What I Wore Three Weeks Ago: Not Leggings

I’m trying to get back into a personal fashion concept that’s a little more sophisticated than “what can I wear over these leggings I just found on my bedroom floor?” but apparently the two week Christmas break is not the time to accomplish that so please enjoy these pictures I took ages ago and let’s hope things improve in the new year.  In the meantime at least I am at levels of comfort where I could fall into bed at any minute, so at least there’s that.

Also have I mentioned that I finally got tired of hearing every medical professional involved in my life tell me to get more cardio and therefore I am trying to get more effing cardio? Which is all well and good but it turns out that running 4x a week and yoga 2x a week sucks up a lot of time that I used to put into more interesting things like reading and sitting around eating nacho cheese and shopping for Anthropologie skirts.  Boring.

I can’t even remember when I took these pictures! Whatever. Let’s say I’m wearing one of these super cute outfits right now, and I am totally not still in my pajamas at 10 am.


When in doubt, throw a blazer and a huge scarf at it.

{Gap blazer, Banana Republic sweater, Amazon chunky knit infinity scarf, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein Evanthe Boots}


I think there’s a nice juxtaposition between my RBF and the sentiments expressed via decorative pillow.

{Gap Herringbone Blazer, Gap Outlet Sweater, Loft Peter Pan Collar Blouse, Banana Republic Outlet Pants of Magic, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}


These are the Gap pants I accidentally bought when I lost my mind and thought I needed super dressy black pants.  They do fit perfectly and they’d be something I’d wear once a week to my office at HyperCompuGlobalMegaNet, but in my life they are probably a slightly stupid purchase. However I make myself wear them once a year so they at least retain some illusion of usefulness and I got three compliments on this outfit, so obviously I know nothing anyway.

{Gap Perfect Trouser Pants, Plaid Scarf from Amazon, Target cardigan, Red Wedges from some random brand via Amazon on super sale}


Even though these are technically cords, they always look so glued to my body in my pictures that I decided just to embrace them as leggings.  I think technically this is a dress but it also works well as “long enough to cover your Britney” so there you go.

{Loft cords, in theory, Gap sweater dress, Amazon infinity scarf, Frye campus boots}



A few posts ago I mentioned I needed skinny black pants and a few people mentioned just wearing cropped black pants (which I already own) tucked into boots.  I was concerned that there would too much volume up top to pull this off, but if I tight roll the bottom of the pants, it totally works! Fabulous. Favorite outfit of the week.

{Loft Boyfriend Cardigan, Forever 21 Spike Necklace, Old Navy Favorite Tee, Gap Slim Cropped Pants, Anne Klein Evanthe Boots}

I ADORE this sweater.  They’re basically sold out online because they marked them down to something like $15 but I might head to the mall this weekend and see if any are left in the store.  And I have a J. Crew gift card burning a hole in my pocket, although I have no idea what to get with it.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking the Kiki Ballet Flats since they’re not as flat as normal ballet flats, but I’m nervous. Anyone bought anything from J. Crew lately that’s the bees knees?

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5 Responses

  1. That last picture makes me want to run out immediately and shop for the entire outfit, regardless of the fact that I am not appropriately dressed for public viewing. You are stunning.

  2. You always look nice, but that final picture? Hot dayum, girl! You look so gorgeous – makeup perfection, hair perfection. Next time show a face close up so I can learn from your look!!

  3. Dude, you look like you’ve lost a whole bunch of weight. All this cardio/yoga must be doing its thing!
    You look fantastic!

  4. If you haven’t sprung for those bad ass red ballet flats yet, might I recommend the J. Crew fluted double crepe skirt? It is fabulous beyond measure and I really could give you a laundry list of reasons why you need it if you so desire.

    Also, they used to offer it in a poppy color and a fun blue which, if interested, I bet you could hunt those bitches down on eBay or something.

  5. In light of your news, that you might stop blogging, I wanted to convey how much I have appreciated you what i wore info. You have inspired to really go thru my closet, to think about my purchases and most importantly to stop wearing clothes that cause me to feel blah. I hear you about the books also, I love to read but as a new high school librarian I am feeling the pressure. Reading has become a burden in addition to taking me away from family time. I have stacks and lists and well its just not as fun as it should be. Here’s hoping you find a balance that works for you.

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