Eleven Questions

Eleven Questions

Jennie tagged me for this post and she’s my favorite so I just do whatever she wants.

1. What is your favorite type of cheese? I’m definitely going to have to go with Jasper Hill Farms, because my sister works there and it’s great, and also the cheese is AHMAZING.  It’s won a bunch of awards and has been in Martha Stewart Living and all that but also my sister works there so duh. But also SO DELICIOUS GET SOME.  (That second cheese in that link is named after the lake Katie’s middle name comes from. SO COOL IT’S LIKE I’M CHEESE FAMOUS.)

2. What are you excited about? Um, dinner? I don’t know.  I try to avoid, excitement, really. It’s overrated. We’re going to a wedding this summer in Michigan, I am actually really excited to see everyone we haven’t seen in so long, and to see one of my favorite cousin in laws get married and maybe to hold some eensy babies because two of my SIL’s are having babies right around then.  I am trying to con my immediate family into going on a tropical vacation this year instead of having Christmas, so I’m excited about that.  I found Katie some really cute leopard print ballet flats on sale, so that’s fun. I live a big crazy life, what can I say.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday? 

I was at the Blathering! It was fabulous.  It could totally have been a downer except my friends are the most wonderful, and they did all kinds of special stuff for me and it was just all so thoughtful and really I felt so beyond loved.  Parts of it were Beiber themed via Caitlin and Jennie.  It was incredible.

4. What is on your bedside table? My favorite Anthropologie candle, a decorative bird, and about 27 library books.

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand? Root beer, popcorn no butter, sour patch kids or Junior Mints.  The candy is a game time decision. But I don’t get like, raisinets, because who wants to eat rabbit turds on purpose.  Man, I miss going to the movies.  That’s the number one thing I miss most about pre kid life. Besides sleep.  Glorious glorious sleep. (DID I JUST INVENT THE SLEEPING MOVIE THEATER I THINK I DID SEND ME A MILLION DOLLARS PLEASE.)

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing?

Jennie’s answer made me laugh out loud. I sure do love that lady.

Anyway, I do have a garden.  I assume this question doesn’t mean flowers? Let’s assume because that list is really long and no one really cares about my bushes.  Awkward.  Um, tomatoes, tomatoes are growing.  We have 24.  That’s probably enough.  Sometimes Erik hand pollinates them.  Awkward.

7. Any summer plans? I am really going to sit around a lot.  Read some books.  Probably yell at some children to stay out of the goddamn garden boxes and quit splashing me.  Maybe eat a popsicle or two.  I was thinking of cooking my way through Martha Stewart Living June but that does NOT sound therapist approved, so maybe I’ll cook my way through the Lean Cuisine aisle at Target. Man, Martha’s getting a lot of play in this questionnaire.  Probably a bad sign.

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for? I don’t really watch a lot of tv because I am too boring for things like modern pictures in a box.  Mostly I pine for TV couples of the past.  Currently I would say Will and Alicia but we all know how that turned out. (RAGE FIERY RAGE I HAVE IT.) So I guess I’m going to have to say Mindy and Danny.  Hopefully no one shoots HIM in the face.

9. What’s the last thing you bought? Books at the book fair.  It’s hot times over here, I told you that.

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about? A woman’s right to choose.  So freedom, I guess.

11. What are you grateful for this week? Chocolate, and my husband, who waves me out the door every single Wednesday night so I can have a couple hours off.

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What I Wore This Week: Dresses and Things


Ooooh, this dress is the bestest.  You can wear it as a skirt or a dress, and it’s so soft and so comfortable and flowy and isn’t too long because it has one of those jaggedy hems (technical term) and if you just want to throw it on and sit in your backyard and then later throw a tank top on over it and go out to dinner it is PERFECT. I have been looking for a strapless knit dress forever in order to do some really serious around the backyard sitting and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this find.

{Cynthia Rowley convertible dress via Marshalls, Havaianas.  I can’t find this dress online, but at my Marshalls it was on a round with a bunch of maxi skirts.}



This is my Lands End Fit and Flare dress.  I find myself avoiding this dress in my closet because it feels like I have to work to make it not dumpy, and then whenever I see pictures, it’s just SO flattering.  By the way, this is a small, if you can believe that ridiculousness. PS WHY IS MY HAIR SO ORANGE BAH.

