Books I Read This Month: January 2014

Here we go.

1. Maisie Dobbs #1

maisie dobbs

This book was so incredibly boring, and yet so many people rave about it! I had to ask on Instagram if it was just me, and nope, it’s not just me.  No more from you, Maisie S. Dobbs.  (The S is for Super Boring.)

2. Rose of No Man’s Land

rose of no man's land

I wanted to like this but the descriptions of the main characters epically disgusting personal hygiene was something I could not get past.  Ugh.  Still grossed out a month later.

3. Timebound (The Chronos Files)


This was very entertaining, although I had to ignore the confusing time traveling parts because they either didn’t actually make sense or I’m not that smart.

4. These Broken Stars

these broken stars

I loved this.  I can see all the problems that people had with it, and it is sort Titanic in Space, and also it didn’t really make sense at all, but whatevs, I still loved it. Favorite book of the month.  Girls kissing boys and wearing fancy shoes! My favorite.

5. Being Henry David

being henry david

This read like a school project where you were supposed to write a paper about Thoreau but you didn’t want to write a paper so you tried to write a clever story. It’d be fine as that, but as a novel, oh my god, stfu about Thoreau already.

6. Mermaid in Chelsea Creek

mermaid in chelsea creek

Oh yeah no. I tried, I really tried, but no.

7. On Such a Full Sea

on such a full sea

There was something very odd and off putting about this book. I think because it’s written in first person plural (we).  We find that really distancing from the story, somehow. We are not a fan.

8. The Impossible Knife of Memory

impossible knife

This is another one of those teen issue books, and I guess they can be ok, but I always get the feeling halfway through that I know exactly how everything is going to play out, and it’s always exactly how everything plays out and I’m over it, dudes.  I want a story, not a thinly veiled lesson on PTSD and its ramifications on everyone.  Yawn.

9. Reality Boy

reality boy

I loved “Please Excuse Vera Dietz” so much that I always find it surprising when I don’t like A.S. King’s other books, but this wasn’t for me.  It was super weird and I couldn’t get into it.

10.  Fiend


Speaking of super weird. It was definitely entertaining and different, I’ll say that for it. If you don’t want to read something that’s super gory and super violent and all about meth addicts and sex with loooooooots of swearing, this is not the book for you.  If you do, buy it right now! It’s got all those bases covered.

11.  &Sons

This novel was told from the point of view of a person so annoyingly unpleasant that it completely ruined the book for me. No, I don’t want to read a 500 plus book told by a pathetic losery wet blanket, thanks.

12.  The Ocean At the End of the Lane

ocean at the end of the lane

Oh man, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated this book. I hated it so much I don’t know if I can put it into words.  LOATHED.  I don’t usually give one star reviews on Good Reads and I am aware that every other person in the world loved it, but I wanted to light it on fire. God, what an irritating book.

13. The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves

the examined life

A psychoanalyst of 30 years relaying some of his cases. I thought it was interesting but I’m still not sure what the point of it was, exactly.


What I Wore This Week: A Dream and My Cardigan

So I bought this navy cardigan at the Gap outlet because it was EIGHT DOLLARS.  Then I came home and castigated myself ROUNDLY because I am trying not to do that thing where I buy clothes just because they’re EIGHT DOLLARS, and I wasn’t sure if would be able to find anything to wear with this stupid eight dollar navy cardigan.  So then I decided I would create a challenge! funsies! and wear it for a week straight and see how many things I could figure out to wear it with.  Also, you should know that I cheated like a madman and I went straight to Pinterest and entered in “navy cardigan” and then copied a bunch of other people’s ideas.  Also you should know that this post was not sponsored by the Navy Cardigan Council of America. It was sponsored by MY eight dollars, my child’s nap thank you sweet baby Jesus, and Miley Cyrus.  And possibly Xanax.

Answers to FAQ’s no one asked:

1. How much was the sweater again? (It was EIGHT DOLLARS.)

2. Yes, I washed the sweater sometime in the middle there. Ish.

2. No, I never want to wear the sweater ever again, in fact I want to light it on fire in the middle of a frozen, desolate field. It’s too late for us to try to be in love right now.

