What I Wore This Week: Now With More Pink Eye

As soon as school started I felt totally reinvigorated regarding my sartorial choices and I decided that I would wear every single thing in my closet, bing bang boom, right down the line in order of how they are hanging in my closet.  How fun, right?! As long as your definition of fun involves something very boring. Anyway, this meant that a lot of the clothes I wore earlier this week are exact repeats of things I have already worn and I didn’t take pictures of that because whatever. No one cares.  And then I got pink eye and if it didn’t feel like pajamas, I didn’t want to be wearing it.  Which is just a nice tl:dr  explanation for why I only took three pictures this week.


This is a J. Crew dress I bought on Ebay.  The important thing to note is that I wore it out to dinner with a bunch of friends and Amy and I were wearing almost the exact same dress.  She looked equally intoxicatingly lovely as I did.  Also, said dress might be too long.  Do you think it’s too long? I could have it hemmed if I needed to. 



Then my evil child gave me pink eye.  Time for a pajama skirt!  I’ve been ruminating about a denim jacket for a year and finally I bit the bullet and bought one at Old Navy and I loooooooove it. It makes everything seem so much more finished.  I think I could have gone a tidge smaller (this is a Large, maybe I could have gone with a Large Petite) but I didn’t want it to be too short,and in my experience with Old Navy it will 1. shrink and 2. fade, so there’s that.  Pro tip: I think denim jackets look better when they are actually too small for you to be able to button them.  Do with that what you will.



Still have pink eye! This is my beloved Gap jersey skirt, with a crazy big necklace (Ebay), my favorite striped tee (Loft, but not available anymore, and my shiny Target sandals. I love it with the jacket.

This weekend is supposed to be 102, so stay tuned for lots of future bitching about that.  You can’t wait, I know it.


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  1. I have a Levi’s denim jacket that I’ve had for over ten years and it is the best thing ever in my closet. I’ve worn it with everything from over my workout clothes when I go to gym to the ridiculous tulle skirt from Anthropologie.

    The jacket has a tidgy bit of stretch to it, so I like that I don’t feel so damned constrained in it. I can’t handle that.

    Also, wtf on adults getting pink eye? If that’s not some injustice I don’t know what is.

  2. I love the first outfit. I had the most fabulous ever jean jacket with a curve over my hips that looked awesome and I wore it for ten years, accidentally left it at a friend’s house, finally got back to her house two months later to pick it up and the previous day she had donated it to Goodwill. Wicked pissed about it still. Also, pink eye is the devil.

  3. Yes! Denim jacket with everything! I don’t know – it’s like a jacket in terms of structure and giving your body shape, but without the stuffiness of a “I’m going on a job interview” kind of outfit.

  4. The jacket looks great! See everyone?! I TOLD YOU! Also your long hair is bewitching. I love it! I’m still growing mine out a YEAR LATER and it’s barely touching my shoulders. It’s hot out so I want to hack it all off and it’s always pulled back which is not the best look for me. And it’s all falling out for extra fun. Yay post-partum! I shall persevere so I look like you one day, my fashion hero.

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  6. I ordered that jacket based on how fabulous YOU look! 🙂 I can’t wait to try it on!!!

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