{Lands End Fit and Flare dress, Toms Prison Wedges, Gap Outlet necklace, Old Navy Cami}


WTF is up with my hair here? I have no idea. Woah.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite dress I own.  This length/cut/silhouette/waist is the perfect one for me. I just wish I could tell online or even when I look at something hanging on the rack in the store if it matches this formula.  Maybe I could measure the various proportions and carry a tape measure around with me.  That doesn’t sound overly perfectionistic at all I don’t think.

{Lands End Canvas dress, J. Crew necklace, Hive & Honey heels}



This dress is awfully shazam. I really love it, although it does create a steamy undercarriage situation that is not ideal on these balmy 100 degree days. Also, just so you know, this dress is kind of a pain in the neck.  You have to rig some things up with bra clips and tank tops and spanxy type hoo ha.  Worth it though.

{Gap dress, Joe Fresh tank, Ebay necklace)


I had to go to a preschool field trip and it was 102 degrees. I threw this dress on because it’s an old faithful – comfortable and always looks like you tried but not too hard.

{J. Crew dress, Gap tank, Havaianas}


New shoes! Love em.  I purchased these for myself for Mother’s Day and they are the bees knees.  Although VERY tall, be forewarned.  Also, this shirt is new and I really like it.  The elastic waist is a tiny bit futzy and you have to wear something under it, but once you get used to that it’s so pretty!

{Old Navy shirt, Old Navy Cami of Magical Cheapness, AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, DV Wedges}

31 Ridiculous Things About Me, Or Me Just Complaining About Things I Hate

1. I’m still mad I didn’t get to name Eli “Hopper”.

2. I love Randy Travis with the entire entirety of my entire heart. I’ll never hear “I’m gonna love you forever” without feeling complete happiness.

3. I hate food that’s been cut up and put into other food.  Like chicken from one meal that gets cut up and cooked again in another meal. HORK.

4. I feel genuinely unsettled about the fact that I only change my kids sheets every other week now that they have bunk beds.

5. Speaking of which.  I love bed more than almost any other place in the world except maybe Palm Springs.

6. I honestly don’t care that much how dirty my house is as long as everything is put away where it goes.  Clutter makes me crazzzzy, but dirt not’s a huge deal to me.

7. Sometimes Pledging my dining room table is legit the highlight of my week.

8. Other than my super handsome husband, Vince Vaughn circa Swingers is on the top of my list.  Except for maybe Jordan Catalano. Or Zac Efron.  Yeah, if they all three begged me to run away with them? That would be a troublesome decision.

9. I don’t really like bacon that much.

10. Ever since I started getting headaches I’m terrified to eat bananas.

11. I consider showering to be an incredible waste of the time.  I have to buy new shower products constantly because otherwise I’d never do it, it’s that boring.  When we were kids I used to make BFF Sara sit in the shower with me and tell me the plots of old Brady Bunch episodes. AND WE’RE STILL FRIENDS I KNOW.

12. Speaking of which, I used to be an ENORMOUS LIAR. In fifth grade I told Sara that my parents had already picked out my wedding dress, but they were waiting to have it made because they didn’t know my size yet.  Man, I was a weirdo.

13.  Also when I was a kid, the three foods I hated the most were pretzels, candy canes,and rice krispie treats.  I’m still pretty neutral on rice krispie treats, although the only foods I won’t eat now are lamb, blue cheese, and cauliflower.  Oh, and wet bread.

14.  I don’t find gardening relaxing at all.  It makes me hot and stressed out.  Erik loves it. So when I talk about all the tomatoes I grew this summer, please know that I…shopped for the seeds.  And maybe picked some, every once in a while.

15. I love to sit by a pool with a book more than almost anything else in the world, but I will almost never go in the water.

16. Throwing things out (or donating them to Goodwill) is one of my very favorite things to do.  In my experience if your parents tended towards the hoardy side of things, you either feel really comfortable surrounded by a lot of stuff, or stuff can make you feel claustrophobic.  I got the stuff claustrophobia.

17. I hate Saturday Night Live. HAAAAAATE.  I also hate stand up comedy, Will Ferrell, and being forced to watch You Tube videos that people tell me are super funny ahead of time.  I’ll find my own humor, dammit!

18.  I tried to watch Game of Thrones with Erik and in the first five minutes someone stabbed and killed a baby. E Dog out, yo.

19.  When I read, I unconsciously crinkle the pages back and forth between my fingers.  Erik HATES it. He calls me “Crinkly McGee” whenever I’m reading next to him.  Sometimes I’ll read a book I don’t even really like because the pages are so good for crinkling.  Paperbacks usually work a lot better than hardcovers.

