Please Advise Re: Plaid

This weekend we are having our Christmas card photos taken by the lovely and uber uber talented Leslie Callan.

Which means it’s time for me to fret over what we’re going to wear.

Let’s start with Katie, because let’s be honest, she’s the most fun and I had her outfit picked out first anyway.

Katie is going to wear this red dress from that weird overpriced Neiman Marcus collection they had last year at Target? As soon as this dress got marked down to 70% off last year I snatched it up in a 4t and saved it.  Over the dress, because it doesn’t have sleeves and I’m trying to tone down the “fanciest dress in the history of time” vibe, she’s going to wear this leopard fur shrug thing.  I dithered back and forth on her shoes a bit but in the end I’m just going to have her wear the black mary janes she already owns.

katie dressleopard shrugstride rite


Next up is Eli. He is going to wear dark jeans, a dark gray Old Navy shirt, a gray and red bow tie which I have already obtained, a wool trapper hat which is not this one but is close in style and is red and gray, and then either red boat shoes which Erik claims are for girls, or high tops from the Gap, which have not arrived yet in the mail, so I can’t tell you which shoe we’re going with yet.

old navy shirtbow tietrapper hatboat shoeshi tops

Next we have Erik.  He asserts that he absolutely cannot pull of the scarf I wanted him to wear, so basically he’s ruining my life, but regardless, he will be wearing jeans, Docs, and then this gray Old Navy sweater with a red plaid shirt under it, in the manner of the Gap sweater that is sold out.

old navy gray sweatergap brown sweater

Next we come to me, the most wonderful member of the family! Obvs.

And I cannot decide what to wear.

I can’t wear jeans because then three of us are wearing jeans and one of us is wearing a super fancy red dress, but I could wear black pants.  I have this new puffy vest I love and I like how it brings in some more fur, but I’m worried it’s not dressy enough for Christmas pics and then three of us are wearing fur and we look like we’re an ad for the Fur Council of America (Faux).

gap puffer

I could wear my black pleated plaid skirt and a black sweater, but that’s kind of boring.  Although I could add red shoes.

pleated skirt


I could wear my red J. Crew tippi sweater and the pleated black skirt and some pearls.  That could be cute.  Black boots or black heels, whatever looks better.  I also have this gray Gap herringbone blazer that could look nice.

tippi sweaterpearlsHerringbone academy blazer - herringbone

black bootscharles david

Actually my only real question is should “I” buy a plaid infinity scarf? DOES THIS CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE NEED MORE PLAID? I bought a pink paisley scarf at Target but I think it’s probably unsuitable. Please advise re: PLAID asap.


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  1. Two of you are wearing dark on top, so I would stay away from the black sweater to balance out the colors. I think you should do either the red sweater with a plaid scarf (I love a good Christmas plaid and it will add a nice visual layer to the photos). If the red doesn’t match Katie’s dress (reds are so hard to match!), I think a cream/white/beige neutral top would look great with a red plaid scarf. I’m sure whatever you choose will look great!

  2. YES YES YES to plaid. Yes.

    Again, yes.


  3. I’m with Lizzie and @CharlieSue on all of what they said. Also, vote #2 that Erik could totally pull off that scarf. It’s awesome. And I love love love so much that Eli is wearing a trapper hat in your family Christmas photos! I think because I never wear anything quirky like that and your kid can totally own that hat. Your family is so cute!

  4. Plaid, yes, buy the scarf! Also I just think of you when I think of infinity scarves

  5. Yes, buy the scarf! I also love the idea of the pearls. No idea about your clothes but the pearls seem great.

    (This is so! Much! Fun!!)

  6. Absolutely you should buy the plaid scarf and wear the red sweater with the black pleated skirt. Lovely.

  7. I love the leopard shrug. I love old navy grey chambray and have it in my cart for when it goes on sale. I like the idea of you wearing some faux fur.

  8. Girl, get yourself a faux fur scarf.

  9. what happened to the fancy shoes with the flowers? They were fab.

  10. I vote for black pants and boots, and some sort of leopard print for you, too…maybe a scarf, maybe a faux fur collar on a sweater, something like that…I’d try to go light-ish on top, cream or tan, and maybe with a red shirt on underneath. If the leopard print ends up feeling too matchy matchy, then I vote for a plaid scarf for you. I think the keys here are: semi-dressy black below to be in line with your daughter’s outfit, and lighter colors tp balance out the guys’ greys, and then a print to tie you together with the girl.

    I am the gatherer of family clothes for the annual holiday pictures, and…yeah. It is fun but also crazy-making, and at some point you just lose all perspective and can’t tell what is coordinated and what is crazily matching. And it is tough with TWO little boys and their dad not to end up VERY matchy.

  11. Ok, I am going against the majority. But I think no plaid scarf for you for the photo. Red sweater, black skirt, pearls and see how the jacket looks with it. I think that sounds lovely. I heart your red puffy vest but agree it isn’t right for this photo.

  12. I vote your kohl’s dress from the post below this one with either the red puffy vest (if it doesn’t clash with the red of Katie’s dress) or the grey blazer plus a plaid scarf.

  13. Not ignoring your choices, but I recommend you wear the outfit in the 3rd picture from October 11. Bridges dressy/casual and you look so sharp in that!

    • That is intriguing. I add never even thought of that but now I’m adding to the pile. It definitely solves the super matchy problem I was worried about! Thank you!

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