Family Christmas Pictures 2013 (And What We Wore)

I know, I’ve already bombarded social media with these pictures and you’ve probably already seen them, but I wanted to post them here anyway so I could list out what we wore and so that I could ask you a gift question at the end.

As usual, Leslie from Green Vintage Photography was beyond amazing and took some of my favorite pictures of all time.

All of us:

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Below is the one we used for our Christmas card; it was just so perfect, and I spent three weeks planning these outfits and I wanted to be able to see them on the card:

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The kidlets:

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And just us:

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The woman does good work, no?

My gift question is this…Erik has been complaining for years that he wants pictures of the kids for his office, so I wanted to get some of these framed for him for Christmas.  But I can’t decide which ones.  I am leaning towards the one of Katie by herself and the one of Eli  by himself, but I also like the ones of the kids together.  I also really like the one of all of us, second from the top, but I’m not sure Erik wants a giant picture of himself on his wall at work. Anyone have a strong opinion?

Oh, and What We Wore:

Erik: Old Navy sweater (I bought it just for this but it’s a really nice sweater for Old Navy), random plaid shirt he”s owned for ages, Docs

Katie: Jason Wu for Target (last year), Target fur capelet thing (last year), Stride Rite shoes, Target bow

Eli: Old Navy shirt, Lands End jeans, Gap high tops (he didn’t wear the bow tie because it looked weird with the shirt), Gap hat via Ebay

Me: Target Pleated Skirt sweater dress, Amazon plaid scarf, Target gold glitter belt, Hive and Honey heels.

I love how it all turned out! Fretting over it for three weeks totally paid off.  Looks good together, not too matchy matchy.


What I Wore This Week: Minimum Days

I have been working on this post for 48 hours.  You wouldn’t think Senor Pants getting out of school two hours early every day plus having my period plus days of rain and wind and darkness plus KW having an ear infection plus all of us having colds would add up to such a terrible week…actually, no, that does sound kind of terrible.  And it was! Funsies.

Anyway, this was the week I cleaned out my closets and made a wish list of new stuff and then started trying to wear the things in my “maybe” pile, which always results in some dud outfits.  Oh well.  Life is more than one Loft dress you probably shouldn’t have bought, right? And I think the whole point of a capsule wardrobe or a “uniform” is to have less stuff anyway, but the clothing that you do have should be great.  So sometimes that means weeding out. But my number one New Year’s Resolution other than 1. Decrazify Self is and 2. run a 10K and 3. Go to the eye doctor is 4. Don’t buy clothes that can’t be easily and cheaply returned.


I loved this outfit. It’s so Kate.  Normally the dresses at Target and I exist in a profound state of disagreement but this one is magical.  I think you could do a million things with it too.  Love.

{Merona/Target Navy dress, Ebay necklace, Toms Prison Wedges}


I got this outfit idea off of Pinterest. I really really liked it.  These are my magical pants that I found on the sale rack at the Banana Republic outlet, in the perfect length, for $12.  Double leopard for the win.

{Ebay scarf, Banana Republic sweater, Banana Republic Outlet pants, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}


I think I should get rid of this dress.  Opinions? It just felt schlubby all day. I can’t wear it in the summer because it’s a faux wrap dress and it looks suuuuuuuuuuuper slutty on me unless I layer it all up with all this stuff but I still didn’t love it. I don”t know.  It doesn’t look as bad in these pictures as I thought it would but in person I just don’t love it. It’s kind of filler in my closet.

{Street vendor in NYC Fake Pashmina, Loft dress, Target sweater, Bandolino boots}


This was a cozy sweater kind of day. I believe it was pouring down rain.  Oh, yes, and then my child stepped in dog poop on the way back from school pick up and tracked it all over the back of my car.  Then while I was scrubbing up dog poop, my other child peed on a library book.  Luckily I was wearing a cozy sweater.  In fact, I need more cozy sweaters.

PS I think this outfit was cuter in person than in pictures.

{Target sweater, Target scarf, AE High Rise Skinny Jeans, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}


I tried so hard to make a bunch of the “should it stay or should it go” pile work and then I ran out of time and threw this on.  It was fine.  I need to save figuring out that stuff for days I have more time to get ready. Or do it the night before ha ha ha ha.

I looked for a corduroy skirt for ages and I really like this one, although I wish they would have made it in red.  I have no idea why I look like I’m high.  Probably I am, on 800 mg of Tylenol.  I live an exciting life.

