What I Wore Some Time Ago Before It Was Ridiculously Freezing Cold For One Million Days In A Row

I know I know it’s colder where you and you can’t even get out of your car you just have a tube that shoots you straight into the mall from your seat but I live in California and I do not accept this WEATHER NONSENSE.

Anyway. I am feeling totally uninspired lately. It’s cold and I just want to wear jeans and sweater and my dresses that I liked last winter seem boring and faded and blah.  Not really sure where my mojo went but I am guessing it will come back in May.  The sad thing that I don’t NEED new clothes, and I don’t have room for any more clothes, and I don’t want to spend any more money on clothes I don’t have room for and don’t need, but I’m still like “Oh, these same old tired things?” when I go to my closet every morning, and then I pull out my orange vest and my boots.  Whatever.  Life goes on.


What a cute outfit. I should wear this more often. Too bad it’s negative one billion degrees. I keep meaning to pin all my most favorite outfits from the last six months to Pinterest and then just wear those, because otherwise I tend to forget the stuff I put together that I really liked, but it feels…douchey, pinning pictures of yourself.  Meh.

{ATL Boyfriend Cardigan, Forever 21 Tassel necklace, Old Navy Vintage V Neck tee, AE Artist Crops, Vince Camuto Booties of Glitter and Happiness (not their real name)}


I bought this lumpy old Grandma sweater at Target. It’s not the most flattering. I don’t even care. It FEELS cute on and it’s the most warmest comfortable wonderful things and you can wear it with leggings and boots and a scarf and a down vest and bam! Done.


See, this felt cute on, and then in this picture? Meh.  Literally the only thing I can get interested in lately are the same pair of jeans and a sweater and the same pair of fleece lined boots.

{Old Navy denim jacket, Lands End faux wrap dress that pills so I’m not recommending it, Hive and Honey booties, Target scarf}

You know what I really need? A pair of skinny black pants that I can wear with boots. I don’t want black jeans or black jeggings, and I tried on these ponte knit pants from the Gap and they were wretched. But I’d really like to have one other boot option besides skinny jeans or leggings, you know? Anyone got anything for me?


I had to put this picture in because it’s just so ridiculous.

{Gap puffer vest, Gap Luxelight sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Frye Campus Boots}


I also feel very meh about this.  I can’t put my finger on it but it just feels like I was trying to make something work that doesn’t.


And again, this is not my favorite.  I blame the weather.  I have to wear jackets over all these dresses that do not look good that way.  It’s horrible, really.  Devastating.  Life ruining.


Ok, this is liked.  I dithered over this Gap blazer but I’m so glad I bought it, I really love it.

{Gap Herringbone Campus Blazer, Amazon scarf, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino boots}


This is what I actually want to wear every day.  My ridiculous vest, a boring navy blue sweater, my skinny jeans, and some riding boots. Not very exciting but it’s warm and it looks put together and classic and it makes me happy. Sometimes when I’ve been drinking I add a scarf.

Will try and start taking pictures and posting regularly again. Sometimes you just don’t feel it and that’s ok, you know? You do what you gotta do to get by.

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  1. I believe there are secret pinboards that would be good for pinning your outfits?

  2. The one you’re meh about with the navy blazer? Looks super-cute. It does work!

    RE: skinny black pants, have you tried some that aren’t full length? Skinny capris or ankle-length would work great under boots; I have some ankle pants from Gap that I love wearing with my riding boots.

  3. I have a black Smart Wool underlayer that I have worn for the last three days in a row. At least you are wearing new clothes each day. Consider yourself more advanced than the likes of me!

  4. After you mentioned them, I bought TWO of the Amazon scarves (which I just tried to spell as “scarfes” good heavens) and LOVE them. I have the red one and the emerald green one. So soft. So cheap.

  5. I got a pair of skinny black pants from H&M that I love with boots. They suck everything in. But if you can’t find them, your life will probably be ruined. Sorry.

  6. “Sometimes when I’ve been drinking I add a scarf.” I think you should, like, stencil this above your closet. Hilarious.

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