wore In All All Her Movies In the Nineties.”  They made me very happy the whole day when I wore them, although they do photograph oddly bunchy in the area South of the Border, they are not so in person, I promise. AND the day I wore them a mom told me I always looked “so cute” and introduced herself to me at school, so win! Me and my pants get a gold star.

Also Old Navy scarf, Gap ribbed tank, J. Crew wedges, Old Navy denim jacket.


All of this is from the Banana Republic Outlet.  I would really like to hear other ideas of things to wear with this shirt. (it’s ponte and has gold buttons on the sleeves if that helps.) I really love it and I thought it seemed so versatile and flattering and then once I got it home I could literally think of nothing to wear it with besides jeans.  Got any ideas?

These crops DO say “Banana Republic” down the side where they are folded over, and even though I have a deep seeded horror of anything proclaiming a store name on it, they were $20, fit me perfectly, and I’ve been looking for plain dark cropped jeans for two years, so I am just going to pretend that situation is not going on. Erik said if anyone had their face close enough to my leg to see what it said on the cuff of my jeans, I had other problems anyway and not to worry about it.


Also copied from Pinterest.  Trying to wear as many of my summer clothes as I can before it’s freezing blanking cold.  I loved this outfit.  Also, jean jacket? (From Old Navy). Excellent purchase. Love it.

Target tank, target necklace (last summer), Old Navy denim jacket, thrifted skirt, Toms of Doom.

My face looks very pale and bloated this week.  Damn hormones. Time to sit in the sun and pound water.

What I Wore This Week: Transition Into Fall

I am, in all facets of life, bad at transitions.

From now until about November it will be cold in the mornings (say 55) when we leave the house, and then it could be 90 by 3 PM. So that’s annoying. It’s not like I can just dig out my wool sweaters and coats and boots and call it done. LIFE IS HARD YO.

Here’s what I wore this week.


I was very excited to wear this compromise sort of chambray shirt (discovered at Target via Hillary) with my orange skirt because how great is that combo? Then I got home from first grade drop off and realized that this skirt is way too big and therefore unflattering, and it went in the tailor pile because I love it, it’s just too big.


Ann Taylor Loft basically has a fire sale every time the seasons change. I think this t shirt was $6.99, and the skirt was $11.  My husband even complimented this outfit, which is nice because most of the time he doesn’t notice. I love ALL colorful striped things but I really love this skirt, I think high waisted skirts are so flattering on my body type. (People have asked me about Ann Taylor Loft quality and I’ve never an issue. I mean, I NEVER buy anything there full price, but I think it’s better quality than Old Navy or Kohls, for sure.)


This is the magical Lands End Canvas dress that I bought last year because the internet told me to.  It’s a little tricky to match with a sweater because of the way the skirt flares out so much, but you can wear with a belt, without a belt, add a necklace, a scarf, whatever, or wear it plain and it always looks great.  Love.


Ah! No glasses! I look tired.

In retrospect I don’t love this skirt with this jacket.  But it’s still such a great skirt that it’s ok.  (J.Crew skirt, but hand me down from Kate, so not new at all, Old Navy denim jacket in stores now.)


This was one of those morning when my hair is doing something weird and I hated the first thing I put on and then we were almost late. I really struggle with what to wear with this skirt besides ribbed tanks. I seriously tried it on with ALL the sweaters. I want to wear it with a fitted white thinnish v neck tee but I can’t find one I like.  The search continues. Anyway, I figured, when in doubt, go with tan. I don’t hate it. Eh.  (Gap skirt, BR sweater from one billion years ago).


The Blathering Vlog

What I Wore This Week: I Hate You Pink Eye

Yes, I still have pink eye. Let’s not even talk about it.


I’ve been looking for a really wide striped navy and white striped dress.  This isn’t quite as wide in the stripe as I had in mind, but it was $12 at the Banana Republic Outlet last weekend, and it’s basically like wearing a big t shirt that doesn’t look like pajamas, so it’s definitely a winner. Kork Ease Sandals, Forever 21 necklace.


I think maybe I should have worn a darker shoe? The gold flats sort of get lost. Whatever. It was 102 degrees and my husband was in Tahoe while I was doing hours of First Grade homework and having pink eye, so you know. I wore flats.

Gap Dress, Target belt, Talbots necklace, Target shoes


I LOVE this dress.  They still turn up on Ebay from time to time if you want one of your own – search under J. Crew Pique Dress or J. Crew ruffle dress or J. Crew Pavilion dress.  And remember I had to have this altered from a very strange deep scoop neck.




I have only terrible pictures of this, but I got two compliments on this outfit. One lady just waved her hand over my whole…persona, at school drop off, and said “I love your entire outfit. Everything.”

PS These shoes suck. Die, Toms, Die.

Gap ribbed tanks of wonderfulness, Target necklace, Old Navy skirt.


This is the same outfit, just with the Old Navy jean jacket I wore over it in the morning. I bet you figured that out on your own, you smartypants you.

