What I Wore This Week: I Can’t Be Expected to Think of a Pithy Title Every Week


My new green Loft cardigan is rapidly becoming my favorite thing ever. You can throw it on over anything and it just makes it look better. In pictures this outfit looks like it could have used a necklace but it’s one of those tanks with an embellished chunky neckline so I thought a necklace over it would have been odd in person. This is what my hair looks like when I don’t blow dry, btw. Just in case you wanted to add that to the Elizabeth scrapbook you keep on your nightstand.

{Loft boyfriend cardigan in Mallard Green, Target tank, Target shorts, J. Crew wedges}



This just me wearing my beloved J. Crew ruffle dress before I have to pack it up for the winter. This outfit made me happy because it’s 1. cute 2. super comfortable and 3. all my favorite colors.

{J. Crew Pique Pavilion Dress via Ebay and altered to a higher neckline, AE tank, Gap outlet sweater, Toms Prison wedges}


This skirt is one of my favorites. It’s so flattering in person, it’s exactly the right length on me.  I really wanted to wear it one more time this summer.  Mission accomplished.

{Old Navy skirt via Ebay, Target cardigan sewn shut, home made scarf, Toms Prison wedges}



Ooooh, I loved this outfit despite the logistical annoyances. It’s actually a dress, but it reveals significantly more of my sauce shelf than I care to reveal at school pickup, so I threw a sweater over it.  It did feel really summery when everyone else was trotting up to school in their Uggs, but that’s probably why I got a screaming deal on it, and I wore to the Blathering and I plan to wear it a lot next summer.  Anyway, the pink and navy and all that, I just love it. Right now this dress is on sale for about $35 when you use the 40% off code on the site, and Banana Republic has free shipping and free returns.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

PS This is what my hair looks like coated in overpriced hair products and then blow dried and round brushed for a hundred years.

{Banana Republic Milly Halter Dress, Gap Luxelight V Neck Sweater, Ebay necklace, Hive and Honey heels}



Then today I was all “I’m supposed to be showering and doing cardio and carrying all these treats to school but I’m tired and I’m having my period, so seriously, screw it.” And I wore work out pants as leggings with Uggs and I was very happy.  The Gap vest is new, I actually ordered two jackets to choose between, this is the other one. but it keeps selling out online so I can’t link to it.

Herringbone academy blazer - herringbone

and it’s not here yet so I am still not sure which one I will keep but I am leaning towards the puffer vest because I feel like it’s more versatile/useful/can be worn well into the winter whereas as a blazer is kind of a “three short weeks in the fall and spring” thing around here, but we’ll see when it arrives.  However, I really love this vest.  It fits me perfectly and it’s WARM and it’s a perfect orangey red, I was worried it would be straight up orange/Back to the Future and I wouldn’t be able to wear it with black but its pretty red in person, I see no reason you couldn’t wear it with black.  And the fur just gives it that certain shazam that makes leggings/boots/long top a little less lame.  Recommend.  When I get the herringbone blazer I will try it on for you and we can all decide what we think.

{Gap puffer vest, Joe Fresh Tank, AE cardigan, Spalding cropped leggings, Ugg Brooks Boots}

What I Wore This Week: It’s 40 Degrees in the Morning and 85 Degrees In the Afternoon

Seriously, this weather is giving me a pain in the you know what.  (IT’S ASS, OK.  ASS.)

I am still vainly trying to wear all my summer clothe one last time with sweaters thrown on top and leggings piled under them before packing them up for the winter, but it’s proving annoying.  I could just get my winter clothes out storage, but then by the afternoon I’d be roasting.  I never thought I’d want it to just BE COLD already but at this point I’m either freezing or boiling and I grow weary.

DSC_0036-001  DSC_0099-001

I copied this from Pinterest, but I think in reality it’s actually kind of stupid.  You’re either freezing because you’re just wearing a tank top even though you’re also wearing a ginormous scarf, or else you’re hot and you have to take the scarf off and then you’re just wearing a boring white tank.  Whatever, the main point here is that this scarf is from Target and I love it.  When I first started my “quit dressing like a complete and total slob” project a plum colored scarf with beads would have terrified me (WHAT DO I MATCH IT WITH THE WORLD IS TERRIBLE!!!) and now it’s not big deal. Also it’s everything I look for in a scarf like this – chunky, REALLY long, not itchy, $20 or less.  GET ONE.

