What I Read Last Month: September


I only read seven books this month, that’s kind of depressing. Who can we blame for this?

I think I just decided to stop reading books I didn’t like, so if I didn’t enjoy the first two chapters of something, I put it in the return pile and just didn’t bother with it.  I had a BIG stack of books and most of them just didn’t do it for me. AND I have a bunch of self helpy stuff I am being assigned by my therapist so that also cuts into my fun reading time.

109.  The Beginning of Everything

beginning of everything

I liked this book, actually, but I really hated the ending.  The whole thing was a little bit pat, but it was perfectly serviceable YA Romance.

110.  The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

coldest girl

You know, I kind of liked this book.  I was prepared not to, but it was pretty entertaining and it didn’t feel like badly edited boring rehash of all the other YAF that’s come out in the past four years.

111.  Heft.


I ADORED this book. By far my favorite book of the month.

112.  Night Film

night fim 3

So this was on a TON of “best books of the year so far list” and ha ha ha no.  Not only was it insanely stupid, but non stop random words are italicized all through the book.  It could have been War and Peace and I would have been like, WTF IS UP WITH THE ITALICIZATION?! It reminded me A LOT of The DaVinci Code.  That is not a compliment.

113.  The Dream Thieves.

the dream thieves

Oh, I was so excited to read this book.  SO EXCITED.  Sadly, it was nowhere near as good as The Raven Boys. It had the feel of a giant stall job that books in the middle of trilogies so often do.

114.  The English Girl

the english girl

I think I was on the library hold request list for this book longer than anything else I’ve ever requested, so you’d think it would be the best book of all time, but I had to look it up on Amazon to remember what it was even about.  Oh, yeah, it was fine, if you’re into that sort of “international thriller” sort of airport book? I don’t think I’d seek out another one.

115.  Two Boys Kissing

two boys kissing


This was really really well written, and oddly beautiful, and a really quick easy read, but slightly on the boring side.


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  1. Oh my GOD. I just finished Night Film last night, and THE RANDOM ITALICS, WHAT THE HELL? I started to wonder after a while if they might be some kind of code, but then I decided I didn’t care and I just wanted to get through that freaking book, which needed some serious editing and also kind of went a whole lot of NOWHERE. I was sad about not liking it, because I loved her first book. But this was just…not good. I was planning to write basically the same review as you, word for word. (ITALICS.)

  2. That makes me so sad about the Pessl book. I loved Special Topics in Calamity Physics and was looking forward to this one.

    Here’s my theory on Stiefvater: I think she over-complicates her plots and adds too many extraneous characters and then ends up skimming over everything. The result is that you feel both bogged down and unsatisfied. She needs editing.

  3. Haaaaaa, your Night Film review (“That is not a compliment”). I kind of want to hate read it now.

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