What I Wore This Week: RBF

So I have Resting Bitch Face in every single picture I took this week.  What can I say? This week took a lot of Klonopin to get through.


It’s Friday! I wanted to wear a fun dress! Obviously in thirty five minutes I will be coming home, removing all extraneous belts/necklaces/high heels, and throwing on a mismatched lumpy sweater and some flip flops.

{Ross Dress, Target necklace, Target belt, Hive & Honey heels}


This outfit was much cuter in person than it appears on camera. Trust.

{Old Navy Ruffled Henley, BR crops, Sam Edelman loafers}


I slept through three alarms and then threw this on.  I really liked it though!

{Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Gap Blazer, Forever 21 necklace, Banana Republic Outlet shirt, Franco Sarto wedges}


I was just trying to make this shirt happen because I really love it but I don’t think this was the way to do it. It ran a little too knitwear over knitwear over mom jeans, although I do really love this blazer and you should buy it.

{Target blazer, Banana Republic crops, Target earrings, hand me down shirt from Kate Welsh, J Crew wedges}


This is part of my “buy a generic black dress and then throw different things over it all winter plan.”

{Kohls dress, Target infinity scarf, Anne Klein boots, Old Navy leggings}


Hopefully next week is less endless Halloween/mini emotional breakdown/40 degrees in the morning 8o degrees in the afternoon and I feel more inspired.  Right now I hate all my clothes and plan to just wear target workout clothes all winter long. Should be hott.



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  1. I have that knit blazer in navy and grey. I love them!
    I am so very impressed that you put those outfits together for school drop off. Seriously, I work as an HR manager in an office, and I often don’t look as nice as you. We have no dress code….whee! If I am not going to work though, I just want to wear yoga pants! I could probably even wear them to work but I have to draw the line somewhere.

  2. You always look so cute!

  3. I loved everything. The red blazer outfit was the best.

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