What I Wore This Week: I Hate You Pink Eye

Yes, I still have pink eye. Let’s not even talk about it.


I’ve been looking for a really wide striped navy and white striped dress.  This isn’t quite as wide in the stripe as I had in mind, but it was $12 at the Banana Republic Outlet last weekend, and it’s basically like wearing a big t shirt that doesn’t look like pajamas, so it’s definitely a winner. Kork Ease Sandals, Forever 21 necklace.


I think maybe I should have worn a darker shoe? The gold flats sort of get lost. Whatever. It was 102 degrees and my husband was in Tahoe while I was doing hours of First Grade homework and having pink eye, so you know. I wore flats.

Gap Dress, Target belt, Talbots necklace, Target shoes


I LOVE this dress.  They still turn up on Ebay from time to time if you want one of your own – search under J. Crew Pique Dress or J. Crew ruffle dress or J. Crew Pavilion dress.  And remember I had to have this altered from a very strange deep scoop neck.




I have only terrible pictures of this, but I got two compliments on this outfit. One lady just waved her hand over my whole…persona, at school drop off, and said “I love your entire outfit. Everything.”

PS These shoes suck. Die, Toms, Die.

Gap ribbed tanks of wonderfulness, Target necklace, Old Navy skirt.


This is the same outfit, just with the Old Navy jean jacket I wore over it in the morning. I bet you figured that out on your own, you smartypants you.

DSC_0377-001 DSC_0421-001


Ok, two things.  One, I have the same wardrobe hole that Adrien is talking about here. I have overflowing drawer loads of t-shirts, but no nice shirts. I guess you call them blouses in old person ese? I don’t know.  Anyway, I have a couple skirts that just don’t look right with t shirts, so my only fashion goal this year, besides acquiring all the jackets, has been to add nice tops to my wardrobe that aren’t t shirts.  It’s not as easy as you might think, especially because I don’t love that feeling when a sweater is mashed over a crunchy shirt.  Yick.  Anyway, I went looking for a few options, and instead I bought a t-shirt.  But it’s a fancy t shirt and I love it with my whole heart, so be quiet over there. (Obviously I used a giant coupon on it. Don’t pay $50 for this t shirt.)

Here are some fancy tops I might buy, though, if they go on sale.

Also, do you see that hair in the last picture?  It’s Bumble&Bumble hair.  Every thing they say about that stuff? It’s true.  I have only used it for two days and I am SOLD.  This is a combination of Straight Blow Dry all over before blow drying,(LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE), a teeeny bit of Defrizz at the roots after it’s dry, and the Thickening Dry Spun Finish.  On dry hair at the roots.  But if you can only afford one thing, get the Straight Blow Dry.  I have my eye on a few other things too (the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and that weird Brilliantine stuff) so I shall report back once I win the lottery.

If you see any fancy shirt blouse top things you think I would like, holler.



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  1. This “blouse-hole” in the wardrobe is like a LEGIT problem. Style blogs: GET ON THIS. I was required to upgrade my shirt situation this year in the name of like, professionalism or something, but I have actually had THE BEST luck at TJ Maxx. I’ve gotten a ton of cute Michael Kors/Cynthia Rowley/Random Brands I’ve Never Heard Of but all in the $19-29 range LEGIT blouses that are cute and wearable. And I find TJ Maxx less of a rake job than Ross or Marshall’s as far as the shopping experience. And they’re putting one right next to the Trader Joe’s on Marconi so I can stop being forced to drive out to Roseville. WINNING!

  2. 1. I want that J. Crew dress.
    2. Your hair looks amazing.
    3. I just remembered we have a Banana Republic outlet and I need to go there now.

  3. I’m curious about the new hair products…did you go somewhere and have someone assess your hair needs or did you just take a chance? I go to an Aveda salon to get my hair done and of course that’s all they sell so I’m always curious about other high-end products. I just read some reviews on Sephora about that B&B straightening stuff (which of course I know you should never read the reviews AGH!) and they were pretty mixed. Can you tell I’m having hair angst??

    • I went to Sephora and asked the person working there what to get, she seemed to know her stuff pretty well and I really liked what she recommended. And I bought almost all sample sizes so if I hated them, I wasn;t out the full amount of a huge bottle.

  4. Why is it so hard to find nice tops? I have maybe THREE and that’s not enough. Where are they hiding???

    PS Your hair rocks and -screw pink eye and all but- you look great in glasses.

  5. I love the glasses with the updo particularly.

    “I love your entire outfit. Everything” is a GREAT compliment.

    I especially love the J.Crew pique dress on you.

  6. That IS great hair in that last pic. I would turn and look at it if I was walking down the street. That’s what I always WISHED my long dark hair would look like, but instead it often looked, quite frankly, like a shrub of pubic hair. Too. Much. Thick. Hair.

  7. I have this same gap in my wardrobe Elizabeth. Tons of t-shirts, no real tops. Last weekend, I had a few hours to go shopping alone (heaven!) and so I focused on tops only. The lady at White House Black Market kept trying to foist pants on me, and I was like “No pants! I have plenty of pants! I need nice, non-T shirt tops!” I came away with two Calvin Klein tops and one Anne Klein printed top at Macy’s, a blazer and a pencil skirt from Banana Republic (I am deficient in skirts also), and a tunic and a cute jacket from WHBM. So, I accomplished my goal, sort of anyway. I considered the three true tops an accomplishment. I love your wardrobe posts and will definitely have to check out the Bumble and Bumble products.

  8. I picked up the same dress when I was at a BR Factory Store in SoCal on vacation, but then I told myself that I already had a black-and-tan-striped dress from them and didn’t really need another striped one. Now I’m thinking that I should go back to my local store and check it out again. I also have to echo the hair compliments: super sleek!

  9. Your outfits look great! This whole top-that-isn’t-a-t-shirt thing is the hardest.

  10. I hear you re: not enough non-t-shirt shirts. I just bought this little number at Lands End (also purchased the fit and flare since you raved about it and it was on sale in BLACK for $29)

    wore it for the first time today and it was really comfy (a bit stiff from the factory but nothing a good washing won’t fix- you can’t beat cotton lawn) I rolled the sleeves up and pretended I looked non-mom like!

    Always enjoy your what I wore posts- you have great style!

  11. I am a blouse FIEND. Love them. Our dry cleaning bill, though, is ridiculous so I always feel strange buying MORE BLOUSES. (But I end up doing so anyway.)

    You and I are eyeballing the same jeweled neckline top from J. Crew. And that peter pan blouse from LOFT is beautiful. I love it.

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