What I Wore This Week: Or Whatever

Whew. I had a lot of pictures saved up. I shall try to be brief.

Also, I apologize for the lack of links, but I haven’t been buying a lot of new clothes, so much of what I am doing now is just trying to make the things I already own work in different combinations.  Maybe still interesting to see, hopefully? But not so shoppable as before.


I’m about to wear these jeans a lot. Prepare yourself.

This sweater was an impulse buy at Target awhile ago (they still have it on stock though) and I really love it.  I’ve started to really feel the whole gray situation.

{Target sweater, Forever 21 necklace, AE Artist Crops, J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats}


Best dress ever.  Seriously, it’s like wearing a giant super flattering sweatshirt.

{Lands End Canvas Dress, Target infinity scarf, Leggings of an unknown provenance, Doc Martens}


It’s started to seem like we’re not gonna get a whole lot of winter and maybe even spring so I wanted to wear this jacket while I still could, since it’s one of my favorites.

{Target jacket, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Scarf was a gift from my lovely MIL, Havaianas}


I loved the pearls with the moto jacket and the stripes.

{Forever 21 Moto Jacket, Forever 21 Clustered Pearl Necklace, Loft tee, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein boots}


Ever since I polished these boots they’re like a whole new pair! Who knew!? (I knew, I’m just lazy about boring tasks like shoe polishing.)  I’m also wearing a tassel necklace UNDER the jacket and that’s how you know I’m on the cutting edge of the fashion world.

{Target Jacket, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Bandolino Boots}


Man, the one thing I think they actually do well at Old Navy are blouses, except I want to call them something else because blouse is such an old lady word, so I guess…floaty shirts? They’re not quite Anthro caliber but they are far less shoddy than most of the rest of their clothes. I really love this one a lot.  Also, I get more compliments on these sandals than any other shoes I own, for the record.

{Old Navy floaty shirt, Gap ribbed tank, Target necklace, Loft Curvy Skinny Cords, Target sandals}


And then I discovered the open cardigan and my life was forever changed.

Seriously, I just thought I couldn’t wear these because I had this strange idea that if they didn’t close, I’d look like I was…bursting out of them, or something? But these cardigans are THE BEST!!!! So flattering and easy and comfy and they cover all the worst bits and show your cute tank and you don’t have to worry about button gappage over the lady bazzers and they are just WONDERFUL and now I need ten thousand.  This is my first but I plan to buy A LOT.

{Target cardigan, Garnet Hill tank, AE Artist Crops, Kork Ease Wedges}


Merrick had a very helpful tutorial on how to wear a giant scarf, which was perfect because I don’t like a lot of scarf tail flappering all over myself.  I thought this was so cute and polished! I am a fan. Although it was also informative as to whether I should cut my hair into a stacked bob.  Verdict: HELL NO.

{Gap scarf, Loft sweater, AE Artist Crops, J. Crew Kiki Ballet Flats}


I have had this sweater FOREVER because they minute I saw it I had to have it, and I paid a ridiculous price for it and then I could never figure out how to wear it, and then I searched under “black and white cardigans” on Pinterest and realized I could wear it UNZIPPED and a world of possibilities was born! I am a fashion genius, guys.  But seriously look at the stripes and the bows and the zipper of a different color. Love!

{Downeast Basics Sweater, JC Penney Joe Fresh Tank, AE Artist Crops Seriously I Need to Buy Some Other Jeans, Target sandals}


4 Responses

  1. Favorite bit: “I’m also wearing a tassel necklace UNDER the jacket and that’s how you know I’m on the cutting edge of the fashion world.” You are hilarious.

    And these are all GREAT outfits. I too have a bias against open cardigans, but this one looks fantastic on you! Perhaps I must expand my worldview to include open cardigans…

  2. I love reading your posts. I almost want to get a twitter account so I can read more of your wit! Thx you.

  3. Ooooh I love open cardigans too! My banana has a bunch on the clearance rack right now. In fun colors and lovely fabric, for not very expensive. (I bought a navy/purple.) Peek in next time you’re at the mall, if you’re in the market for these!

    Your necklace under the jacket comment made me laugh. 🙂

  4. Open cardigans are the bomb. Seriously.

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