{Amazon infinity scarf, Banana Republic sweater, Loft corduroy skirt, Gap tights (I LOVE Gap tights! So much better than Target!), Frye Campus Boots}


What I Wore This Week: This Has Nothing To Do With Clothes But My Children Are Ruining My Life

Seriously, is there a full moon? The ankle biters have been LOATHSOME lately. I want to punch holes in a box and ship them Michigan COD.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE CHILDREN AND I AM THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT BUYER SO THEY BETTER SHAPE UP.  If I was playing a drinking game where I drank every time I yelled “Cut it out!” at one of them, I’d be dead.  Dead on the floor.

I can’t wait till they don’t believe in Santa anymore and I can start using giving away all their presents to poor children as a constant and never ending threat.

Crabby. I am crabby. I suppose I shall eat some more cookies.

Whatever. Here’s what I wore this week.


After much debate, this is what I wore for our Christmas pictures.  I loved that it wasn’t the same old black dress I always lean towards and it looked great with everyone else’s outfits.  Also I really like this scarf. If you need a random Christmas present or a nice stocking stuffer, I recommend.

{Target pleated skirt sweater dress, Target gold belt, Amazon Plaid Scarf, Hive and Honey heels}


I need to figure out a better use for this shirt, but hey, it was the weekend. Sue me.

{Ann Taylor Loft Zip Shoulder Tee, AE Artist Crops, some random pashmina I bought on the street in NYC for $5, Havainas}

DSC_0135-001  DSC_0160-001

This is my beloved Gap vest.  Seriously, I looooove it.  Also, the booties have glitter on the back half.  Life is beautiful.

{Gap puffer vest, Banana Republic sweater, Target scarf, Vince Camuto booties}


An oldie but a goodie.  Also, they are still selling this sweater this year (I think it’s a permanentish line) and they are so great. I have three and I wish I had more.  LOVE. (But buy them on sale.)

{Gap Luxelight crewneck sweater in navy, Anthropologie skirt, Hive and Honey heels, Anthropologie necklace}


Target printed cardigans are my favorite.  And I love love love a rolled skinny jean.  You could wear these with anything, pretty much, but they feel extra sassy with  heels.

{Target cardigan (last year’s model), Gap tank, Old Navy scarf, AE Hi Rise Skinny Jeans, Hive and Honey heels}

Wish me luck.  Demon Seed #1  My darling child has a week of early dismissals, so we shall spend even more time together! Life is held together with a thin veneer of threats and bribes over here right now.

What I Wore This Week: It’s Finally Sort of Fall Although Yesterday It was 78 Degrees and I Got Hot Again


I had this weird…vision? Of myself wearing a gray herringbone blazer, and then they had one at the Gap! I may have been abducted by them in the night and given some kind of implant.  Regardless, I stalked this thing within an inch of my life; it kept selling out while I waited for the convergence of a good discount code, availability in my size, and birthday money.  But then there it was and I pounced! It’s a tidge bit itchy in the neck but I really love everything about this outfit so who cares, right?

Gap Herringbone Academy Blazer (sold out again online so I can’t link to it), Forever 21 Pearl Necklace, Gap Luxelight Navy Sweater (these are GREAT staples, btw), AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino Boots}



My face is oddly bloated in this picture. How annoying. I do really like my hair though.  Too bad I’ll never remember what concoction resulted in that.  I should write it down.

{Loft cord skirt (I debated lengthily on the purple color. Oh well.) Loft necklace sweater (love!), Anne Klein Evanthe boots}



I put this picture in to remind myself myself what the rest of the world surely already knows.  Anyway, the ENTIRE WORLD was telling me to get more cardio since it’s supposed to be SO GREAT FOR YOU WHATEVER but I couldn’t work out in my brain when I would do it.  I didn’t want to take two showers every day, I didn’t want to get up at 5:30 am, and I didn’t want to do school drop off wearing my ratty old running clothes.  Then I realized that it was pretty much my only option – if I go to drop off three times a week in my work out clothes, I can run afterwards (with Katie in the Bob), and then take as much time as I want to get dressed and do my hair and whatever else. I have SCADS of time, and I don’t have to rush to get ready, either.  AND guess what!? You don’t HAVE to look like a giant slob in workout clothes! You can look fairly decent! For almost no money, even.  How about that?

{Super cheap and marvelous Target fleece jacket, Spalding capri leggings, which mostly don’t fall down during running and are so comfy and look cute and sometimes I wear them on the weekends when I’m not running ok, so sue me.}


Also, behold the power of makeup between workout clothes picture and this one.

