What I Wore This Week: A Dream and My Cardigan

So I bought this navy cardigan at the Gap outlet because it was EIGHT DOLLARS.  Then I came home and castigated myself ROUNDLY because I am trying not to do that thing where I buy clothes just because they’re EIGHT DOLLARS, and I wasn’t sure if would be able to find anything to wear with this stupid eight dollar navy cardigan.  So then I decided I would create a challenge! funsies! and wear it for a week straight and see how many things I could figure out to wear it with.  Also, you should know that I cheated like a madman and I went straight to Pinterest and entered in “navy cardigan” and then copied a bunch of other people’s ideas.  Also you should know that this post was not sponsored by the Navy Cardigan Council of America. It was sponsored by MY eight dollars, my child’s nap thank you sweet baby Jesus, and Miley Cyrus.  And possibly Xanax.

Answers to FAQ’s no one asked:

1. How much was the sweater again? (It was EIGHT DOLLARS.)

2. Yes, I washed the sweater sometime in the middle there. Ish.

2. No, I never want to wear the sweater ever again, in fact I want to light it on fire in the middle of a frozen, desolate field. It’s too late for us to try to be in love right now.

3. Yes, I am still very dubious about belts over sweaters, but I did it for fashion. And you. 

4. No, I don’t have any extra Xanax.

5. You might think I’m crazy, that I’m lost and foolish.  Maybe you’re right.  Maybe you’re right.

6. Did anyone notice that you were wearing the same sweater five days in a row?  No.  We all have children.  We’re too tired to notice anything besides whether or not our seven year old is trying to go to school in his underwear, and even that’s pushing it.


This was when I was still happy and excited about Sweater Gate 2014.  So much for taking this too far.  You can’t blame me for who I am.

Gap Outlet Sweater, I think we’ve established that, Loft lacy tee shirt thing that actually I really like, Forever 21 necklace, Target Earrings, AE Hi Rise Skinnies, Toms Prison Wedges


Ok, so this looks exactly the same as the day before, but I did wear different shoes and a different shirt. Plus I like that it shows me how much of a huge difference jewelry makes.  I thought this was only ok but the outfit before it I loved.

Same stupid Gap Outlet Cardigan, on Pinterest this outfit had a ruffly tank but I don’t have a ruffly tank, so I wore this beaded tank and it sort of got lost I think, Hive and Honey heels.


And then I layered a dress, a button down, a cardigan, and a belt.  FASHION!!!!

Gap Outlet Cardigan of Evil and Hatred, Gap dress, Target button down, Frye boots, Target belt

PS My husband complimented this outfit, and the only time he ever notices my clothes is when I’m not wearing any (dirty!), so win! I am winning at fashion!


I suspect we aren’t wearing denim skirts anymore? Don’t much care! Loved this!

THE SAME DAMN CARDIGAN, Old Navy scarf, Gap tank, Gap skirt, Hive and Honey booties


Dubious. I am dubious.

I AM GOING TO GO TAKE OFF THIS MOTHER EFFING CARDIGAN NOW, Banana Republic shirt, Target belt, AE Skinnies, Bandolino boots.


15 Responses

  1. I love the cardigan and what you did with it. 1,2 and three are my favorites but they all look great. Don’t throw it out, I think you’ll probably wear it again.

  2. All those outfits looks FABULOUS!!

  3. The sweater totally works! It’s not not the MOST exciting piece in the world but strikes me a very useful.

  4. I loooooove the two outfits with the skirts! Super cute!

  5. Agree with everyone, don’t toss it, it’s a staple that will come in handy. I dig navy 🙂

    I seriously hope denim skirts aren’t out, that would make me sad.

    I love these posts!

  6. Best 8 dollars ever!! I need a new navy cardigan… don’t tell me they’re not cool! 😉

  7. Is it wrong to want a navy cardigan after reading this? Because I have that very desire. NEED.

  8. The best part about this is that I do NOT have a navy cardigan and bemoan this fact WEEKLY. I also recently went to a GAP Outlet and purchased a light gray boyfriend sweater which I LOVE, though I wish I had grabbed Navy.

    As for belts with cardigans, I dig it, but I mostly go for skinny belts and pair with pencil skirts or skinnies. Makes me feel very pinup. If you like that sort of thing. Skinny belt, mostly buttoned up cardigan and pearls is my ‘secretary’ look that always gets compliments.

  9. I like them all, except that dress is too short!

  10. Those outfits look FABULOUS and I now want a navy cardigan. My favorite is the last one because you know I love belting and boots.

  11. Okay I know you hate it but now I am convinced I need a navy cardigan and also this whole post had me cracking up, so thanks for that. 🙂

  12. We’d better still be wearing denim skirts! I have a mid-thigh denim skirt that I wear at least once a month with fun tights or leggings and it makes me feel young and cute. Probably I just look dated and desperate, since it reminds me of something cool from when I was in high school. But I do.not.care. I choose to believe a short denim skirt is eternally sexy.

  13. I loved all of these! I was getting frustrated with how to style my navy cardigan, but this gives me hope. 🙂

  14. I like how in the first picture you look all hopeful and in the last one you’re about to murder all of Sacramento.

  15. […] Elizabeth had to be all cute and pretty and funny and do this experiment where she wore a navy cardi…. She thought that she exhausted all the ways to wear that sweater, but LISTEN. She didn’t […]

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