What I Wore This Week: This Has Nothing To Do With Clothes But My Children Are Ruining My Life

Seriously, is there a full moon? The ankle biters have been LOATHSOME lately. I want to punch holes in a box and ship them Michigan COD.  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE CHILDREN AND I AM THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT BUYER SO THEY BETTER SHAPE UP.  If I was playing a drinking game where I drank every time I yelled “Cut it out!” at one of them, I’d be dead.  Dead on the floor.

I can’t wait till they don’t believe in Santa anymore and I can start using giving away all their presents to poor children as a constant and never ending threat.

Crabby. I am crabby. I suppose I shall eat some more cookies.

Whatever. Here’s what I wore this week.


After much debate, this is what I wore for our Christmas pictures.  I loved that it wasn’t the same old black dress I always lean towards and it looked great with everyone else’s outfits.  Also I really like this scarf. If you need a random Christmas present or a nice stocking stuffer, I recommend.

{Target pleated skirt sweater dress, Target gold belt, Amazon Plaid Scarf, Hive and Honey heels}


I need to figure out a better use for this shirt, but hey, it was the weekend. Sue me.

{Ann Taylor Loft Zip Shoulder Tee, AE Artist Crops, some random pashmina I bought on the street in NYC for $5, Havainas}

DSC_0135-001  DSC_0160-001

This is my beloved Gap vest.  Seriously, I looooove it.  Also, the booties have glitter on the back half.  Life is beautiful.

{Gap puffer vest, Banana Republic sweater, Target scarf, Vince Camuto booties}


An oldie but a goodie.  Also, they are still selling this sweater this year (I think it’s a permanentish line) and they are so great. I have three and I wish I had more.  LOVE. (But buy them on sale.)

{Gap Luxelight crewneck sweater in navy, Anthropologie skirt, Hive and Honey heels, Anthropologie necklace}


Target printed cardigans are my favorite.  And I love love love a rolled skinny jean.  You could wear these with anything, pretty much, but they feel extra sassy with  heels.

{Target cardigan (last year’s model), Gap tank, Old Navy scarf, AE Hi Rise Skinny Jeans, Hive and Honey heels}

Wish me luck.  Demon Seed #1  My darling child has a week of early dismissals, so we shall spend even more time together! Life is held together with a thin veneer of threats and bribes over here right now.


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  1. I need to buy more scarves. Also I am rolling all of my skinny pants these days. With ankle boots!

  2. Occasionally (once a year or so), I get this tiny feeling that maybe I should procreate. And then I remember all these types of posts I read and I realize that if I had small children, I would not be responsible for their inevitable murderization at my hands. So that’s a no.

    I love that white dress. I think it looks perfect on you!!

  3. I’ve been contemplating military school this week for my littles. Full moon, I think. You looked cute this week- love the white dress!

  4. There must be something in the air. I put my oldest two to bed at 6:45 twice this week (normal bedtime is more like 8:00 ish). I was just so done with them and the constant whining and bickering. I told them they could journal or read but doing anything else or bothering Mama would result in SEVERE CONSEQUENCES. (I don’t actually know what those severe consequences were going to be, but I made it sound all threatening like and it worked).

    The white dress is great! I think I need something with pleats.

  5. Ha haha cut it out drinking game

  6. I LOOOOOVE that printed cardigan on you! It looks so fabulous and so do you!

  7. Get your box and cut holes in it! Anna has been talking about Eli soooo much lately. Send him my way. Is he coming again this summer? Do you know when? I want to fix my schedule so I have a chunk of time off so he can stay here. Anna is seriously missing him. Weird isn’t it since they have only hung out a few times. Cousins are tight!

  8. The cream sweater dress looks so lovely on you.

    As for demon childrens, damn. Maybe don’t send them to my state, though.

  9. One year my brothers both got coal in their stocking from Santa. They still got presents from my parents, but straight up coal from Santa due to their terrible behavior.

    25 years later and ALL of the nieces and nephews are well aware that sometimes Santa gives out coal if you are naughty.

    Just a thought. 😉


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