What I Wore This Week: Minimum Days

I have been working on this post for 48 hours.  You wouldn’t think Senor Pants getting out of school two hours early every day plus having my period plus days of rain and wind and darkness plus KW having an ear infection plus all of us having colds would add up to such a terrible week…actually, no, that does sound kind of terrible.  And it was! Funsies.

Anyway, this was the week I cleaned out my closets and made a wish list of new stuff and then started trying to wear the things in my “maybe” pile, which always results in some dud outfits.  Oh well.  Life is more than one Loft dress you probably shouldn’t have bought, right? And I think the whole point of a capsule wardrobe or a “uniform” is to have less stuff anyway, but the clothing that you do have should be great.  So sometimes that means weeding out. But my number one New Year’s Resolution other than 1. Decrazify Self is and 2. run a 10K and 3. Go to the eye doctor is 4. Don’t buy clothes that can’t be easily and cheaply returned.


I loved this outfit. It’s so Kate.  Normally the dresses at Target and I exist in a profound state of disagreement but this one is magical.  I think you could do a million things with it too.  Love.

{Merona/Target Navy dress, Ebay necklace, Toms Prison Wedges}


I got this outfit idea off of Pinterest. I really really liked it.  These are my magical pants that I found on the sale rack at the Banana Republic outlet, in the perfect length, for $12.  Double leopard for the win.

{Ebay scarf, Banana Republic sweater, Banana Republic Outlet pants, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}


I think I should get rid of this dress.  Opinions? It just felt schlubby all day. I can’t wear it in the summer because it’s a faux wrap dress and it looks suuuuuuuuuuuper slutty on me unless I layer it all up with all this stuff but I still didn’t love it. I don”t know.  It doesn’t look as bad in these pictures as I thought it would but in person I just don’t love it. It’s kind of filler in my closet.

{Street vendor in NYC Fake Pashmina, Loft dress, Target sweater, Bandolino boots}


This was a cozy sweater kind of day. I believe it was pouring down rain.  Oh, yes, and then my child stepped in dog poop on the way back from school pick up and tracked it all over the back of my car.  Then while I was scrubbing up dog poop, my other child peed on a library book.  Luckily I was wearing a cozy sweater.  In fact, I need more cozy sweaters.

PS I think this outfit was cuter in person than in pictures.

{Target sweater, Target scarf, AE High Rise Skinny Jeans, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}


I tried so hard to make a bunch of the “should it stay or should it go” pile work and then I ran out of time and threw this on.  It was fine.  I need to save figuring out that stuff for days I have more time to get ready. Or do it the night before ha ha ha ha.

I looked for a corduroy skirt for ages and I really like this one, although I wish they would have made it in red.  I have no idea why I look like I’m high.  Probably I am, on 800 mg of Tylenol.  I live an exciting life.

{Amazon infinity scarf, Banana Republic sweater, Loft corduroy skirt, Gap tights (I LOVE Gap tights! So much better than Target!), Frye Campus Boots}


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  1. That dress is meh. It’s not bad, but it’s not great and if you don’t love it, get rid of it.

    Now, I need to go apply that advice to several items in my own closet.

  2. That dress maybe looks a little big/boxy? Probably not on top if it’s slutty, but maybe a little wrong on the bottom?

    LOVE the last outfit. LOVE.

  3. I actually really like that dress on you! I think it looks nice!

  4. How did you tie the NYC Fake Pashmina? I love it.

  5. Oh, the red pants and leopard scarf outfit is LOVELY. I love it so much.

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