Family Christmas Pictures 2013 (And What We Wore)

I know, I’ve already bombarded social media with these pictures and you’ve probably already seen them, but I wanted to post them here anyway so I could list out what we wore and so that I could ask you a gift question at the end.

As usual, Leslie from Green Vintage Photography was beyond amazing and took some of my favorite pictures of all time.

All of us:

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Below is the one we used for our Christmas card; it was just so perfect, and I spent three weeks planning these outfits and I wanted to be able to see them on the card:

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The kidlets:

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And just us:

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The woman does good work, no?

My gift question is this…Erik has been complaining for years that he wants pictures of the kids for his office, so I wanted to get some of these framed for him for Christmas.  But I can’t decide which ones.  I am leaning towards the one of Katie by herself and the one of Eli  by himself, but I also like the ones of the kids together.  I also really like the one of all of us, second from the top, but I’m not sure Erik wants a giant picture of himself on his wall at work. Anyone have a strong opinion?

Oh, and What We Wore:

Erik: Old Navy sweater (I bought it just for this but it’s a really nice sweater for Old Navy), random plaid shirt he”s owned for ages, Docs

Katie: Jason Wu for Target (last year), Target fur capelet thing (last year), Stride Rite shoes, Target bow

Eli: Old Navy shirt, Lands End jeans, Gap high tops (he didn’t wear the bow tie because it looked weird with the shirt), Gap hat via Ebay

Me: Target Pleated Skirt sweater dress, Amazon plaid scarf, Target gold glitter belt, Hive and Honey heels.

I love how it all turned out! Fretting over it for three weeks totally paid off.  Looks good together, not too matchy matchy.


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  1. Totally adorable. Beware, I’m planning a too matchy matchy shoot. Eli’s hat!

  2. Delurking to say these are some of the best pictures I’ve seen in a long time. Ya’ll look just amazing!

  3. Those are so great, I feel like flying the whole family to where you live so I can use that photographer.

    I can’t decide about the photos. I wonder if the perfect three-opening frame could be found that would hold one of each of them separately and one of them together (I like the one of them on their stomachs)?

  4. All of you look great!! (I like the picture with the leaves, myself. There’s something to be said for kids looking less like angels and more like hysterical people with personalities of their own…)

  5. You are seriously one heck of a photogenic family. Geez.

    And I LOVE the photos of the kids individually. SO CUTE.

  6. omg SO CUTE.

  7. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth. They’re all just so wonderful. I love them. You and your family are beautiful.

  8. I adore your family.

  9. These are just beautiful! I think maybe the one of your and your husband, and then one of each child by themselves. You did a great job with the outfits, not too matchy-matchy, but wonderfully coordinated!

  10. I’m with Swistle–a 3-view frame, an individual one of each, and one together. Does he have a picture of YOU in his office? He might like a family shot…

  11. BEAUTIFUL pictures, gorgeous family!!! Fantastic, fun outfits! You do know that your husband is the bomb for agreeing to such cute pictures, right? 😉

  12. If I were Eric and it were my office I would have every photo here plastered all over my walls.

  13. Those are phenomenal! I’m jealous of the people on your Christmas card list.

    If I had to only pick one photo of the kids, I think I’d go with the one of them on their stomachs, although the one in front of the doors (?) is also fantastic. But then, they’re all fantastic. If he’d be ok with more than one photo, I like the ideas above of choosing three – maybe the one of the four of you and the kids individually?

  14. I absolutely LOVE the one with Eli making the face and sticking his tongue out. LOVE. (though let’s be real. I love them ALL. They came out beautifully and you all look so fabulous Elizabeth!!)

  15. The one of them in the leaves with E’s tongue sticking out. Pick that one!

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