20.  I love grocery shopping. I don’t even mind putting the groceries away.  But I hate hate hate folding up the paper bags.  Most of the time I end up leaving them on the kitchen floor until Erik gets home and he puts them away for me. I’m so fancy.

21. I do not compost. I have no desire to compost. Am bad person.  Who ain’t gonna compost.

22. I might be sort of obsessed with ribbon. I really love to wrap presents, and the ribbon is the best part. I’m still carrying a grudge against my BIL for stealing some of my favorite ribbon 15 years ago to tie around a forty.  I’ll get you back for that someday Greg! (He 100% thinks I’m touched for my reaction to the ribbon situation, even now. I’m sure this will help.)

23.  I find it very disturbing when people quote Friends episodes.  I’m still upset about the time I saw some dude in the grocery store parking lot wearing a “Central Perk” t shirt. A grown man! Ugh.  Luckily for me Erik only quotes Simpsons episodes.

24.  I have the worst sense of geography of any human ever born. I am still 99% sure that Alaska is an island.

25.  I also couldn’t tell time till I was about 25.  It’s still not 100%, if I’m being honest here.

26. When I was pregnant with Eli I used to have the crazy sex dreams about Nick Lachey.  ALL THE TIME! It was ridiculous! I don’t even find him attractive! (This is untrue. I totally think he’s hot.)

27.  Normally I don’t think I’m too bad with the swearing, but as soon as I get in the car it all goes out the window.  That’s where my kids do their real learning. Sigh.

28.  I think lobster tastes like fish flavored erasers. I can choke it down if I coat it in mayo, but I have never understood the big deal over the business.

29. Two weeks ago I went to this fancy wine/cheese restaurant for Amy’s birthday and I asked the waitress for “whatever you have that’s fizzy.” I would definitely describe myself as a wine sophisticate.

30. I have to watch “Notting Hill” at least twice a year.  More if I’m feeling verklempt.

31.  I hate wet bread.  No wet bread for me. No french toast, no bread pudding, no anything where bread gets wet.  UGH.  The first time I ever visited Erik’s parents his mom made french toast and I ate it, and everyone that heard the story was like “WOAH. YOU MUST REALLY LIKE THIS BOY!” (I did really like him. I still don’t like french toast.)

What I Wore: Intermittently During the Last Two Months









So I haven’t been taking too many pictures of myself lately…partially because it feels redundant – does everyone really need to see the striped dress and the denim jacket AGAIN even if I wore it with different shoes? Partially because I spend so much time working out and to be honest it takes FOREVER and that’s my blogging time, and because I spend half of every morning wearing spandex and we all know no one wants to see that.  And then part of me just hasn’t been feeling it…I have a row of fancy skirts  hanging in my closet and I pretty much just want to wear jeans and t shirts.  Fancy t shirts and jeans that actually fit me and cute accessories, yes, but still.  Jeans and t shirts.  I think maybe when I first stopped wearing sloppy clothes that were too big for me I went a little far in the other direction? I like to think I’m finding my nice middle ground.  Anyone want to buy fourteen dressy skirts?

Anyway.  I do miss it, so I might try to get back into a bit.  I still have some things I am looking for, although I seem to be spending a lot more money on blush these days than on pants, and that’s not as exciting to take pictures of, but we’ll see.  I can only fit so much in a day, but I feel like there is value in caring about how you look and seeing on camera how things worked out.  And it does make me more creative.  But summer is coming and I’m not wearing pleats and tights to the pool.  So you know.


This is my lesson that all dresses I buy, ever, should be like this – cut in right below the boobs, flare out, end right above the knee.  Perfect flattering dress.

{Loft dress, Kork Ease Wedges}























Dudes, we’ve been having the strangest weather.  Freezing and then boiling.  It’s tons of fun for people like me who only keep half their clothes in their closet at a time. (I transfer out winter clothes/summer clothes to the garage twice a year, getting rid of stuff I hate during the process.)  Whatever.  This is a good formula.  Black dress/boots/leg covering of some kind/big old necklace/jacket. Bam.

{Kohls dress, Ebay necklace, Old Navy jacket, Anne Klein Evanthe boots}




Navy and white always reminds me of Jackie O and therefore will always be my favorite.

{Banana Republic sweater, Forever 21 necklace, Loft cropped denim, Kork Ease Wedges}


Oooh, I liked this. I almost got rid of this shirt because I was worried it makes me look pregnant and it has to be ironed, but I always like it when I wear it. Fancy t shirts are my favorite because you look like you tried but you’re getting away with wearing a tshirt.

