Spring Things

It’s almost spring time! At least around here. (Sorry, Minnesota.) And a young (ish) girl’s fancy turns towards buying things. Seriously, I want to buy all the things.  Or more specifically all these things:

1. This Gap Twist Back Maxi Dress which I already bought and which will be here in 7-10 business days, so never, essentially.  Reviews are dubious, but it could be so great that I figured I’d try. But seriously, just imagine throwing this over a tank top every single day this summer. BAM. 

gap dress

2. I’m always in search of more flowy shirts, I really like this Anthropologie one although the reviews are mixed. 

anthro top

3. Last summer I was desperate for a long stretchy strapless dress I could lounge around my backyard in, this Old Navy one looks like it will fit the bill nicely and it also turns into a skirt, so bonus.  I wish it came in a crazy bright fun print, but alack, I shall have to settle for black. 

maxi tube dress

4. Speaking of skirts, I need a casual peasanty knee length white skirt. If anyone sees one, holler.  I had to throw out the last one I had because Erik claimed you could see the full Britney through it, even thought I was wearing underwear.  I think sandals plus a cute little white skirt plus a navy polo plus big sunglasses is the ideal summer outfit. Minus the Britney. 

5. I am also looking for a sort of asymetrical gray striped maxi skirt, but I have a really specific picture of it in my head which means I’ll probably never find it. 

6. I think this will be the summer I buy some aviators, but I’m going to start with really cheap ones to see if I actually like them or if I just like Tami Taylor. 


7. I am always in the market for more sandals that don’t have a strap between your toes.  Forever 21 has a ton I really like, although I’ve never bought any shoes there and I’m not sure about the quality.  There’s cheap sandals and then there’s unwearably cheap sandals. 

forever 21 sling backs navy sandal

8. I also want to buy a new pair of Havaianas.  Metallic maybe


9. I am dying for an emerald green dress. With big sunglasses and a denim jacket and some gold sandals? Perfection. Where to get this? Maybe Boden? Although that looks a little too structured for summer.  

boden dress

10. I’m also in the market for a really distinctive/super cute jacket – I have a ton of blazers, but none of them have that SHAZAM that I have in mind. I looked at Anthro to no avail, but maybe they’ll get some new cute spring stuff in. Right now it’s dudsville. 

11.  And I still need a great white tee.  I think I might finally give the one from Everlane a try


12. For summer makeup, I want some new blush, specifically the Tarte Natural Beauty one that I’ve had my eye on for ages, some bronzer…maybe Tarte Park Avenue Princess, and maybe some more crazy glitter eyeliner, because after I figured out that you have to SHAKE the Stila Glitter eyeliner, I am now IN LOVE.  Obviously I will spend many quality hours in Sephora poking at things and cadging free samples, but this is what I’ve got my eye on. 

tarte nat beauty park avenue princessstila glitter

13. I saw this Ponte Shift Lands End dress the other day and while I’ve been avoiding Lands’ End due to some less than favorable customer service issues and a general Air De Frumpsville, I really like it. It could be schlumpy, but the floral one is cute so I figure it’s worth a shot. I don’t know, now that I look at closer I sort of hate it. 

ponte shift dress

14. I also seem to be moving away from the plastic glittery fake J. Crew rhinestone jewelry vibe and towards something a bit more organic. I don’t want to go too far in the hippie direction, but I’d like stuff that’s a bit more natural looking and a little more special. I’m not totally sure where to find this stuff because Etsy is so overwhelming and non returnable and you can’t see it before you buy it and if I’m going to pay $40 for a necklace I want to see it first.  So that remains a conundrum to be solved.  31 Bits has potential but there was nothing there at this time that screamed “YOU MUST BUY ME NOW” so we’ll see.  Perhaps I’ll start frequenting small exclusive boutiques in Marrakesh.  

15. Didja know I went to Palm Springs? Well I did and it was wonderful and I did not bring my children and I sat by the pool for six days and drank fruity beverages oh my god I want to go back.  Anyway, someone at the pool in Palm Springs (TAKE ME BACK) was wearing a cloche straw hat with a ribbon sash, and it looked very cute with braids and a swim suit (and a giant diamond but whatever). It will probably make me look like Blossom, I want it anyway. Last year they had them at Target so I am hopeful they will make a repeat appearance. 

16. Also, you might not believe me, but I need more striped t shirts.  I’m a blogger. I can’t have too many.  Please alert if you find a good one. 

17. I keep thinking of more things! Anyway. I FINALLY bought a pair of ballet flats that I don’t hate! They’re the Kiki Ballet Flat from J. Crew, and they have a tidge of a heel and a hard sole, so they don’t have that mushy slash flat situation that most ballet flats have that make me feel stumpy legged.  Now I’ve got a hankerin’ for a pair of aqua ones. Doesn’t that sound so beautiful and summery? These Frye ones are a little “I’m wearing these to Sundance” but they’re close. 






8 Responses

  1. The girl on the right in the white t-shirt picture looks…forlorn.

  2. Did you see the Frye Carson ballet flats on that same site? They come in an aqua colour with a less western vibe 🙂

  3. White skirt possibility? http://m.nordstrom.com/Product/Details/3610991?origin=browse

    Boden is my absolute favorite source for striped shirts (when there’s a 20% off code). They hold up so well and don’t fade or get holes after a few washes.

  4. Delurking to offer the suggestion of Ten Thousand Villages as an alternative to Etsy for more interesting jewellry. It’s all fair trade, and the artisans are paid well, and it’s just different enough that it looks neat, but not weird.

  5. I actually found my perfect casual peasant-y knee length white skirt at TJ Maxx last year, after hunting for one fruitlessly the summer before. It’s pretty awesome, and it was twenty bucks. You’d think white would be terrible with little kids around, but as it turns out, bleach works wonders as long as the item in question is a true white.

    Also, Blossom. Hah.

  6. Frye totally equals Sundance. Heh.

    Also, not really on your list of needs, but might I recommend the Boden Must Have Tee? I ordered the orange-y color and it arrived yesterday. It’s thin, flowy, and I would consider it more of a blouse or shirt than a tee. The wider neckline and print make me excited to wear it.

    And Topshop is good for ballet flats. Not terribly hardy, but I don’t ask a lot of my flat shoes and they have many colors and are cheap. I maybe ordered five pairs. Or two, if you happen to talk to T.

  7. I am coming back to say that maybe the Cotton Biker Jacket from Boden might be your thing. You look really snazzy in the gray one that you have and this one comes in ivory, navy and some sort of brown/tan number.

  8. Okay first – for fun flats, look at the j crew website — their spring colors are EXCELLENT (coral with purple trim! metal embellishment! navy and lavender!) and also you said Britney a lot, so.

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