What I Wore This Week: It’s 40 Degrees in the Morning and 85 Degrees In the Afternoon

Seriously, this weather is giving me a pain in the you know what.  (IT’S ASS, OK.  ASS.)

I am still vainly trying to wear all my summer clothe one last time with sweaters thrown on top and leggings piled under them before packing them up for the winter, but it’s proving annoying.  I could just get my winter clothes out storage, but then by the afternoon I’d be roasting.  I never thought I’d want it to just BE COLD already but at this point I’m either freezing or boiling and I grow weary.

DSC_0036-001  DSC_0099-001

I copied this from Pinterest, but I think in reality it’s actually kind of stupid.  You’re either freezing because you’re just wearing a tank top even though you’re also wearing a ginormous scarf, or else you’re hot and you have to take the scarf off and then you’re just wearing a boring white tank.  Whatever, the main point here is that this scarf is from Target and I love it.  When I first started my “quit dressing like a complete and total slob” project a plum colored scarf with beads would have terrified me (WHAT DO I MATCH IT WITH THE WORLD IS TERRIBLE!!!) and now it’s not big deal. Also it’s everything I look for in a scarf like this – chunky, REALLY long, not itchy, $20 or less.  GET ONE.

(Banana Republic linen pants, Joe Fresh Tank, Target scarf, Old Navy Denim Jacket)



This is a maxi dress with a sweater thrown over it, but somehow the proportions didn’t work, when I look at the pictures I’m not in love. Its going in the “pack it up” bin.

(Banana Republic Maxi Dress, Gap Outlet Sweater, Forever 21 Necklace, Toms Prison Wedges)



I thought I could throw sweaters over this and add some leggings to it and wear it all winter long but then it turned out to be the kind of dress that creeps up your legs when you wear leggings under it.  Pack it up!

(BR Outlet Dress, Target necklace, Old Navy leggings, Frye Campus boots)



I went out on a fashion limb! Gold star! This is the chambray shirt from Target that Hillary told me to buy if chambray scared me (which it does because I hate it, I hate it, I hate it) and I wore it UNDER something which I don’t really love doing because I have this weird sensory problem where I don’t like crunchy clothes mashed next to my body.  But once I got over this, I super loved this outfit.  Dressed up jeans are hard for me, but they’re so nice because then I feel like I look cute but I’m not overdressed and all the other moms at school drop off aren’t wondering “Where the hell is she going in THAT?”.  Anyway, the thing that sucked about this was that I wore it on a walk and I got hot as blazes and I couldn’t take off my sweater because that would veer me dangerously close to Texas Tuxedo territory which is my number one fear in life right after flash mobs and swing dancing lessons.

(BR Sweater, Target button down, Ebay necklace, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Franco Sarto Leopard Peep Toe Heels)



So then I just threw this on and it was my favorite outfit of the week.  Seriously, this is a MAGICAL shirt.  I love it so dang much.  Right now it’s $15 and THEN 20% off.  BUY IT.

(Old Navy shirt, JC Penney tank, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Franco Sarto Wedges, Ebay necklace)



I got a compliment on this one this morning! Nice.

(Old Navy maxi skirt, Target necklace, Old Navy denim jacket, Target shoes)


7 Responses

  1. I love alllllll these outfits. You look fabulous. The end.

  2. There is this youtuber I watch who rolls up her jeans that way but it never hits her leg in a place that I consider acceptable and it drives me BONKERS. But I like where it hits on you.

    Also I am kind of in love with the maxi dress picture, everything up to and including your blue fingernails. Why must it be so stainy? (Is it freaking Essie? Always Essie with the stains.)

    • I was like “OH GOD SHE HATES ME ROLLED UP PANTS!” It’s ok if you do 🙂
      Also, yes, that is Essie’s Naughty Nautical. Such a pretty color, and not as crappy and chippy and streaky as some of the other colors, but totally stainey. Although it washed off the next day in the shower. My nails are crazy long for the first time ever in my life (why is this? no one knows), and so I finally get to paint them! Yeah!

  3. I am having serious problems dressing for the 40/85 degree split. Basically I am wearing summer dresses and sandals and a winter coat in the morning. I look fabulous.

    That long gold necklace is fabulous, though.

  4. I have so many things to say!

    First, you look fabulous. As always. Really.

    Second, I super duper want that scarf and am going to order it noooow.

    Third, I am VERY proud of you for doing a shirt under a pullover! I remember you mentioning that you hate that bunchy feeling, but I gasped when I saw that picture and with the necklace–you look really, really good.

    Lastly, the Texas Tuxedo freaks my shit out too.

    • Love that blue old navy shirt! I constantly struggle with finding affordable, cute , casual , and trendy (without trying too hard clothes) to wear to work meetings where everyone is much cooler than me!

      I’d been eyeing this shirt. Thanks for testing it out for me 🙂

  5. After your post last week I went out and bought a tassel necklace and I’m obsessed with it. You were right – they go with everything!!!

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