(Banana Republic linen pants, Joe Fresh Tank, Target scarf, Old Navy Denim Jacket)



This is a maxi dress with a sweater thrown over it, but somehow the proportions didn’t work, when I look at the pictures I’m not in love. Its going in the “pack it up” bin.

(Banana Republic Maxi Dress, Gap Outlet Sweater, Forever 21 Necklace, Toms Prison Wedges)



I thought I could throw sweaters over this and add some leggings to it and wear it all winter long but then it turned out to be the kind of dress that creeps up your legs when you wear leggings under it.  Pack it up!

(BR Outlet Dress, Target necklace, Old Navy leggings, Frye Campus boots)



I went out on a fashion limb! Gold star! This is the chambray shirt from Target that Hillary told me to buy if chambray scared me (which it does because I hate it, I hate it, I hate it) and I wore it UNDER something which I don’t really love doing because I have this weird sensory problem where I don’t like crunchy clothes mashed next to my body.  But once I got over this, I super loved this outfit.  Dressed up jeans are hard for me, but they’re so nice because then I feel like I look cute but I’m not overdressed and all the other moms at school drop off aren’t wondering “Where the hell is she going in THAT?”.  Anyway, the thing that sucked about this was that I wore it on a walk and I got hot as blazes and I couldn’t take off my sweater because that would veer me dangerously close to Texas Tuxedo territory which is my number one fear in life right after flash mobs and swing dancing lessons.

(BR Sweater, Target button down, Ebay necklace, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Franco Sarto Leopard Peep Toe Heels)



So then I just threw this on and it was my favorite outfit of the week.  Seriously, this is a MAGICAL shirt.  I love it so dang much.  Right now it’s $15 and THEN 20% off.  BUY IT.

(Old Navy shirt, JC Penney tank, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Franco Sarto Wedges, Ebay necklace)



I got a compliment on this one this morning! Nice.

(Old Navy maxi skirt, Target necklace, Old Navy denim jacket, Target shoes)

What I Wore This Week: Now With More Tassels


I decided that either bootcuts were maaaaaaybe coming back? Or I was going to bring them back.  So I bought these (they’re whatever bootcut jeans they sell at American Eagle.).  I feel like they’re a little too light and a little too short though, I liked this outfit when I was wearing it, but in pictures I think these look better suited to being weekend jeans.  I wore them with my beloved Target knit blazer and a Alice Printed Top I just got on super sale from Banana Republic (doesn’t show up online but you could probably find it in the store), but beware I couldn’t figure out how to not show my bra straps while wearing it and I ended up having to wear a strapless bra. To school pickup.  The necklace is from Ebay, I think I just searched “triple strand coral necklace” till I found one I liked.  I reaaaaaaally love it.


I generally don’t buy short sleeved sweaters because I feel like if it’s hot enough to wear short sleeves, you’re not going to want to wear a sweater, and if it’s cold enough to wear a sweater, you’re not going to want short sleeves.  Also, I never buy cable knits because I think they’re unflattering on me when they STREEEEEEEEETCH over my boobs.  However, I loved this sweater (from the BR outlet) the minute I put it on, and I could think of about 80 outfits I could make with it, and it was $20. Sold! I’m going to try to think of it as more of a blouse than a sweater. Like I could wear it under my denim jacket. Worn with the Target pencil skirt everyone has (seriously, they make a shockingly great pencil skirt at Target, no idea if this is one is still available, but they have a cute floral one right now), and my new favorite spike necklace from Forever 21.  I felt like I needed a teeny bit of edginess to take the fuddy out of this outfit and the shoes and the necklace worked for that. Seriously, I LOOOOOVE this necklace.


One of my favorite dresses (old, from BR outlet) and I’m so excited I figured out yet another way to wear it.  I LOVED this outfit.  Favorite outfit of the week.  Plus I think I can totally wear it in the winter with leggings and boots.

Normally boyfriend cardigans are hard for me because they always look too long, but somehow this worked.  I really love this sweater, actually. Annoying I can’t find the color I have online, but it’s this sweater from Loft, it’s a nice olive green with metal edged buttons, if you want to dig around in the store for it.