Anyway, this is a Target dress that I think is only online that I ordered on a long shot because I need more winter dresses and it looked like maybe it would be ok. If you don’t style it just right, you’re Obe Wan Kenobi in drag, but with the belt and the scarf I ended up loving it and I think I am going to wear it in my Christmas pictures.

{Target pleated skirt dress, Target gold belt, handmade scarf, Hive and Honey heels}



Everyone once in a while Forever 21 hits it out of the park. I wanted a sweatshirt moto jacket JUST like this one, and bam, there it was. I was nervous it wouldn’t fit because they’re sizing is vile but it was so perfectly what I wanted that I took a chance. I super love it.  There are zippers everywhere, it’s really flattering and warm, it’s just what I wanted.  Also, these Gap pants continue to be great.  Recommend.

{Forever 21 Fleece Moto Jacket (sold out but I also like this one), Gap Slim Cropped Pants, Loft Lace Burnout Tee, Forever 21 Spike Necklace, Seychelles wedges}

Books I Read This Month: October 2013

116.  Someone


I had the lofty goal of reading all the books on the National Book Awards Long List, (before I realized that I didn’t care for 75% of them), and this was one of them.  It was beautifully written but a little boring. It felt like one of those books that critics love but that I had to force myself to finish.

117.  Steelheart


I have no idea where this book came from (I mean, it came from the library, but why I reserved it I have no idea) and I was sure as soon as I saw it that it was going to  be awful.  I mean, look at the cover. Just look at it.  And it was sort of awful, but awful in a “fun goofy YAF superhero twist and turns” kind of way that I sort of enjoyed. I liked it, actually.  I’d read another one! I would! Crazypants.

118.  Men We Reaped

men we reaped

I was SO excited to read this book because I think Jesmyn Ward is just the greatest thing, but then, in the immortal and timeless words of Randy Jackson, it was only alright for me, dog.

119.  The Good Lord Bird

good lord bird

What was this even about? Someone send me some ginkgo biloba.  Geez.

Oh yes, that.  I was halfway through this book when I realized I just didn’t care.  Probably it’s a great book, at least according to whoever judged the National Book Awards, but I was just bored and life is too short for me to read books that don’t make me want to read them.  Meh.

120.  A House In the Sky

a house in the sky

So this is a memoir by a woman who travels all over the world, including to super dangerous places where people tell her not to go, and then she gets kidnapped and held for ransom for some horrible period of time and it’s…not a cool time she has, let’s just say that.  And while no one, obviously, deserves to get brutally kidnapped and assaulted, it’s also hard to read this because EVERYONE TOLD HER NOT TO GO TO THIS TERRIBLY DANGEROUS PLACE AND SHE DID IT ANYWAY.  So, that was a weird line, for me.  P.S. Don’t go to Somalia.

121.  The Rosie Project

the rosie project

I bought this to read on the plane because I wanted a SURE thing and it had about nine million positive reviews on Amazon and it was fine.  It was a totally acceptable airplane book, but it was nothing life changing.  I wouldn’t put it on any lists.  Bad or good.

122.  The Road From Gap Creek

road from gap creek

This was perfectly enjoyable, I liked it.  I wouldn’t run out and tell you to buy it, but it was fine.

123.  The Goldfinch

the goldfinch

I have been waiting to read this book for a freaking year, people. A YEAR. The Little Friend is one of my favorite books of ALL TIME and it’s been TEN YEARS since Donna Tartt wrote a book and I paid CASH MONEY (not really I had a gift card but you know what I mean) for this book and I waited breathlessly by the door for the UPS man who always comes late at  night when I really want something and then it turned out to be the MOST DEPRESSING BOOK OF ALL TIME.  Seriously.  Also it’s 756 pages long (not an exaggeration) and somewhere around page 715 I had the worst depressive episode I’ve had in six months and I called my therapist in tears and I cried four times in the grocery store and I had to wear sunglasses to school pick up and then I stopped reading this book and I instantly felt better.  I can’t even use it as a doorstop because it stresses me out just to look at it.  Yikes.

124.  The Hive

the hive

Look, maybe you’re into this scene, but I just really have no interest in reading about moms being bitchy to each other at their children’s schools.  Could not be less interested.  I’d read like, a VW Bus Repair Manual, gladly, before I’d willingly read that shit.

125.  Bridget Jones, Mad About the Boy

bridget jones

The NYT said this was good.  It was not.  It was just sad.  Just re-read the first book and re-watch the first movie and go back to a life where this book never existed and Mark Darcy is standing in a hallway saying “I like you very much Bridget, just as you are.”