3. Yes, I am still very dubious about belts over sweaters, but I did it for fashion. And you. 

4. No, I don’t have any extra Xanax.

5. You might think I’m crazy, that I’m lost and foolish.  Maybe you’re right.  Maybe you’re right.

6. Did anyone notice that you were wearing the same sweater five days in a row?  No.  We all have children.  We’re too tired to notice anything besides whether or not our seven year old is trying to go to school in his underwear, and even that’s pushing it.


This was when I was still happy and excited about Sweater Gate 2014.  So much for taking this too far.  You can’t blame me for who I am.

Gap Outlet Sweater, I think we’ve established that, Loft lacy tee shirt thing that actually I really like, Forever 21 necklace, Target Earrings, AE Hi Rise Skinnies, Toms Prison Wedges


Ok, so this looks exactly the same as the day before, but I did wear different shoes and a different shirt. Plus I like that it shows me how much of a huge difference jewelry makes.  I thought this was only ok but the outfit before it I loved.

Same stupid Gap Outlet Cardigan, on Pinterest this outfit had a ruffly tank but I don’t have a ruffly tank, so I wore this beaded tank and it sort of got lost I think, Hive and Honey heels.


And then I layered a dress, a button down, a cardigan, and a belt.  FASHION!!!!

Gap Outlet Cardigan of Evil and Hatred, Gap dress, Target button down, Frye boots, Target belt

PS My husband complimented this outfit, and the only time he ever notices my clothes is when I’m not wearing any (dirty!), so win! I am winning at fashion!


I suspect we aren’t wearing denim skirts anymore? Don’t much care! Loved this!

THE SAME DAMN CARDIGAN, Old Navy scarf, Gap tank, Gap skirt, Hive and Honey booties


Dubious. I am dubious.

I AM GOING TO GO TAKE OFF THIS MOTHER EFFING CARDIGAN NOW, Banana Republic shirt, Target belt, AE Skinnies, Bandolino boots.

What I Wore This Week: This Is Where I Admit It Was 65 Degrees Here This Week

It feels like April! Sorry, Minnesota.  If you want we can compare mortgages, that might make you feel better.


I really needed more/new long sleeved shirts and all my black sweaters are starting to get that faded vibe that I hate, so I threw this in the cart at Target.  I really like it, it’s basically pajamas, although it does have that “I’m going to be pilly very soon” vibe, I have one of those pill shavers so I shall triumph over Target and their pilly clothing, in theory. I kind of wish it wasn’t a hoodie because it makes look really casual, but whatevs. I’m not wearing it to Buckingham Palace.

Target hoodie shirt sweater thingee (I couldn’t find it on the Website of Evilness but I just bought it last week in the store), Gap ribbed tank, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein Evanthe boots


For some reason I am always hearing how trouser jeans are not the thing to be wearing anymore, or something? Put that in the bucket marked “I do not care, I love my trouser jeans, you will pry them from my cold dead hands.”

Target sweater shirt thingee, again, I didn’t even wash it, Old Navy trouser jeans, Seychelles Suede Wedges I bought ages ago on Ebay and that look like sneakers in this picture but I promise you are super cute wedges with bows on them.


Did you know I lived in Portland, OR until I was 15 years old? Well, I did.  That means there’s no choice in the matter, I am a Portland Trailblazers Fan for LIFE. I wore this outfit on a fancy date I had with Damian Lillard.  Technically it was a Kings/Blazers game I went to with my husband, but Damian Lillard and I were there together IN THE SAME BUILDING so it totally counts.  I like to think he appreciated my layering.  Also, the Blazers are REALLY good this year and they lost to the Kings, who are NOT really good this year, and not only was it emotionally devastating but it also obviously means that some part of this outfit is unlucky. Now I just have to figure out what it was and burn it.  I’m hoping it wasn’t my super cute vest.

Gap vest sans hood, it zips off, what a wonderful vest!, Target chambrayish shirt but not technically because I otherwise I’d be wearing a Texas Tuxedo and WE CAN’T HAVE THAT, Gap Outlet necklace, AE Skinnies, Bandolino boots.



