What I Wore This Week: I Can’t Be Expected to Think of a Pithy Title Every Week


My new green Loft cardigan is rapidly becoming my favorite thing ever. You can throw it on over anything and it just makes it look better. In pictures this outfit looks like it could have used a necklace but it’s one of those tanks with an embellished chunky neckline so I thought a necklace over it would have been odd in person. This is what my hair looks like when I don’t blow dry, btw. Just in case you wanted to add that to the Elizabeth scrapbook you keep on your nightstand.

{Loft boyfriend cardigan in Mallard Green, Target tank, Target shorts, J. Crew wedges}



This just me wearing my beloved J. Crew ruffle dress before I have to pack it up for the winter. This outfit made me happy because it’s 1. cute 2. super comfortable and 3. all my favorite colors.

{J. Crew Pique Pavilion Dress via Ebay and altered to a higher neckline, AE tank, Gap outlet sweater, Toms Prison wedges}


This skirt is one of my favorites. It’s so flattering in person, it’s exactly the right length on me.  I really wanted to wear it one more time this summer.  Mission accomplished.

{Old Navy skirt via Ebay, Target cardigan sewn shut, home made scarf, Toms Prison wedges}



Ooooh, I loved this outfit despite the logistical annoyances. It’s actually a dress, but it reveals significantly more of my sauce shelf than I care to reveal at school pickup, so I threw a sweater over it.  It did feel really summery when everyone else was trotting up to school in their Uggs, but that’s probably why I got a screaming deal on it, and I wore to the Blathering and I plan to wear it a lot next summer.  Anyway, the pink and navy and all that, I just love it. Right now this dress is on sale for about $35 when you use the 40% off code on the site, and Banana Republic has free shipping and free returns.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

PS This is what my hair looks like coated in overpriced hair products and then blow dried and round brushed for a hundred years.

{Banana Republic Milly Halter Dress, Gap Luxelight V Neck Sweater, Ebay necklace, Hive and Honey heels}



Then today I was all “I’m supposed to be showering and doing cardio and carrying all these treats to school but I’m tired and I’m having my period, so seriously, screw it.” And I wore work out pants as leggings with Uggs and I was very happy.  The Gap vest is new, I actually ordered two jackets to choose between, this is the other one. but it keeps selling out online so I can’t link to it.

Herringbone academy blazer - herringbone

and it’s not here yet so I am still not sure which one I will keep but I am leaning towards the puffer vest because I feel like it’s more versatile/useful/can be worn well into the winter whereas as a blazer is kind of a “three short weeks in the fall and spring” thing around here, but we’ll see when it arrives.  However, I really love this vest.  It fits me perfectly and it’s WARM and it’s a perfect orangey red, I was worried it would be straight up orange/Back to the Future and I wouldn’t be able to wear it with black but its pretty red in person, I see no reason you couldn’t wear it with black.  And the fur just gives it that certain shazam that makes leggings/boots/long top a little less lame.  Recommend.  When I get the herringbone blazer I will try it on for you and we can all decide what we think.

{Gap puffer vest, Joe Fresh Tank, AE cardigan, Spalding cropped leggings, Ugg Brooks Boots}


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  1. I have all of the elements of that last outfit, and I’m totally putting them together. The long top that I wear with the leggings makes me feel like I need Spanx, but the vest will solve that problem. Part of that problem. Nothing to be done about the thighs/ass combo.

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