What I Wore This Week: This Is Where I Admit It Was 65 Degrees Here This Week

It feels like April! Sorry, Minnesota.  If you want we can compare mortgages, that might make you feel better.


I really needed more/new long sleeved shirts and all my black sweaters are starting to get that faded vibe that I hate, so I threw this in the cart at Target.  I really like it, it’s basically pajamas, although it does have that “I’m going to be pilly very soon” vibe, I have one of those pill shavers so I shall triumph over Target and their pilly clothing, in theory. I kind of wish it wasn’t a hoodie because it makes look really casual, but whatevs. I’m not wearing it to Buckingham Palace.

Target hoodie shirt sweater thingee (I couldn’t find it on the Website of Evilness but I just bought it last week in the store), Gap ribbed tank, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein Evanthe boots


For some reason I am always hearing how trouser jeans are not the thing to be wearing anymore, or something? Put that in the bucket marked “I do not care, I love my trouser jeans, you will pry them from my cold dead hands.”

Target sweater shirt thingee, again, I didn’t even wash it, Old Navy trouser jeans, Seychelles Suede Wedges I bought ages ago on Ebay and that look like sneakers in this picture but I promise you are super cute wedges with bows on them.


Did you know I lived in Portland, OR until I was 15 years old? Well, I did.  That means there’s no choice in the matter, I am a Portland Trailblazers Fan for LIFE. I wore this outfit on a fancy date I had with Damian Lillard.  Technically it was a Kings/Blazers game I went to with my husband, but Damian Lillard and I were there together IN THE SAME BUILDING so it totally counts.  I like to think he appreciated my layering.  Also, the Blazers are REALLY good this year and they lost to the Kings, who are NOT really good this year, and not only was it emotionally devastating but it also obviously means that some part of this outfit is unlucky. Now I just have to figure out what it was and burn it.  I’m hoping it wasn’t my super cute vest.

Gap vest sans hood, it zips off, what a wonderful vest!, Target chambrayish shirt but not technically because I otherwise I’d be wearing a Texas Tuxedo and WE CAN’T HAVE THAT, Gap Outlet necklace, AE Skinnies, Bandolino boots.



This was Playdate Wednesday so I had literally thirteen minutes to shower and throw clothing on my body after my run.  This is what I came up with.  Could be worse!  So pasty though.  Come back July, I miss you! Or maybe tell me your favorite bronzer, why don’tcha?

Amazon Chunky Infinity Scarf, Banana Republic Sweater I’m not sure I can ever wear again because Shalini thinks it looks like it came from the Eileen Fisher Catalog, You know Where the Jeans Came From, Right?, and my Frye Campus boots.


I have cramps.  This is my opinion on that.

PS I have owned these shoes since high school.  They are my favorite, even though they make my feet cold.  They have JUST now reached the perfect level of frayed worn in ness.  They make my feet cold but they make my heart warm.  Wow, I just wrote that about shoes.  Hmmm.  The Tylenol may be affecting my synapses.

Spalding leggings from Amazon I ordered for running but now I just wear all the time, AE cardigan, AE cami, Gap vest, scarf I made in a fit of craftiness, Jack Purcells: VINTAGE.



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  1. In addition to swearing more, my big plan for growing older includes nothing BUT Eileen Fisher clothing. That stuff is flowy and fabulous looking.

    • It’s not Chico’s, so it’s a-okay. Except on the dude from the J. Crew catalog.

  2. I don’t think you should ever stop wearing trouser jeans! You look fantastic in them!

  3. Today I decided to do laundry. I walked into the dining room, announced to my the bearded one, who is home for winter break STILL, that I was doing laundry and if he would like me to wash the pajama pants and University of Minnesota sweatshirt he has been wearing nonstop for the last four days, maybe he should change. He looked at me and suggested I could probably change from the yoga pants and University of Minnesota sweatshirt I have been wearing for the last four days, too.

    So Imma not gonna judge you for wearing the same shirt twice in a row without washing it.

  4. (Also, everything yellow is magic. I cannot get enough of it. Wear more yellow!) And I wear the same shirt, uh, a lot. Without washing it. It builds up people’s immunity to standing too close to me.

  5. Just a note that I’m glad you’re still posting, and I definitely support your “read less” goal, but hope you’ll still share the good stuff you do read! I found Penumbra because of you! And Elenor and Park! I owe you big.

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