What I Wore Last Week: Friday Got Away From Me, Ok?


An oldie but a goodie. Have I mentioned how much I love this cardigan? Get thee to Target and buy one.

{Loft skirt (thrifted), Old Navy Vintage Tee which I had to throw out because it reached a state of disgusting pillage, Toms Prison Wedges, eye bags/general exhaustion face courtesy of my children}


I am so proud of myself for all the mileage I’ve gotten out of both this short sleeved sweater, because I normally have a hard time with those, and this blouse, because I am not a natural at blousage.  Loved this outfit, although I did get hot.  Almost time to pack up the blazers for the summer.

{Gap herringbone blazer, Loft blouse, Banana Republic Outlet Sweater, Banana Republic Outlet Crops, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}




This is the first of my new things for summer and I loooooove this Gap maxi dress. I do have to wear a tank under it, but still, it’s basically pajamas, so I’m a fan.  It runs super huge, though, mine is a Medium Petite and I normally wear a 12. They’re having 40% off now so you should buy it.  Unless you hate sexy pajamas. Mine is also a tidge long but I enjoy that vibe. If you’re short and you don’t do the whole maxi dress dragging on the ground sweeping up small children in its wake thing you might need to get it hemmed.

Also, this necklace is amazing, I got mine on Ebay here, and I adooooore it.

Also I spent two years trying to figure out how to wear this cardigan and then I DIDN’T BUTTON IT AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW.

{Gap Twist Back Maxi Dress, AE tank, Ebay howlite necklace, Target cardigan, Havaianas}


Seriously, the only thing I had to do this whole time with all these cardigans I couldn’t make work was to not button them? Jesus.

{Target cardigan, AE tank, J. Crew dress, Franco Sarto Wedges}



I love this! Favorite outfit of the week.

{Banana Republic Outlet dress, Target scarf, Target cardigan, Toms Prison Wedges}


5 Responses

  1. Loving the Peter Pan collar!

  2. That last one is amazing. I would love to own that outfit.

  3. You always manage to look so lovely: that maxi dress does seem awesome (except for the back/bra strap issue). And that last outfit is A++ on you!

  4. that is a week of winners

  5. You NAILED it this week! I love everything!

    And look at you branching out to blouses under sweaters! Do they still feel bunchy and uncomfortable?

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