What I Wore This Week: Transition Into Fall

I am, in all facets of life, bad at transitions.

From now until about November it will be cold in the mornings (say 55) when we leave the house, and then it could be 90 by 3 PM. So that’s annoying. It’s not like I can just dig out my wool sweaters and coats and boots and call it done. LIFE IS HARD YO.

Here’s what I wore this week.


I was very excited to wear this compromise sort of chambray shirt (discovered at Target via Hillary) with my orange skirt because how great is that combo? Then I got home from first grade drop off and realized that this skirt is way too big and therefore unflattering, and it went in the tailor pile because I love it, it’s just too big.


Ann Taylor Loft basically has a fire sale every time the seasons change. I think this t shirt was $6.99, and the skirt was $11.  My husband even complimented this outfit, which is nice because most of the time he doesn’t notice. I love ALL colorful striped things but I really love this skirt, I think high waisted skirts are so flattering on my body type. (People have asked me about Ann Taylor Loft quality and I’ve never an issue. I mean, I NEVER buy anything there full price, but I think it’s better quality than Old Navy or Kohls, for sure.)


This is the magical Lands End Canvas dress that I bought last year because the internet told me to.  It’s a little tricky to match with a sweater because of the way the skirt flares out so much, but you can wear with a belt, without a belt, add a necklace, a scarf, whatever, or wear it plain and it always looks great.  Love.


Ah! No glasses! I look tired.

In retrospect I don’t love this skirt with this jacket.  But it’s still such a great skirt that it’s ok.  (J.Crew skirt, but hand me down from Kate, so not new at all, Old Navy denim jacket in stores now.)


This was one of those morning when my hair is doing something weird and I hated the first thing I put on and then we were almost late. I really struggle with what to wear with this skirt besides ribbed tanks. I seriously tried it on with ALL the sweaters. I want to wear it with a fitted white thinnish v neck tee but I can’t find one I like.  The search continues. Anyway, I figured, when in doubt, go with tan. I don’t hate it. Eh.  (Gap skirt, BR sweater from one billion years ago).



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  1. The pseudo chambray looks fantastic with orange. Sadly, I had to give my orange one away. It was too small.

    I like the idea of maxi skirts with long-sleeves. Someday, it’ll get cool here and I’ll need that, so thanks. (I have fall envy every year. It never gets better, even after nine years in the subtropics. SIGH)

  2. I love, love, LOVE that striped skirt in the second picture! You look fabulous!

  3. My favorite outfits here are the first and the last. I too love the fake chambray with the orange and especially love the last outfit. I can see how you wouldn’t think that tan and the blue go together but it looks uber trendy. Definitely pin worthy. I dig it.

  4. I love the stripey skirt! I want to own it and wear it always!!

  5. I bought a thin-ish white vneck t at Target recently. I think it’s Mossimmo and a whole $7 on sale.

  6. What about pairing the maxi skirt with a white tank and jean jacket? I think a fitted tank with a looser jacket might work?

    I *LOVE* love loooove, the pink Loft outfit on you. It’s so flattering, bright and just beautiful.

  7. Love, love, love the Ann Taylor loft skirt and top on you! So flattering too! I like both the maxi skirt and sweater separately, but hate the two of them together. Sorry!

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