This was Playdate Wednesday so I had literally thirteen minutes to shower and throw clothing on my body after my run.  This is what I came up with.  Could be worse!  So pasty though.  Come back July, I miss you! Or maybe tell me your favorite bronzer, why don’tcha?

Amazon Chunky Infinity Scarf, Banana Republic Sweater I’m not sure I can ever wear again because Shalini thinks it looks like it came from the Eileen Fisher Catalog, You know Where the Jeans Came From, Right?, and my Frye Campus boots.


I have cramps.  This is my opinion on that.

PS I have owned these shoes since high school.  They are my favorite, even though they make my feet cold.  They have JUST now reached the perfect level of frayed worn in ness.  They make my feet cold but they make my heart warm.  Wow, I just wrote that about shoes.  Hmmm.  The Tylenol may be affecting my synapses.

Spalding leggings from Amazon I ordered for running but now I just wear all the time, AE cardigan, AE cami, Gap vest, scarf I made in a fit of craftiness, Jack Purcells: VINTAGE.


What I Wore Three Weeks Ago: Not Leggings

I’m trying to get back into a personal fashion concept that’s a little more sophisticated than “what can I wear over these leggings I just found on my bedroom floor?” but apparently the two week Christmas break is not the time to accomplish that so please enjoy these pictures I took ages ago and let’s hope things improve in the new year.  In the meantime at least I am at levels of comfort where I could fall into bed at any minute, so at least there’s that.

Also have I mentioned that I finally got tired of hearing every medical professional involved in my life tell me to get more cardio and therefore I am trying to get more effing cardio? Which is all well and good but it turns out that running 4x a week and yoga 2x a week sucks up a lot of time that I used to put into more interesting things like reading and sitting around eating nacho cheese and shopping for Anthropologie skirts.  Boring.

I can’t even remember when I took these pictures! Whatever. Let’s say I’m wearing one of these super cute outfits right now, and I am totally not still in my pajamas at 10 am.


When in doubt, throw a blazer and a huge scarf at it.

{Gap blazer, Banana Republic sweater, Amazon chunky knit infinity scarf, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein Evanthe Boots}


I think there’s a nice juxtaposition between my RBF and the sentiments expressed via decorative pillow.

{Gap Herringbone Blazer, Gap Outlet Sweater, Loft Peter Pan Collar Blouse, Banana Republic Outlet Pants of Magic, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}


These are the Gap pants I accidentally bought when I lost my mind and thought I needed super dressy black pants.  They do fit perfectly and they’d be something I’d wear once a week to my office at HyperCompuGlobalMegaNet, but in my life they are probably a slightly stupid purchase. However I make myself wear them once a year so they at least retain some illusion of usefulness and I got three compliments on this outfit, so obviously I know nothing anyway.

{Gap Perfect Trouser Pants, Plaid Scarf from Amazon, Target cardigan, Red Wedges from some random brand via Amazon on super sale}


Even though these are technically cords, they always look so glued to my body in my pictures that I decided just to embrace them as leggings.  I think technically this is a dress but it also works well as “long enough to cover your Britney” so there you go.

{Loft cords, in theory, Gap sweater dress, Amazon infinity scarf, Frye campus boots}



A few posts ago I mentioned I needed skinny black pants and a few people mentioned just wearing cropped black pants (which I already own) tucked into boots.  I was concerned that there would too much volume up top to pull this off, but if I tight roll the bottom of the pants, it totally works! Fabulous. Favorite outfit of the week.

{Loft Boyfriend Cardigan, Forever 21 Spike Necklace, Old Navy Favorite Tee, Gap Slim Cropped Pants, Anne Klein Evanthe Boots}

I ADORE this sweater.  They’re basically sold out online because they marked them down to something like $15 but I might head to the mall this weekend and see if any are left in the store.  And I have a J. Crew gift card burning a hole in my pocket, although I have no idea what to get with it.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking the Kiki Ballet Flats since they’re not as flat as normal ballet flats, but I’m nervous. Anyone bought anything from J. Crew lately that’s the bees knees?