Gold belt is from Target, I think they still make it.  Gold tassel necklace is my new favorite thing ever, from Forever 21.  Basically every time I go in the mall I go in there and look through the jewelry and I always find something and it’s usually in the $8 range and then I don’t have to pay shipping or try on any clothes in the wretched place.  I almost ordered a Kendra Scott tassel necklace and while it was lovely, I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $70 for it.  I love her earrings but earrings always hurt my ears so I might just have to continue to lust from afar. I also wasn’t even sure I would wear a tassel necklace so $8 seemed like a good way to find out, but fyi I have worn it every day since I got it and it just adds that little something extra I am always trying for and usually not achieving.  I LOOOOVE it.


I really just wanted to wear my new booties and show you my birthday present, the very super gorgeous MAB from Rebecca Minkoff.  I looooooooooooooooooooooove it. I have no idea where to buy it if you want one, I bought mine at Saks and I have heard rumors of flash sales but I can’t find the full size version (which is what I have) online. You can find the Mini MAB very easily but I loathe small purses and crossbody purses so I stayed away from that one.  (The large MAB technically has a crossbody strap but I folded it in half before attaching it to the  bag and now it’s a shoulder strap.)

Vince Camuto booties, they have GLITTER on the back half.  They give me the special feelings. Kohls jacket, Gap sweater, Loft crops, Forever 21 necklace as we have already discussed.


I really wanted a white v neck tee that I could wear with maxi skirts, so I thought I’d take a chance on that vintage tee from Old Navy that everyone has such a boner for on fashion blogs. It works! It was $7. It’s maybe not the be all and end all of tees and I don’t really think they’re quite as great looking with jeans or whatever as everyone else thinks, but it’s totally fine for this purpose.  And then I spilled foundation on it and had throw a scarf on top of it instead of wearing it with my tassel necklace. Again.

(Gap skirt, Target sandals you can’t see, Homemade scarf by MOI and my MIL, Cost Plus earrings, Old Navy Vintage tee.)

I’m trying to go through my closet and figure out what stuff I definitely won’t be able to wear this winter and wear those things at least one more time.  Technically I guess I could wear this skirt in the winter with a sweater and leggings but I think that would be…odd.  Time to pack it up. SOB.


What I Read Last Month: September


I only read seven books this month, that’s kind of depressing. Who can we blame for this?

I think I just decided to stop reading books I didn’t like, so if I didn’t enjoy the first two chapters of something, I put it in the return pile and just didn’t bother with it.  I had a BIG stack of books and most of them just didn’t do it for me. AND I have a bunch of self helpy stuff I am being assigned by my therapist so that also cuts into my fun reading time.

109.  The Beginning of Everything

beginning of everything

I liked this book, actually, but I really hated the ending.  The whole thing was a little bit pat, but it was perfectly serviceable YA Romance.

110.  The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

coldest girl

You know, I kind of liked this book.  I was prepared not to, but it was pretty entertaining and it didn’t feel like badly edited boring rehash of all the other YAF that’s come out in the past four years.

111.  Heft.


I ADORED this book. By far my favorite book of the month.

112.  Night Film

night fim 3

So this was on a TON of “best books of the year so far list” and ha ha ha no.  Not only was it insanely stupid, but non stop random words are italicized all through the book.  It could have been War and Peace and I would have been like, WTF IS UP WITH THE ITALICIZATION?! It reminded me A LOT of The DaVinci Code.  That is not a compliment.

113.  The Dream Thieves.

the dream thieves

Oh, I was so excited to read this book.  SO EXCITED.  Sadly, it was nowhere near as good as The Raven Boys. It had the feel of a giant stall job that books in the middle of trilogies so often do.

114.  The English Girl

the english girl

I think I was on the library hold request list for this book longer than anything else I’ve ever requested, so you’d think it would be the best book of all time, but I had to look it up on Amazon to remember what it was even about.  Oh, yeah, it was fine, if you’re into that sort of “international thriller” sort of airport book? I don’t think I’d seek out another one.

115.  Two Boys Kissing

two boys kissing


This was really really well written, and oddly beautiful, and a really quick easy read, but slightly on the boring side.