The Great Pants Experiment of 2013

I’m about to pack away all the winter clothes for the season, which reminded me that I was thinking of doing a quick blog post on how my boys pants experiment of 2013-2014 went, in case anyone cares? Probably no one does, but whatever. IT’S MY BLOG I DO WHAT I WANT.

So for Eli’s first year of school (Kindergarten) I bought most of his school clothes at Target.  Not on purpose, really, just because they were there and they were cheap and it was really easy to throw a couple of pairs of khakis in the cart when we needed milk and he was running low on pants.  However, none of the pants I bought there made it all the way through the school year.  ALL the jeans had holes in the knees and both pair of khakis ripped right in half at  the seams.  So when he started first grade I thought I’d see if it made any difference if I looked for slightly better school clothes.  I had no idea if $25 jeans were any better than $14 jeans but I figured it was worth a shot, especially since once you’re past wearing a 5T at Target Shawn White ruins your life and all the clothes are terrible.

So  here’s all the stuff I bought and how it fared.  Spoiler alert: The experiment was a success.  Nothing but the finest in pants for all of us from here on out! And by the finest in pants I mean pants from the Gap on sale.


These jeans are from Crewcuts, I think I paid $22 each.  (You have to keep your eyes out for them to go on sale.) You can see there’s some slight wear at the knees, but nothing terrible, and it’s much less obvious when they’re being worn. I could absolutely hand these down.


These are Gap Cargo pants and Gap khakis.  The cargo pants were around $34.95 but I am sure I used a huge discount code on them.  They wore like IRON.  I could probably even resell them, except that they use the dreaded dry erase markers in school, and fun fact, dry erase markers don’t wash out of clothing! Grrrrrr.  The khakis also wore fine. I don’t know that I’d buy such a bright color again because I found them hard to match, but maybe I’ll keep them out for the summer and make him wear them rolled up with flip flops and a fun t shirt.


These are pair of embroidered pants from Janie and Jack ($no idea, but certainly overpriced) and some Levis khaki jean type thing ($19) I threw in the cart on a whim at Target.  The embroidered pants are a little tattered at the bottom, but Eli literally wore these for YEARS and there’s no other signs of wear.  The Levis also wore well although the color means they are a bit stained in the knee.



These are Lands’ End Iron Knee Jeans. I think they were around $20 on sale.  They actually have patches on the inside of the jeans, which the Crewcuts jeans do not.  You can see some VERY slight wear in the knee area, but again, not when they’re on, and I could absolutely hand these down.  Supposedly if they do get holes in the knees they will replace them for free, but we didn’t have that issue so I can’t comment on that.

I also bought tshirts/sweaters/dress shirts at various places, obviously,  but I thought that would get a bit much for this post.  Suffice it to say my favorite t shirts were from the Gap, my favorite polo shirts are still Target, the only thing I will buy from Old Navy are dressy cotton shirts, and I liked the sweaters from J. Crew better than any of the ones from the Gap, although I got a few rare decent ones from Target that I also liked.

Hit me up with any questions! Happy shopping!



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  1. Just FYI, baby wipes are helpful at getting dry erase markers off of clothing!

  2. did you buy any Target ones this year to compare with? If yes how did they fare?

  3. Do you ever go to kid consignment sales (like the franchise ones- Rhea Lana’s, Just Between Friends, Kids’ Closet Connection)? There are no less than eight giant consignment sales in the spring & in the fall in the Kansas City area where I live. My favorite one here is Rhea Lana’s. I find it gets a little harder to find as much stuff the older they get but I still find at least 3 or 4 pairs of pants for my 5 yr old son & never pay more than $6 or $7 so they definitely help in cheaply supplementing his wardrobe a bit. I agree that the pricier pants tend to be sturdier than Target ones, even if they aren’t new.

  4. I have a 23-month-old-son and just bought a bunch of Old Navy shirts after being disgusted by Gap’s “sale” prices. So far the quality seems okay: the t-shirts haven’t pilled or shrunk. I know their women’s clothing is disposable, but are their kids’ clothes the same?

    PS I really like your blog. I love the outfit posts. I have some of the same random items, and it’s fun to see you style them.

  5. Oh! I so appreciate this!

    I just had to buy Ezra five pairs of jeans at Target because one by one he either blew the knees out OR they became too short and we still have at least two months of pants weather left here. I am going to keep the Gap and Lands End options in mind for him for fall.

    And I agree on Gap for t-shirts. They wear so well and Ezra still has one (business shark!) that he loves so much he wears it to bed. It’s a 3T and utterly small and ridiculous looking.

    Oh! And I like Carter’s for boy polos. They wear really well without much fading.

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