Not sure how I feel about these jeans – they’re very ripped up and they have patches behind some of the holes? It’s a little weird. I do wear them and I like them, they’re really comfy, but I think next time I’d buy the dark wash non distressed version. The other hilarious thing is that they’re cropped but they are the perfect for me as regular skinny jeans, so that’s interesting. Am short.

{Anthro T shirt via that crazy store in Berkeley where they send all the Anthro stuff no one buys that I can never remember the name of, Ebay necklace but it shows up all the time on GroopDealz and you should buy it because it’s fantastic, AE High Rise Jeggings, Havaianas}


I liked this outfit in theory but I decided after I wore that the shirt was too small and I donated it.  It was very stretchy and tight.  I am still in search of striped t shirts but they all have boat necks, which irritate me.  Seriously, wtf do you do with your bra straps?!  Also I think the red scarf is too hangy and fringey, I need a red infinity scarf with some sort of interest to it, like gold shazam or something.  But now it’s summer here, pretty much, and if you think I’m wearing a scarf in 97 degrees you are el wrongo.

{Target scarf of fringey doom – I wonder if I could cut off the fringe and sew it into an infinity scarf and paint on a gold stripe? OOOOOH I LIKE IT, Old Navy Trouser Jeans, Franco Sarto wedges, Groopdealz T Shirt of Too Much Spandex}


{Loft tee, Target necklace, Ebay skirt, Target sandals}

Inspired by that pin everyone has seen with the really pretty red maxi skirt/gray tied t shirt. I loooooved this. I’d wear it every day.


Who knew you could tie your t shirt? Well, I did not, but I am a convert.

Also, I wish I could remember what makeup I’m wearing here because I’d wear it every day.

{Target oversized tee which I love and I think is still in the store? I hope so I need a white one, Ebay necklace, Gap skirt}


Books I Read: April 2014

29. Dept. of Speculation

dept of speculation

I accidentally requested this from the library yesterday when I’ve obviously already read it, if that shows what kind of an impression it made on me.  I rated it four stars and I have NO idea what it’s even about.  I just read the description and I still can’t remember it.  I guess I liked it. ???  It seems pretty clear this didn’t rock my world, though.

30.  Far From You

far from you

I believe I also have this on request, so I’m doing well keeping my shit together, clearly.  Maybe send me some ginkgo biloba or something.  Oh, yes, this.  This was fine.  I had nothing else to read at the time and it didn’t violently annoy me, so yeah. It was perfectly fine.

31.  Why Is It Always About You? Saving Yourself From the Narcissists In Your Life

why isit always about you

I found this book helpful.

32.  Dreams of Gods and Monsters

dreams of gods and monsters

Loved it. Totally redeemed my dislike for the second book in the series. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is still my favorite of the three, but this was a great ending book.  I had a ton of fun reading it. It wasn’t like the first book where I told everyone I knew to read it RIGHT THE HECK NOW, but it was a very satisfying finale.

33.  We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

we are all completely

Hmmmm. I didn’t hate it. Some parts of it were very good, some parts of it were merely ok. Uneven, I guess we call that.  Amazon would have you believe it’s the best book ever written but I didn’t wet my pants over it or anything.  I wouldn’t say I was completely beside myself over it.  HA SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?

34.  Four Seconds to Lose

four seconds to lose

Smutty book number three in the “Ten Seconds To Something Or Other I Forgot What” Series. Meh.

35.  The Stone Girl

the stone girl

I thought this was a pretty realistic depiction of what it’s like to have an eating disorder, but it was sort of one note, and there was no real resolution. The end got weird. Also, holy pushover, Batman.

36. Spellbound


This was one of the worst books I’ve read in a long time. Lucky for us it’s listed on Goodreads as Spellbound #1, so there will surely be more piles of unreadable dreck in this illustrious line.

37.  How to Love

how to love

This was my favorite book of the year so far. I ABSOLUTELY think this is the kind of book that you love or hate, and I ABSOLUTELY understand why someone would hate it.  I even kind of think maybe I SHOULD have hated it, but I didn’t. I loved it. I loved every minute of it. It reminded me of why I read YAF, how much it means to me when it just WORKS. I want to buy it and read it again and people, that NEVER happens.  NEVER.  If you don’t like sort of jerky unnatainable love interests (CALL ME JORDAN CATALANO) and quirky shy heroines who have a hard time standing up for themselves…oh, I’m making this sound just terrible.  I just…well, you might hate it. I loved it. Let’s leave it at that.