126.  News From Heaven, The Bakerton Stories

news from heaven

It’s not you, it’s me, I just hate short stories.  Always have, apparently always will.

127.  Coming Clean

coming clean

It was fine, if you like to read about hoarders, but after she used the term “rod iron bed” in a PUBLISHED NOVEL AND NOT ON SAY CRAIGSLIST WHERE IT BELONGS something went out of the story for me.

Next up, I have reserved a bunch of Pulitzer Prize winners from the library, so one can only assume I have a snoozefest of epic proportions on the docket.  Won’t that be fun?

Please Advise Re: Plaid

This weekend we are having our Christmas card photos taken by the lovely and uber uber talented Leslie Callan.

Which means it’s time for me to fret over what we’re going to wear.

Let’s start with Katie, because let’s be honest, she’s the most fun and I had her outfit picked out first anyway.

Katie is going to wear this red dress from that weird overpriced Neiman Marcus collection they had last year at Target? As soon as this dress got marked down to 70% off last year I snatched it up in a 4t and saved it.  Over the dress, because it doesn’t have sleeves and I’m trying to tone down the “fanciest dress in the history of time” vibe, she’s going to wear this leopard fur shrug thing.  I dithered back and forth on her shoes a bit but in the end I’m just going to have her wear the black mary janes she already owns.

katie dressleopard shrugstride rite


Next up is Eli. He is going to wear dark jeans, a dark gray Old Navy shirt, a gray and red bow tie which I have already obtained, a wool trapper hat which is not this one but is close in style and is red and gray, and then either red boat shoes which Erik claims are for girls, or high tops from the Gap, which have not arrived yet in the mail, so I can’t tell you which shoe we’re going with yet.

old navy shirtbow tietrapper hatboat shoeshi tops

Next we have Erik.  He asserts that he absolutely cannot pull of the scarf I wanted him to wear, so basically he’s ruining my life, but regardless, he will be wearing jeans, Docs, and then this gray Old Navy sweater with a red plaid shirt under it, in the manner of the Gap sweater that is sold out.

old navy gray sweatergap brown sweater

Next we come to me, the most wonderful member of the family! Obvs.

And I cannot decide what to wear.

I can’t wear jeans because then three of us are wearing jeans and one of us is wearing a super fancy red dress, but I could wear black pants.  I have this new puffy vest I love and I like how it brings in some more fur, but I’m worried it’s not dressy enough for Christmas pics and then three of us are wearing fur and we look like we’re an ad for the Fur Council of America (Faux).

gap puffer

I could wear my black pleated plaid skirt and a black sweater, but that’s kind of boring.  Although I could add red shoes.

pleated skirt


I could wear my red J. Crew tippi sweater and the pleated black skirt and some pearls.  That could be cute.  Black boots or black heels, whatever looks better.  I also have this gray Gap herringbone blazer that could look nice.

tippi sweaterpearlsHerringbone academy blazer - herringbone

black bootscharles david

Actually my only real question is should “I” buy a plaid infinity scarf? DOES THIS CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE NEED MORE PLAID? I bought a pink paisley scarf at Target but I think it’s probably unsuitable. Please advise re: PLAID asap.


What I Wore This Week: RBF

So I have Resting Bitch Face in every single picture I took this week.  What can I say? This week took a lot of Klonopin to get through.


It’s Friday! I wanted to wear a fun dress! Obviously in thirty five minutes I will be coming home, removing all extraneous belts/necklaces/high heels, and throwing on a mismatched lumpy sweater and some flip flops.

{Ross Dress, Target necklace, Target belt, Hive & Honey heels}


This outfit was much cuter in person than it appears on camera. Trust.

{Old Navy Ruffled Henley, BR crops, Sam Edelman loafers}


I slept through three alarms and then threw this on.  I really liked it though!

{Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Gap Blazer, Forever 21 necklace, Banana Republic Outlet shirt, Franco Sarto wedges}


I was just trying to make this shirt happen because I really love it but I don’t think this was the way to do it. It ran a little too knitwear over knitwear over mom jeans, although I do really love this blazer and you should buy it.

{Target blazer, Banana Republic crops, Target earrings, hand me down shirt from Kate Welsh, J Crew wedges}


This is part of my “buy a generic black dress and then throw different things over it all winter plan.”

{Kohls dress, Target infinity scarf, Anne Klein boots, Old Navy leggings}


Hopefully next week is less endless Halloween/mini emotional breakdown/40 degrees in the morning 8o degrees in the afternoon and I feel more inspired.  Right now I hate all my clothes and plan to just wear target workout clothes all winter long. Should be hott.