What I Wore This Week: Really, Pink Eye? It’s Gonna Be Like That?

The pink eye came back. I really can’t talk about it.


After MANY years of fabled legends, I FINALLY got myself to that Jeremy’s store in Berkeley where they send all the leftover Anthropologie clothes.  They do indeed have many many many Anthropologie t shirts, but it was a little overwhelming and full of Berkeley dipshits and you sort of had to be in a digging mood. I did buy this t shirt though, for $19, and I really love it.

Oh, someone asked about booties. Ok, so, I also was trying to figure out that situation and I entered “booties and jeans” into Pinterest and here is what I have concluded – you can either wear them with cropped skinnies, which I don’t own, or you can wear a pair of jeans with not too much width/length at the bottom and tight roll them.   Yes, I just recommended you tight roll your jeans.  The apocalypse is nigh.

Target blazer (in stores right now, you should buy it!), AE artist crops, Etsy pin, Hive & Honey booties.


This was one of those outfits I stole from the clothing layouts on Pinterest…you know the ones where the clothes aren’t on a person, they’re just a bunch of different outfit pieces stuck together in a layout? I love those because it’s so easy to how you can create the same look with stuff you  have, but I also sort of hate them because sometimes those clothes don’t end up looking on a real person (me) the way they do flat on the computer screen layout.  But they are really good for ideas.  Anyway,

Ann Taylor loft swingy skirt, Joe Fresh tank, Anthro jacket via Kate, Target belt (old), Kork Ease wedges, Target necklace (old)

DSC_0131-001 DSC_0172-001

The Banana Republic Outlet had a fire sale last weekend, let me tell you. Also, I think someone who wore my exact size returned a bunch of stuff late in the game and it was marked down to essentially free.  These pants are AMAZING, were the perfect length for me, and were $15.  I am sure that wide legged linen pants are hopelessly uncool this season or whatever, but that’s not really how I decide what I like to wear.  For me, these perfectly embody one of my very favorite fashion aesthetics, which is what I like to think of as “What Meg Ryan Wore In All All Her Movies In the Nineties.”  They made me very happy the whole day when I wore them, although they do photograph oddly bunchy in the area South of the Border, they are not so in person, I promise. AND the day I wore them a mom told me I always looked “so cute” and introduced herself to me at school, so win! Me and my pants get a gold star.

Also Old Navy scarf, Gap ribbed tank, J. Crew wedges, Old Navy denim jacket.


All of this is from the Banana Republic Outlet.  I would really like to hear other ideas of things to wear with this shirt. (it’s ponte and has gold buttons on the sleeves if that helps.) I really love it and I thought it seemed so versatile and flattering and then once I got it home I could literally think of nothing to wear it with besides jeans.  Got any ideas?

These crops DO say “Banana Republic” down the side where they are folded over, and even though I have a deep seeded horror of anything proclaiming a store name on it, they were $20, fit me perfectly, and I’ve been looking for plain dark cropped jeans for two years, so I am just going to pretend that situation is not going on. Erik said if anyone had their face close enough to my leg to see what it said on the cuff of my jeans, I had other problems anyway and not to worry about it.


Also copied from Pinterest.  Trying to wear as many of my summer clothes as I can before it’s freezing blanking cold.  I loved this outfit.  Also, jean jacket? (From Old Navy). Excellent purchase. Love it.

Target tank, target necklace (last summer), Old Navy denim jacket, thrifted skirt, Toms of Doom.

My face looks very pale and bloated this week.  Damn hormones. Time to sit in the sun and pound water.


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  1. Erik’s thought about your BR promo? Yeah, that’s basically my reasoning for half-assedly shaving my legs. If people are scrutinizing my leg hair at work, they’re the problem, not me.

  2. I’m going to need scarf-wearing lessons in Charleston…I can never get them right!!

  3. I feel the pink-eye pain. Whenever we get it it lasts like a month, taking 2 or 3 courses of treatment to fully get rid of it, no matter how many pillowcases I wash daily or how many contacts I throw away.

  4. Could you wear that awesome colorblock top with the chevron skirt? Maybe tuck it in and belt it if it doesn’t work over the top of it? Or with the linen pants?

    Hope the pink eye goes away, stat.


  5. Every time I see you still have pink-eye, I get a little nervous that it will come through the computer and get me. That won’t happen, right?

    Feel better soon!!!

  6. The hell, pink-eye? Damn.

    Also, I feel like you are BRINGING IT with the ladies at school. So many are digging your outfits!

    And I’m jealous of your wide leg linen pants. I had a pair from BR that I loved but either I gained weight (probably) or they went into cahoots with Satan, but they basically started feeling like they were sawing me in half and giving me hard core toe o’ the camel. I had to send them to Goodwill–it was in everyone’s best interest.

  7. “What Meg Ryan wore in every movie from the nineties”- yes! And her short messy hairdo, which no one else in the world could achieve even though everyone tried? I loved that look. I wanted to BE Meg Ryan’s character from “You’ve Got Mail,” I really did. I do finally have short-short hair, but it is so not hers. Flippy and blond, with gorgeous soft neutral linen outfits… yeah. Not me. Choppy burgundy-black hair, with snot-smeared yoga pants, that’s me.

    I really liked outfit number two, btw.

  8. Ooh, these are all cute but I love LOVE the first two!

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