DSC_0377-001 DSC_0421-001


Ok, two things.  One, I have the same wardrobe hole that Adrien is talking about here. I have overflowing drawer loads of t-shirts, but no nice shirts. I guess you call them blouses in old person ese? I don’t know.  Anyway, I have a couple skirts that just don’t look right with t shirts, so my only fashion goal this year, besides acquiring all the jackets, has been to add nice tops to my wardrobe that aren’t t shirts.  It’s not as easy as you might think, especially because I don’t love that feeling when a sweater is mashed over a crunchy shirt.  Yick.  Anyway, I went looking for a few options, and instead I bought a t-shirt.  But it’s a fancy t shirt and I love it with my whole heart, so be quiet over there. (Obviously I used a giant coupon on it. Don’t pay $50 for this t shirt.)

Here are some fancy tops I might buy, though, if they go on sale.

Also, do you see that hair in the last picture?  It’s Bumble&Bumble hair.  Every thing they say about that stuff? It’s true.  I have only used it for two days and I am SOLD.  This is a combination of Straight Blow Dry all over before blow drying,(LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE), a teeeny bit of Defrizz at the roots after it’s dry, and the Thickening Dry Spun Finish.  On dry hair at the roots.  But if you can only afford one thing, get the Straight Blow Dry.  I have my eye on a few other things too (the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and that weird Brilliantine stuff) so I shall report back once I win the lottery.

If you see any fancy shirt blouse top things you think I would like, holler.


What I Wore This Week: Now With More Pink Eye

As soon as school started I felt totally reinvigorated regarding my sartorial choices and I decided that I would wear every single thing in my closet, bing bang boom, right down the line in order of how they are hanging in my closet.  How fun, right?! As long as your definition of fun involves something very boring. Anyway, this meant that a lot of the clothes I wore earlier this week are exact repeats of things I have already worn and I didn’t take pictures of that because whatever. No one cares.  And then I got pink eye and if it didn’t feel like pajamas, I didn’t want to be wearing it.  Which is just a nice tl:dr  explanation for why I only took three pictures this week.


This is a J. Crew dress I bought on Ebay.  The important thing to note is that I wore it out to dinner with a bunch of friends and Amy and I were wearing almost the exact same dress.  She looked equally intoxicatingly lovely as I did.  Also, said dress might be too long.  Do you think it’s too long? I could have it hemmed if I needed to. 



Then my evil child gave me pink eye.  Time for a pajama skirt!  I’ve been ruminating about a denim jacket for a year and finally I bit the bullet and bought one at Old Navy and I loooooooove it. It makes everything seem so much more finished.  I think I could have gone a tidge smaller (this is a Large, maybe I could have gone with a Large Petite) but I didn’t want it to be too short,and in my experience with Old Navy it will 1. shrink and 2. fade, so there’s that.  Pro tip: I think denim jackets look better when they are actually too small for you to be able to button them.  Do with that what you will.



Still have pink eye! This is my beloved Gap jersey skirt, with a crazy big necklace (Ebay), my favorite striped tee (Loft, but not available anymore, and my shiny Target sandals. I love it with the jacket.

This weekend is supposed to be 102, so stay tuned for lots of future bitching about that.  You can’t wait, I know it.

What I Read This Month: September

This was a slow month.  The library is in some kind of slow down and not a lot of new books have come out and I was on vacation for some of it, and The Son was nine thousand pages long.  Annoying.

99.  Navigating Early

navigating early

I really liked Moon Over Manifest but this didn’t do it for me.

100.  Getting Mother’s Body

getting mother's body

I was led to believe that this was the best book in the history of recorded time. It was fine, and I’m glad I read it, but it wasn’t any kind of life changing read for me.

101.  Reconstructing Amelia

reconstructing amelia

Meh. I read it out of sheer desperation. It was fine.


102.  Escape From Camp 14

escape from camp 14

A tidge weird, but fascinating and terrifying and I learned a lot about North Korea, none of which I had any idea about before.  You’ll never complain about a bad meal again, I’ll tell you that.

103.  The Son

the son

I loved the first couple of hundred pages, despite the fact that it was really violent.  Fair warning: REALLY violent, much of it towards women.  It’s divided into chapters told by three alternating narrators though, and one of the narrators is a Grade A Dud.  And it’s at least 200 pages two long.  People are talking Pulitzer Prize, but I think not. Sorry.

104.  Fangirl


It’s so hard to talk about this book.  First of all, I was nervous in the first fifty pages that I wouldn’t like it at all, it takes some time to get going and Eleanor & Park was so wonderful and this is very different.  It’s older and it’s longer and less innocent feeling.  But it’s still one of the best books I’ve read in a long long time. And Rainbow Rowell pulled off some things that I didn’t think she was going to be able to pull off and she sold it.   The way she writes her secondary characters – slowly, interestingly, lovingly, and with so much fun and friendliness – reminds me of old school Sarah Dessen.  Approve. But with the caveat that it didn’t become a part of my heart the way that Eleanor & Park always will be.  It’s a really good book.  Not sure it’s a GREAT book, but that just might because I believe Ms. Rowell really does have TRULY great in her and I’m just waiting and watching to see it happen again.

105.  Spirit and Dust

spirit and dust

I liked the main character in this book, but the plot was the stuff of absolute nonsense.  People on Goodreads gave this book FIVE STARS! My hope for humanity is lost.

106. Transatlantic.


Very well written, very boring.


107. Visitation Street.

Meh.  I had to skim the last half.

visitation street

108.  Lost Girls

lost girls

I found it extremely odd that a person would write a book about an unsolved mystery and not at least postulate a few theories about what happened.  Do some detective work, maybe? I really don’t understand what this book adds to the story except a ton of backstory about the victims.