What I Wore This Week But Actually It Was Two Weeks Ago This Week I Wore Yoga Pants

It’s true, sometimes I wear yoga pants.  It’s amazing how much time exercising 4-6 times a week takes up.  I’m just resigned to it now but it means giving up some other things. Less blogging, less fancy outfits.

Anyway. My new non important life goal is to re wear everything in my closet a completely different way than I’ve worn it before.  I like this goal; I feel like it’s making me more creative with layering and stretching my comfort zone a bit.


I saw someone wearing this on the street the other day and I loved it and copied it. It was one of my favorites of the week.  I am wearing leggings as pants and you know what? It’s cool. I’m a grown woman and I get to do whatever I damn well please. And I loved this outfit and it wins big time at re wearing all these things a new way.

{Gap Herringbone blazer, Target button down, Gap ribbed tank, Ebay necklace, Spalding leggings, Frye Campus boots}


Nothing too exciting, but I got to wear my new red shoes, and sometimes you just need to go with simple and throw some red shoes on it.

{Target cardigan, Gap ribbed tank, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, J. Crew Ballet Flats}



I loved this. I think it was cuter in person than in this picture? I don’t know.  Anyway, it FELT cute and that’s what matters to me. And again, never worn any of this like this before, so winning, I am.

{Target button down, Gap Outlet necklace, Lands End Canvas dress, Gap tights (they have the best tights!), Hive and Honey heels}


In my inspiration picture this was worn with leopard heels but the leopard heels weren’t high enough and they made this outfit look dumpy, so I went back to the Fryes. But this is also a new look with this dress! Gold stars! For me!

{Gap dress, T shirt scarf c/o Manda, Target belt, Gap tights, Frye Campus boots}



I’m not wild about this outfit, I probably shouldn’t have bought this white sweater because it’s causing me difficulties and it looks oddly dumpy with everything, but I wore two things I’d never even busted out my closet (the sweater and the skirt) and I loooooved my makeup.  Whatever.

{Gap sweater, Target scarf, Loft skirt, Gap tights, Frye Campus boots}


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  1. You look adorable as always in all these outfits. But can we talk about your makeup? I mean, you didn’t mention it until the last photo but it looks great in ALL the pictures. Your lipstick is so great! And if I may say so, you have kick ass eyebrows.

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